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History of Bitcoin: Wang Xing of Meituan held it for eight years and made a hundred times profit.Theoretically, Satoshi Nakamoto is the richest man in the world.



Key points 1. In December 2013, Wang Xing bought Bitcoin. This investment has now returned 100 times, exceeding the equity of Meituan in the same period. 2. Coinbase went public with a market capitalization of US$65.4 billion, surpassing CITIC Securities, the largest brokerage in China. 3. In January of this year, about 1 million users bought Bitcoin for the first time through Square's products. Financial innovation has brought Bitcoin to the masses. 4. The most successful venture in the field of digital currency is to help investors buy and sell Bitcoin. Binance, Coinbase, Grayscale Fund, Square have achieved great commercial success. 5. A Bitcoin is 64,000 US dollars, more than 400,000 RMB. The annual income of the vast majority of ordinary people in the world can no longer afford a bitcoin. 6. In the past ten years, Bitcoin has risen from $0.1 to $64,000. Unfortunately, almost all investment institutions in the world have missed it. "Theoretically, Satoshi Nakamoto is already the richest man in the world." Just two months ago, when the price of Bitcoin exceeded $50,000, Wang Xing, the founder of Meituan, spoke on Fanfou on February 16. Satoshi Nakamoto is recognized as the father of Bitcoin and owns 1.12 million Bitcoins. Just two months after Wang Xing's speech, the price of Bitcoin rose another 30%, exceeding $64,000. The myth of Bitcoin's wealth creation is far more than that. On Wednesday, Coinbase, the largest digital currency exchange in the United States, went public, closing at $65.4 billion on its first day, surpassing China's largest brokerage, CITIC Securities. Wang Xing is a supporter of Bitcoin. At the end of 2013, Wang Xing bought bitcoin, "paying tribute to this extraordinary creation with practical actions." This investment has brought a return of about 100 times, even surpassing Meituan, which is one of the most successful technology companies in China in the past ten years. Bitcoin is seen as a currency that can be used as a store of wealth and payment, it is like gold. Few of China's Bitcoin supporters come from the financial industry. Most of the supporters, like Wang Xing, come from the Internet. Data: Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction fees have dropped by 81% and 71%, respectively, in the past few weeks: Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction fees have dropped by 81% and 71%, respectively, in the past few weeks. Bitinfocharts data shows that the average transaction fee on the Ethereum blockchain dropped from $69.92 per transaction on May 12 to $20.06 on May 16. (Cointelegraph) [2021/5/17 22:11:27] Xu Zhihong, a partner of Biyou, is one of the earliest investors in China’s concept stocks. More than ten years ago, he told brokerages that he wanted to buy Sina and Netease stocks, and the Americans who received him were full of doubts—and Chinese people invested in Chinese concept stocks? In 2013, Xu Zhihong received a wedding invitation from a friend. Different from giving a big red envelope before, this time he prepared a special gift - a bitcoin, worth about 300 US dollars. "You have to keep this bitcoin. When your child gets married, it can buy a house in Beijing." After sending it out, Xu Zhihong was not at ease, and asked his friends to hold it for a long time. In the past ten years, the price of friendship has remained stable, and the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed. These days, no one gives their friends Bitcoin as a wedding gift anymore. "Bitcoin will quickly (within 1.5-2 years) approach 80% of the market value of gold, which is 400,000 US dollars per piece." Chen Weixing, the founder of Kuaidi, predicted. After merging with Didi, Chen Weixing once devoted himself to the blockchain and founded the taxi chain. Similar predictions are growing as Bitcoin rises. Gathering all the gold in the world, there will be a cube with a side length of 21 meters, with a market value of about 11 trillion US dollars. Bitcoin is called digital gold, and its total market value is equivalent to 10% of gold. I can't help but ask, what is the power to support Bitcoin, from a token that no one cares about, to achieve unparalleled epic success step by step? Compared with the brilliance of Bitcoin today, its birth is simply insignificant. On January 3, 2009, on a small server located in Helsinki, Finland, Satoshi Nakamoto created the first block, the genesis block of Bitcoin, and obtained the first automatically generated by the system. A reward of 50 bitcoins, and the first bitcoin came out. For a long time after that, the world ignored this new invention - what is the use of this thing? Satoshi Nakamoto is a recognized genius, he did not answer. In December 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto left the last message on the Internet and never showed up again. In the one or two years after its birth, Bitcoin has been maintained at 0.1 US dollars. The famous story of 10,000 bitcoins for pizza happened at this time. Bitcoin has a genius design, but a useless one. Yao Yuan, CEO of The price of Bitcoin is still very low: Yao Yuan, CEO of, just posted on Weibo that today 167 bitcoins are 13.19 million yuan, and 10,000 shares of Moutai are 16.62 million yuan. What’s the fun? , Bitcoin price is still very low. How many BTC