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After the record high, what the madman most wants to tell everyone is



Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality, and no exaggeration!

The information and data in this content-zce come from publicly available information, and strive to be accurate and reliable, but we do not make any guarantees for the accuracy and completeness of the information. This content-zce does not constitute investment advice, and investment based on it is at your own risk.

Madman Says

The whole world is celebrating, Bitcoin has reached a new record high, and now Bitcoin is beyond the reach of ordinary people, 420,000 yuan a piece, for most office workers, owning a few coins will become a dream. We have witnessed history time and time again, and this is the best era, because we stepped on the right rhythm and chose the right track, so we gained a lot of extra wealth. This is also the worst era, because one day when the bull market leaves, we will not be able to make this money so easily in any industry. The test will be whether our cognition can carry these "surprise surprises". So no matter whether Bitcoin is 420,000, 800,000, or 1 million today, the madman hopes that everyone can delay enjoyment, not to increase consumption quickly because of making money, but to gradually increase consumption after continuous precipitation , this is what Madman most wishes to share with you at this point in time, and it is the most important thing in my opinion.

The difficulty of the Ethereum network has reached a record high of 5.74P: According to data from OKLink, the current difficulty of the Ethereum network has reached 5.74P, and the computing power of the entire network is about 435.5 TH/s, which has increased by 5.32% and 5.7% respectively in the past week. Both set new record highs. Since the beginning of this year, the difficulty of mining on the Ethereum network has continued to set new historical highs, and the current difficulty has increased by 54.3% compared with the beginning of the year. [2021/3/18 18:55:41]

Coinbase will be listed tomorrow night, and the opening price will be around $400. At present, according to the contract quotation of FTX, CBSE has risen to around $600, which means that the premium for Coinbase after listing is 50%. That is, the rise after the opening is basically a foregone conclusion. Looking at it from another perspective, even if the stock price opened at US$600, the value of the 115 million common stock market is about US$69 billion. According to the 800 million net profit given in the first quarter, the PE is basically around 20 times, which is for the US stocks in the bubble. , the valuation is not high. For an encrypted exchange with great development potential in the next few years, this valuation is relatively low. Therefore, the madman believes that after CB is listed, it is likely to continue to rise, and it is not too much to reach 100 billion US dollars. However, considering that Coinbase’s listing method is DPO, that is, all investors buy shares through public bidding, which may cause some early investors to quickly take profits. Small.

In December 2020, the total transaction volume of NFT-based works exceeded 8 million US dollars, a record high: According to the data of the analysis platform, the total transaction volume of NFT-based works reached 8.21 million US dollars in December 2020, a record high. Compared with November, the data more than tripled in December. CryptoArt tracks various metrics of major NFT art markets such as Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, MakersPlace, Async art, and KnownOrigin. Among them, Nifty Gateway ranked first in terms of transaction volume, selling encrypted art worth approximately US$6.67 million in December last year. It was followed by SuperRare, which had a transaction volume of approximately $1.12 million last month. [2021/1/2 16:14:18]

Biden intends to increase FinCEN's budget by 50% to combat illegal financing. FinCEN previously forced encrypted exchanges to collect real-name information on private wallets because of this incident. It seems that the United States intends to further strengthen the supervision of cryptocurrency compliance. There will be short-term pains for the currency circle, but it is a long-term benefit.

The number of addresses holding more than 0.1 BTC hit a record high: According to Glassnode data, the number of addresses holding more than 0.1 BTC hit a record high, reaching 2,967,518. The last time this metric hit a new high was just two days ago (April 3), when the number of addresses was 2,966,737. [2020/4/5]

Fed's Bullard: The public is relying on a unified foreign exchange, and cryptocurrencies are going in the wrong direction. After finishing talking at night, he hit a new high during the day and slapped the official in the face. Does the future of the world belong to the top or the bottom?

