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Net Net 2021 Yancheng Public Security cracked the country's first blockchain contract technology to open a casino case



Grapefruit Coin is a digital currency issued on the EOS blockchain operating system, which allows people to build decentralized applications on its public blockchain, referred to as DAPP in English, and this emerging field has been targeted by criminals. up. Today, the reporter learned from the Yancheng police that recently, the Yancheng police successfully cracked the country’s first case of using blockchain contract technology to open a casino, arrested 25 criminal suspects, and seized more than 1.3 million virtual coins worth more than 26 million yuan.

Bank of Thailand: Plan to set the retail trial stage of the central bank’s digital currency: On August 5th, the Bank of Thailand (BOT) announced that it would expand the scope of retail CBDC development to the trial stage, and cooperate with the private sector on a limited scale to carry out the actual implementation of retail CBDC. application. The BOT will assess the benefits and associated risks of the pilot in order to formulate relevant policies and improve the design of future CBDCs. [2022/8/5 12:03:54]

In October 2020, the Network Security Detachment of the Yancheng Public Security Bureau received reports from netizens that there was a gambling application called "Biggame" on the public chain of Yuzucoin that was popular in the currency circle, and its transaction volume had long been the highest in the daily transaction volume of the Yuzucoin public chain. top of the list. After a preliminary investigation by the network security departments at the city and county levels, it was found that this DAPP does not need to be downloaded. Users can access and log in on the public chain or through various Yuzu coin wallets, and directly use Yuzu coins to place bets. The gameplay includes: Shangzhuang Niu Niu, Red and Black Wars, Ultimate Texas Hold'em, 5 games of dice and fruit machines. Chen Zhaoliang, a policeman from the Internet Security Brigade of Jianhu County Public Security Bureau, Yancheng City, introduced: "DAPP has a remarkable feature, that is, its code is open source and can be seen by all users. It has got rid of the opaque mechanism of traditional centralized applications and uses blockchain intelligence to The contract technology ensures the relative fairness of the gameplay, and in layman’s terms, developers have no way to “cheat”.

The three major U.S. stock indexes opened lower across the board, and the S&P 500 fell 0.40%. According to news on August 2, the three major U.S. stock indexes opened lower across the board. The Dow fell 0.42%, the Nasdaq fell 0.62%, and the S&P 500 fell 0.40%. [2022/8/2 2:54:24]

According to the police who handled the case, the online casino has quickly accumulated a large number of loyal fans since its launch in August 2018. The average daily betting amount is equivalent to more than 10 million yuan, and more than 10,000 active-zce players participated in the peak period. In order to evade the attack, the online casino declared to the outside world that it was a legal application outside the country and did not provide services to mainland China. However, the police analyzed the player accounts on the daily profit list and found that nearly half of the gamblers are domestic personnel. Zhi Sheng, deputy head of the third brigade of the Internet Security Detachment of the Yancheng Public Security Bureau, said: "The cross-border online gambling we cracked down on in the past years used illegal fourth-party payment platforms to recharge and withdraw cash, and transferred stolen money through underground banks. Then as my country As the crackdown on cross-border online gambling and underground banks gradually deepens, more and more gambling platforms take advantage of the difficult-to-trace characteristics of digital currency and begin to support digital currency recharge to avoid supervision and crackdown. But in this case, the gambling The platform goes a step further and applies blockchain smart contract technology to every game."

Verasity has reached a cooperation with the independent advertising industry IAB: On July 20, according to official news, Verasity has recently reached a cooperation with the independent advertising industry IAB, and its VeraViews advertising stack and advertising ecosystem have been included in the IAB Global Vendor List (GVL). Mass adoption will soon be accompanied by marketing. Among the 750 member companies of the IAB are major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Snap; the most important advertising-supported media companies in the United States, including the New York Times, The Walt Disney Company, etc. It is reported that Verasity is a protocol and product layer platform for e-sports and video entertainment, enabling video publishers to increase engagement and advertising revenue on any platform. [2022/7/20 2:25:41]

Lightspeed Venture: Musk is the "Lead Degen" of Crypto Twitter: Golden Financial News, Lightspeed Venture mentioned in a recent interview: Musk is very popular in the encryption community. To some extent, Musk is like crypto believers "Lead Degen" (the abbreviation of Degen degenerate in the encryption community slang, mostly refers to "veteran"). People speculate that he will make Twitter more like a decentralized social platform, so that more types of conversations will occur. [2022/4/19 14:32:49]

The police handling the case analyzed as many as 27 million pieces of transaction data, sorted out 26 contract addresses used for betting, drawing, and awarding in various games of the casino, and found that a large amount of profitable funds flowed to four suspicious accounts . The police quickly found a breakthrough from these four collection accounts, and the main criminals of the gang, Xie Mou, Liu Mou, Hu Mou and others surfaced one after another. After clarifying the organizational structure of the gambling platform, in December 2020, the Jianhu police divided into five groups and successively arrested 14 criminal suspects headed by Liu in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chuzhou, Anhui and other places. Wang Fenghua, deputy head of the Internet Security Brigade of the Jianhu County Public Security Bureau in Yancheng City, told reporters: "The criminal suspects once set up their dens in Hong Kong. When the epidemic broke out in early 2020, they thought they returned to Guangzhou without anyone noticing, and re-established their dens. Continuing to engage in illegal and criminal activities also provides conditions for our arrest."

Through the analysis of the background data, the police also found that two digital currency exchanges in Shenzhen and Xiamen are providing promotional drainage and fund settlement services for the gambling platform, and draw a commission from it, which is equivalent to more than 5.4 million yuan. On January 15 this year, the Yancheng Jianhu police once again concentrated on the two criminal gangs suspected of providing conditions for gambling in the Ministry of Public Security's "Clean Net 2021" special operation, and arrested 11 suspects. Zhi Sheng introduced: "There is still no domestic crackdown on the use of blockchain contract technology to open casinos and digital currency trading platforms to help promote settlements. With the strong support of the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department, we have We were able to crack down on the whole chain of this case."

At present, the public security organs have found out that there are more than 73,000 people who gamble on this platform, involving 17 countries and regions at home and abroad, the funds involved in the case amount to 8 billion yuan, and the illegal income is more than 60 million yuan. The successful investigation and handling of this case is another major result of Yancheng Public Security's crackdown on the new type of illegal Internet industry, which has effectively purified the ecological environment of the Internet.

Source: "Zero Distance"

Reporter/Hu Yan Yancheng TV 

Editor/Xu Ting)


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Net Net 2021 Yancheng Public Security cracked the country's first blockchain contract technology to open a casino case

Grapefruit Coin is a digital currency issued on the EOS blockchain operating system, which allows people to build decentralized applications on its public blockchain, referred to as DAPP in English.

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