do you have? [2020/8/3] Satoshi Nakamoto, like Shakespeare, wrote a perfect script, but no one can interpret it. Until Bitcoin meets another "genius". Ross Ulbricht (Ross Ulbricht), born in 1984, has been involved in drug trafficking since college. The US government has strict control over drugs, and Ross has been unable to make the drug manufacturing and trafficking business bigger and stronger. Until 2010, Ross heard the existence of Bitcoin from customers, which became a turning point. The core of the government's crackdown on illegal activities is the supervision of funds-the core behind it is the banking system, which is firmly in the hands of the government. Bitcoin is the payment tool that is out of the banking system-until now, banks and Bitcoin are still going their own way. In January 2011, Ross, who was only 26 years old, founded a "deep web", commonly known as the dark web. Ross named this website Silk Road (Silk Road), which means a place where commodities are traded. The "Silk Road" does not trade tea, silk, or porcelain, which is the most famous and notorious "dark net" ever. The main targets of this website are drugs, sex slaves, child ography, private killers, arms deals, and fake identities. All illegal transactions are gathered on the "Silk Road". In the end, even Ross himself was deeply involved. He once hired killers through high deposits to kill a Canadian user who invaded the seller's computer and blackmailed him. With the rise of the Silk Road, Bitcoin has finally found its first application scenario - a payment tool for evil transactions. Data show that Silk Road once circulated more than 9.5 million bitcoins, accounting for 80% of the bitcoin circulation at that time. In August 2013, Ross was arrested at a public library in San Francisco. In 2015, he was sentenced by the court to life imprisonment without parole in advance. Bitcoin fell below the $8,000 mark Ethereum fell below $800: According to Huobi Pro data, Bitcoin fell below the $8,000 mark, with a current price of $7,987, a drop of 4.11%; Ethereum’s current price of $797.30, a drop of 4.63% . According to the Bitstamp platform, Bitcoin is now at $7,990, and Ethereum once fell below $800. [2018/2/11] The demand for black is also a demand. Just like the consensus of fools, it is also a consensus. Driven by criminal transactions, Bitcoin ushered in its first surge, reaching $31 in June 2011. In the two months after Ross was arrested, Bitcoin rose to $1,100 a piece. Conclusively speaking, Ross Ulbricht is an extremely important figure in the history of Bitcoin development. When Bitcoin is about to be ignored by the world, it ends the history of Bitcoin as a toy and gives it meaning in the real world-serving crime. "Criminals are the most able to embrace new technologies." Biyou partner Xu Zhihong concluded. But in a long-running struggle, police departments have mastered bitcoin's traceability technology. More dark transactions have moved to harder-to-trace digital currencies such as Monero. Bitcoin has started a years-long bearish journey. This round of bull market is sowing the seeds of Bitcoin to the whole world. On the other side of the ocean in China, a Bitcoin trading platform called OKcoin was quietly established. This exchange, known as the Whampoa Military Academy in the Chinese currency circle, was founded by Xu Mingxing. Like Wang Xing, Xu Mingxing also comes from the Internet industry. Before that, he was the CTO of There are a large number of people who do the same thing as Xu Mingxing. They are working on solving another fundamental need - how to make it easier for ordinary investors to buy Bitcoin. There is a huge technological gap between the world of digital currency and legal currency, like a huge river. Before the birth of the exchange, investors needed to swim to the other side naked and bear various trading risks. This is destined to be a game that few people can participate in. Miners have to pay electricity bills, mining machine companies have to develop more advanced machines, development teams also need to maintain, and all need money—Bitcoin needs more support from the legal currency world, which is a matter of life and death. After Bitcoin's first big bull run, digital currency exchanges began to flourish. OKcoin, Huobi, Binance, Coinbase, bitFlyer, BitMEX, Bitfinex and other exchanges began to rise. The digital currency exchange has built a bridge, and investors can buy bitcoin as easily as opening a stock account. For a long time, digital currency exchanges were even the only place for the public to buy Bitcoin. British companies have hoarded a large number of bitcoins to save a lot of cash when paying ransom: According to the report of the "Daily Telegraph", domestic companies in the UK have begun to hoard a large number of bitcoins in case their computers are attacked by ransomware. Pay the ransom to remove the effect quickly. With the increase in ransomware attacks and the soaring price of Bitcoin in recent years, these companies seem to have begun to realize that hoarding Bitcoin in advance will save them a lot of cash when paying the ransom. [2017/12/20] Regardless of how Bitcoin rises or falls, wealth from the fiat currency world continues to flow into the digital currency world, supporting the transaction price of Bitcoin, and various innovations in the digital currency field continue. From the day of its birth, the exchange has used various methods to develop customers in the fiat currency world. Most