Kraken CEO said that the crackdown on cryptocurrencies may be coming, governments of various countries will restrict the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and regulatory uncertainty surrounding encryption technology will continue. These high-level officials in the United States have frequently made such remarks. I am afraid that regulation will come at any time, so when we hit new highs, we should not be overheated and should remain rational.

Last week, the inflow of digital asset funds dropped to 83 million US dollars. Institutions bought less and more retail investors. This is the performance in the middle and late stages.

The American "Time Magazine" will accept bitcoin payments and hold bitcoins. If media at this level hold Bitcoin, their butts will determine their heads in the future, and they will help us to publicize it. This is an absolutely good thing.

A-share blockchain concept stocks closed down 6.72%, hitting a record low: A-shares closed, and the blockchain concept sector index closed down 6.72%, hitting a record low. Of the 56 concept stocks, only Shangying Global rose 0.66%, and all the rest fell. 41 stocks fell by more than 5%, and more than half of the stock prices hit record lows. All the top 10 stocks in the decline list have their daily limits, and 3 blockchain concept stocks have been suspended. [2018/2/6]

Galaxy Digital submitted a Bitcoin ETF application to the US SEC. More and more companies are applying, and the quality is getting higher and higher. Let's wait for the SEC's approval.

Grayscale unlocked 7,092 bitcoins today and 8,659 bitcoins tomorrow. GBTC’s crash will obviously reappear after the U.S. stock market opens in the evening, which is not conducive to the continued upward movement of bitcoin.

The Ministry of Finance of India stated that it is open to the country’s bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin said, I just like to see you want to kill me, and you can't help me.

Binance launched equity tokens, which can be traded through BUSD. The first stock is Tesla. The madman thinks this is a bit of a step-up. It is too early for the currency circle to grab the jobs of traditional capital, which infringes on the interests of the regulatory authorities.

Tether has issued an additional 1 billion USDT, and the incremental funds are still quite fierce.

In addition, starting from 2020, the net money printing of each stablecoin is as follows:

Market Analysis


Bitcoin has just broken through, and after the breakthrough, there is not much selling pressure, but the strength of the bulls is not strong enough to beat the bears, so the strength is still relatively balanced. The madman still believes that this round of rise will not be too fast, and it is a shocking advance. The way of raising two and one back, so it will be more difficult to do leverage, but it should be more practical to hold the spot.


A record high is set again, and there are often new highs after the new high, so hold it first.


The high-level platform is mainly volatile, and it is still in the stage of accumulating strength.


If you still don’t understand the tactics of the 5-day line, today the madman will tell you again with XRP. The 5-day line is MA5. Stop profit when it breaks, and every pullback to the 5-day line is an opportunity to get on the trend. In a downtrend the opposite is true. Look at the daily chart of this wave of Ripple. If we follow the 5-day line strategy, we must continue to hold it, so we can continue to hold it. The three arrows represent the opportunity to step back on the 5-day line three times to get on the trend.


Linkage market.


The leader of the compensatory increase category will continue to lead the rise, and hold it first if it does not fall below the 5-day line.



There is a chance to hit new highs again, and there is not much selling pressure today, which is the logic for judging new highs.


Linkage higher mainly.


The market environment is good, and there are still opportunities to continue to rise.


Advance two retreat one.



Do not participate.


There is a chance to link up to a new high in the near future, mainly holding.


It has hit a record high, but the selling pressure is relatively large, and it is expected to fluctuate at a high level, and the probability of continued decline is not high.

It is quite obvious that the big pie sucks blood. This is what the madman said yesterday, the way to increase the market value of Bitcoin, that is, the big pie rises, and other coins cannot outperform the big pie, so the market value of Bitcoin will rebound.

Opening a tip, following the madman to make money to support a show, is still the old rule, asking for the number of people, not the amount, one yuan is also love! Just want to see your hands celebrating Bitcoin's all-time high.

That's all for today, see you tomorrow~!


Not only Coinbase, these native encryption listed companies are also worthy of attention.

Coinbase is not the first native encryption company listed. Prior to this.

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After the record high, what the madman most wants to tell everyone is

Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality.

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