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Popular science: What changes will our lives bring about in the Web3.0 era?



What is Web 3.0? In one sentence, Web 3.0 is a more user-centric, transparent, and secure Internet focused on making things more human.

Before introducing Web 3.0, we might as well review Web 1.0 and 2.0.

Web 1.0: The Beginning of It All

Heard about dial-up connections and how it took 200 years to download a 5MB file? People used the Internet mainly for basic communication. Typically, you'll only see Internet use in large corporate offices. Compared to now, the number of websites is very small. Yes, things were not so rosy back then, but it was the beginning, the beginning of a new age of civilization. We call it the Internet Web 1.0.

American rapper Megan Thee Stallion collaborates with Cash App to release a Bitcoin science video: American rapper Megan Thee Stallion has released a video titled "Bitcoin for Hotties" in collaboration with Cash App, a mobile payment service developed by Square. The video explains what Bitcoin is, why it is valuable, and more from her perspective. Megan Thee Stallion has more than 24.1 million followers on Instagram and 6.4 million followers on Twitter. (Bitcoin News) [2021/8/8 1:41:10]

Web 1.0 was one-way. Big companies create content-zce for people to read, with little interaction, users can only read data, and only content-zce creators can edit and author content. So, like reading a book in a library, users don't have much rights, they're just consumers.

Live | Huobi China launched a new popular science book on the digital economy and blockchain industry: Jinse Finance Live Report, on December 6th, hosted by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hainan Province, co-organized by the South-South Cooperation Financial Center, Hainan Ecological Software Park, Huobi The "Hainan Free Trade Port Digital Economy and Blockchain International Cooperation Forum" hosted by China was held in Haikou. This is the world's first blockchain ministerial forum.

At this forum, Huobi China held the ceremony of “New Book Release of Digital Economy and Blockchain Industry Popular Science Series”, hoping to help practitioners, universities, and research institutions gain a deeper understanding of the blockchain industry through teaching materials, professional education, training, and other means. Blockchain, thus establishing a global knowledge model of the blockchain, and truly promoting the application of the blockchain. Yuan Yuming, CEO of Huobi China, introduced that the United Machinery Industry Press will launch a series of teaching materials "Blockchain Introduction", "Blockchain System Design and Application" and "Blockchain New Business Model Analysis" for general higher education. One of the earliest blockchain teaching materials promoted; Huobi China is also actively participating in the research of the digital economy. The new book "Understanding Libra" published by CITIC Publishing House has been launched; "Advanced Guide to Blockchain Technology" will be available in December; the first collection of the most complete blockchain application cases in the industry "100 Cases of Blockchain Industry Applications" was published for the first time in this forum. [2019/12/6]

Later, plagiarism appeared. People started copying other content-zce and pasting it on their sites, original content-zce was so rare that even universities didn't trust the internet and even simple information required a trip to the library. Of course, there was no social media back then.

Dynamics | Binance Popular Science MimbleWimble Algorithm: Binance official Twitter today released a popular science post about the privacy algorithm Mimblewimble. In the message area below, a large number of netizens left messages guessing whether Grin or Beam, a privacy coin based on the Mimblewimble algorithm, is about to land on Binance Exchange. Grin's voice was louder. [2019/9/2]

Web 2.0: The Social Revolution

When Web 2.0 emerged, end users benefited enormously. Users could write and read data, and people realized that a framework that could only handle a million users was a serious limitation. Web 2.0 can handle billions of users, it has frameworks based on Ajax and JavaScript, and blogs replace boring static web content.

News | American orator Anthony Robbins began to popularize what is Bitcoin: American orator Anthony Robbins (Anthony Robbins) published a popular science article on Bitcoin on his website, and introduced it to his fans on Twitter What is Bitcoin? Currently, his Twitter account has 3.04 million followers. [2019/1/1]

Web 2.0 also introduced video streaming and online gaming, everything went online. Websites became interactive and more dynamic, and online stores began to rule the world economy.

You could say, it was a real revolution and the introduction of web applications opened up new horizons.

Web 3.0: The Internet of the Future

1. Internet of Everything

Look around, we now have smart refrigerators, smart TVs, smart scales, and home assistants like Xiao Ai. All of these things can be connected to the Internet, and they form a network of devices called the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things is one of the biggest features of Web 3.0, which aims to connect everything to the Internet. Currently, not all devices can be connected, we don't have that infrastructure right now, but with the development of 5G, this will be possible in the not-too-distant future.

2. User-centric

Web 3.0 blockchain DApp is more user-centric, it will eliminate middlemen, we don't have to rely on huge data servers controlled by private companies, and our personal data will be more secure and private. Since there is no centralized server, all data will be spread between devices and people can access them freely. It will create a more humane Internet world.

3. Artificial intelligence

AI will mainly focus on providing better analysis and results for people. In fact, tech giants are already working on their AI projects, such as artificial intelligence will try to recommend you music that matches your taste.

Also, you'll find that when you search-zce for a specific product on Google, the ad on your Facebook page changes, everything is connected. Therefore, the marketing strategy of the future will no longer use mass marketing techniques, but will be people-oriented.

4. Semantic Web

The blockchain technology stack brings up a topic known as the Semantic Web. The Semantic Web means ways to understand web content, just like human behavior, and it's associated with machine learning and artificial intelligence, which try to teach computers to understand data and how it behaves. In semantic search, search-zce results will be more accurate and relevant. Web 2.0 relied on keywords, page authority, and domain authority to rank content, but Web 3 browsers try to understand web content-zce like a human.

5. The future of 3D graphics and content

There is no doubt that web content-zce is more graphic these days, and people prefer to see and share videos and images rather than simple text. In the near future, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will become popular, and different apps and games will have more realistic graphics and feel. In addition, 3D printing is not limited to laboratory use, people will use 3D printing more, it will become more available and cheaper.

Web 3.0 will reshape our Internet world, and more possibilities are beyond imagination.

For the future of the Internet, what are you most looking forward to achieving? Welcome to share your views in the message area.


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Popular science: What changes will our lives bring about in the Web3.0 era?

What is Web 3.0? In one sentence, Web 3.0 is a more user-centric, transparent, and secure Internet focused on making things more human.Before introducing Web 3.0.

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