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First Release | "Ouyi Teach You to Learn K-line" Section 12: Head and shoulders with different postures



Jinse Finance and Ouyi OKEx launched K-line basic videos to users. Users will learn K-line related knowledge through videos, which is convenient for users to understand market trends.

First Release | Liu Yao: Baidu Blockchain launched the Tianlian platform to empower on-chain business: On December 20, the "2019 China Blockchain Developers Conference" hosted by CSDN was held in Beijing on December 20. Liu Yao, head of Baidu Smart Cloud blockchain products, gave a speech on the theme of "Enterprise Blockchain Empowers Industrial Innovation Landing". He pointed out that 2020 will be the first year for blockchain enterprises to land. With the implementation of the blockchain industry, Baidu has upgraded the blockchain to a platform-based strategy, and launched the Tianlian platform relying on Baidu Smart Cloud, which is to empower 360's on-chain business innovation. [2019/12/20]

First release | Players who reach level 22 in "Let's Catch Monsters" will have access to exclusive cat gameplay: Today, Tencent launched the first blockchain game "Let's Catch Monsters". After verification by Jinse Finance, players who reach level 22 in the game will You will be exposed to the exclusive cat gameplay, not the level 15 previously announced by the official. Except for the 0-generation cats summoned by the cat-attracting bell and some exclusive cats rewarded through operating activities, all cats in the game are unlinked by default. Unchained cats cannot be sold, nor can they enter the market to be paired with other players; but you can use these cats to match with your QQ/WeChat friends to produce new kittens. Use the prop "Tianshu Pen" to record your cat to the blockchain. After the cats are recorded in the blockchain, these cats can enter the market, earn coupons through pairing, or sell to earn coupons. Whether the exclusive cat is chained or not does not affect its gain effect. But only after being on-chain, it can reproduce and trade with all players in the server.

The exclusive cat gameplay in "Let's Catch Monsters" is based on Tencent's blockchain technology, and the virtual digital assets in the game are effectively protected. In addition, based on Tencent's blockchain technology, cats can also breed freely, and use blockchain technology to store and never disappear. [2019/4/11]

First release | Antminer S17 real machine map for the first time exposed with dual-tube fan and all-in-one design: Following the official announcement of spot sales on April 9, Bitmain’s upcoming new Antminer S17 has new developments. It is reported that the real machine map of the Antminer S17 was first exposed on the Internet today.

Judging from the exposed pictures, the Antminer S17 continues the double-barrel fan design of the previous generation product S15, and adopts the body design of an all-in-one machine. Some people in the industry believe that the double-barrel design can effectively shorten the wind range, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the mining machine will be smaller, and the performance of the machine will be greatly improved.

Previously, the person in charge of Bitmain’s product said in an interview with the media that compared with the previous generation of products, the new product S17 has greatly improved in terms of energy efficiency ratio and computing power per unit volume. [2019/4/3]


Bitcoin computing power dropped by more than 45%, and the price fell by 10%

Since April 15, the Bitcoin network computing power has dropped by more than 49% after hitting an all-time high of 218 exahash/s. Some people in the industry believe that the sharp drop in BTC is related to the sharp.

Popular science: What changes will our lives bring about in the Web3.0 era?

What is Web 3.0? In one sentence, Web 3.0 is a more user-centric, transparent, and secure Internet focused on making things more human.Before introducing Web 3.0.

First Release | "Ouyi Teach You to Learn K-line" Section 12: Head and shoulders with different postures

Jinse Finance and Ouyi OKEx launched K-line basic videos to users. Users will learn K-line related knowledge through videos.

Golden DeFi Daily | The total amount of DeFi lending platform borrowing exceeds 18 billion US dollars

DeFi Data 1. The total market value of DeFi: 117.907 billion US dollars The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

Coinbase CFO: NFT is being regarded as a new opportunity to increase income to promote diversification of income sources

Coinbase is seeing NFT as a new revenue opportunity to facilitate diversification of transaction fees.

Gu Yanxi: The market's understanding of Bitcoin is biased.

Now the market has more understanding of the value of Bitcoin. This is directly reflected in the market capitalization of Bitcoin. It took only 12 years for Bitcoin to reach a market value of $1 trillion.