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Golden Observation | Display NFT with Audius Collectibles



Now the display and circulation of NFT can be realized through Audius Collectibles!

How people access and view your NFT is very important! Of course, for NFT creators and favorites, the simpler the process, the better.

That's why Audius Collectibles, the decentralized music project, launched Audius Collectibles.

Audius' main business is streaming music. Even so, after the launch of the Audius collection, in addition to displaying music works on Audius, creators can now exhibit and circulate their own NFT.

This is good news for users, and many other platforms will follow suit in the future. Audius will be introduced in detail below.

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Audius launches NFT

In the cryptocurrency economy, many musicians are loyal fans and users of Audius, which is a decentralized music streaming protocol based on Ethereum.

In addition, Audius now claims to have 4.5 million monthly users and more than 245,000 songs played every day, which fully proves that Audius is becoming a music platform with huge traffic. Although it is in the early stage of development, the ownership of Audius belongs to the community and adheres to the principle of artist supremacy .

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The most interesting thing about Audius is that, based on its positioning in the Web3 technology stack, it can provide users with what they want at any time, that is, various enabling tools.

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In other words, many musicians have recently begun to try NFT to establish an unprecedented connection with listeners, and the Audius team realized that if NFT support can be provided, users can gain huge benefits. That's why the new Audius Collectibles system was born!

Audius Collectibles is your NFT showroom!

Audius artists could only allow people to visit external NFT platforms before, but now in the Audius profile, artists and users can easily directly display their NFT works or precious collections.

This allows creators to release NFTs where they release their music!

It’s worth noting that Audius Collectibles now supports NFTs for the following platforms:




Known Origin



To feature NFTs on your profile, you simply link your wallet to Audius, sign the transaction, and select the NFTs you want to highlight. Users can have a variety of choices, which is very good for displaying NFTs, because all kinds of NFTs of users will not be displayed, only what users want to display will be displayed!

It is also interesting that this new NFT system helps drive the value of the Audius platform token $AUDIO, which benefits the functioning of the Audius ecosystem and provides support to project stakeholders.

Audius will provide different services according to the amount of $AUDIO held by the user. Audius Collectibles are only available to artists with a silver account who have at least 100 $AUDIO. Therefore, the demand for using NFT on Audius can be transformed into a demand for $AUDIO, thereby supporting the development of the entire project.

What is certain in the future is that Audius will continue to innovate and bring new services to NFT creators. The biggest advantage of Audius is that it is very flexible and can be combined with Web3 infrastructure.

Audius' team stated: "With the VIP system and NFT plan, Audius will support any authoring tool that can play a significant role, bringing these tools into the encryption field. As a blockchain protocol, it has the potential to integrate and support all Web3 tools, Powering the next generation of ownership models. This is a unique advantage that Audius has."

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Golden Observation | Display NFT with Audius Collectibles

Now the display and circulation of NFT can be realized through Audius Collectibles!How people access and view your NFT is very important! Of course, for NFT creators and favorites, the simpler the process.

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