of the customers of the exchange are investors who prefer new things and high-risk investments. But in order for Bitcoin to truly go to the real world and to the general public, more financial innovations are needed. Bitcoin ATMs Make it easier for investors to buy Bitcoin, which is one of the main directions of innovation in the digital currency world. Supporters of Bitcoin often mention the word "faith". Only those investors with "faith" can step on the thorns, hold Bitcoin through bull and bear, and obtain huge wealth. Those who start exchanges to help investors buy bitcoin more easily are more like preachers in the world. Do they have faith in digital currency? I'm afraid it's hard to answer, and the founders of the exchange don't necessarily need it - because the exchange (du) exchange (chang) is really a very profitable business. With the efforts of the exchange, the goal of bitcoin entering the accounts of individuals and ordinary families was quickly realized. In front of Bitcoin, there are two bigger peaks - how to enter the investment portfolio of mainstream financial institutions and how to enter the balance sheet of listed companies - which is very difficult. Bitcoin is like Monkey King, jumping out of a rock, it is different from all asset classes, and it is incompatible with modern financial institutions. Bitcoin is already as valuable as silver, but you can't keep it in your bank account. In the past ten years, Bitcoin has been the most invested category in the world - rising from $0.1 to $64,000. It is a pity that such an investment product has been ignored for ten years, and almost all investment institutions in the world have missed it. VC expert Gurley: Bitcoin is an incredible store of value: Venture capitalist expert and investor Bill Gurley believes that Bitcoin is an incredible store of value. In an interview with CNBC, he made it clear that he believes Bitcoin’s bullish outlook is certain because of its utility in unstable monetary economies. Gurley said in an interview: "I think it is a store of value that is different from other places in the world. I don't think it is irrational. Many people living in these countries want to pay with Bitcoin." [2017/ 11/20] "Currently most financial institutions and banks cannot buy Bitcoin, and it will take a long time to further form a consensus." GSR Venture Capital Zhu Xiaohu told Tencent Technology that he had invested in Didi, ofo, Inke, etc. A series of cutting-edge technology companies. Wherever there is an outlet, he will be there. "Currently, the biggest limitation for institutions to participate in Bitcoin investment is the financial regulations of various countries." Yuan Yuming, CEO of Huolian Technology, said. In 2018, Yuan Yuming, who was still the chief analyst of TMT of Industrial Securities, announced his job-hopping and joined Huobi China, which caused a sensation in the circle. When asked why there is this new round of market prices, almost all practitioners in the currency circle gave the same answer-the United States. "The innovation center of the blockchain has always been in the United States, and the innovation of the blockchain and the innovation of Ethereum in the past two years basically have nothing to do with China." Chen Yong, the founder of Biyou, believes that after entering the currency circle to start a business Before that, he was the senior vice president of Cheetah Mobile. "It still cannot change the situation of American financial innovation as the cornerstone." Finance and technology are the two cornerstones of American prosperity. During the magnificent rise of Bitcoin, Wall Street and Silicon Valley did not stay out of it, but deeply participated in it. An American asset management company that breaks the boundaries between the digital currency world and traditional finance—the industry generally calls it Grayscale Fund. In the Bitcoin world, holding 1,000 Bitcoins is called a giant whale, and there are more than 2,000 giant whales in the world. Among all the giant whales, Grayscale Fund is undoubtedly one of the largest ones - it manages more than 650,000 bitcoins. Calculated at current prices, Grayscale has at least US$38.5 billion in assets, which is enough to rank among the most successful asset management companies in the world. Through the innovation of financial products, Grayscale Fund has reduced the difficulty of buying Bitcoin assets to that of buying US stocks for the first time. As long as you have a US stock account, you can trade GBTC like buying and selling stocks, without having to consider the complicated deposit process, and don't worry about platform thunderstorms. For a long time, Grayscale Fund has continued to grow at a scale of 2,000 bitcoins per day, and the scale has expanded rapidly. Its innovation is very simple. The trust fund of encrypted assets holds bitcoins, and investors hold trust shares, which can be traded in the secondary market. "Institutions directly participate in Bitcoin investment in the United States in two ways. One is to purchase shares through trust fund products (ETP) operated by institutions such as Grayscale and 21Shares, and the other is to purchase shares directly through compliant trading platforms such as Coinbase." Yuan Yuming introduce. In the United States, the annual management fee rate of trust funds is generally 0.3-1.5%. The annual management fee standard for Grayscale products ranges from 2% to 2.5%.


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