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Shelby Doolittl joins Fractal as Head of Blockchain



Shelby Doolittle is located in the United States and has worked at Google for 5 years. She was promoted in the first year of work. After a while, he left Google to start his own business, but because of his ability and great work ethic, he was allowed to join our team without an interview.

Evan Fisher, former senior partner of Insight Ventures, plans to set up a $30 million crypto fund: On December 7, Evan Fisher, a former senior partner of Insight Ventures, plans to set up his own investment fund, Portal Ventures, with the goal of investing in early-stage crypto companies. Fisher has made $30 million in soft commitments to the fund so far. He is working on his first deal of the month and aims to close it by January.

He currently manages the fund alone, but he said other partners or investors would be added if necessary. When it comes to fund strategy, Fisher is open: I don't want to dictate. I don't want to say it's an NFT fund or a DeFi fund or a DAO fund. Instead, I focus on crypto business models and understanding what makes crypto businesses last. (The Block) [2021/12/7 12:57:15]

Shelby is very happy to solve deep technical problems and build solutions and platforms with real scale. With a significant technology and e-commerce background, he has a passion for addressing data privacy concerns, taking back ownership of data, and returning data integrity to users.

Abra CEO: Cardano's Shelley upgrade contributes to healthy competition in the cryptocurrency space: Abra CEO Bill Barhydt commented on Cardano's Shelley upgrade, saying: "Many are very optimistic about the project and expect great results, while others Others think that this project is vaporware (a product that starts to be advertised before the development is completed), and any failure to deliver will lead to a sharp decline in the value of ADA. My point is that competition in the cryptocurrency field is always a good thing, which is exactly It is that we need to accelerate the pace of adoption and improvement." [2020/7/5]

We believe Shelby's extensive background in AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain and programming languages (Rust, Javascript, Java, Ruby and SQL among many others) makes him a perfect fit for the Fractal team. His work experience at Google has provided us with a good foundation to build a solution that is scalable and serves the needs of all users. We are very confident that Shelby's expertise will bring value and a bright future to Fractal.

News | American convenience store chain Sheetz cooperates with Bitcoin ATM operator Coinsource: According to atmmarketplace, American convenience store chain Sheetz has partnered with Bitcoin ATM operator Coinsource to install Bitcoin ATMs at six locations in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, USA machine. [2019/7/10]

During his entrepreneurial sabbatical, Shelby began creating and designing VR escape rooms that allow users to solve complex puzzles in an immersive virtual environment with their friends.

Shelby is an orthodox when it comes to cryptocurrencies. He makes no compromises when it comes to the quality or true value of decentralized technology. For these reasons, we believe that he has the ability to use the technological changes brought about by blockchain technology to achieve great things.

We are very excited to welcome Shelby to Fractal, and believe that with his help, we can truly change the status quo of the advertising market and truly bring about a fair, transparent and symmetrical relationship between users, content-zce creators and advertisers.

About the Fractal Protocol

Fractal is an open source zero-border protocol built on the basis of Polkadot. It defines a basic standard for exchanging user information in a fair and open manner, ensuring that the free Internet can maintain a high quality. In its first release, it was designed to replace advertising cookies, giving users back control over their own data.


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Shelby Doolittl joins Fractal as Head of Blockchain

Shelby Doolittle is located in the United States and has worked at Google for 5 years. She was promoted in the first year of work. After a while, he left Google to start his own business.

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