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Bitcoin breaks through $64,000 and continues to hit record highs Only 16% of respondents think there is no bubble



Original title: Bitcoin breaks through 64,000 US dollars per coin, continuing to hit a record high! Only 16% of respondents think there is no bubble

One of the side effects of the Fed pumping as much money as possible into the financial system has been to push asset prices in stocks, cryptocurrencies and some commodities to multi-year and even record levels.

The Bank of America's monthly survey found that about 74% of respondents currently believe that Bitcoin is under a bubble, and only 16% of respondents believe that Bitcoin does not have a bubble, which shows that fund managers believe that Bitcoin currently has a high value. speculative. Bitcoin, which just broke an all-time high of $63,000 on Tuesday, has more than doubled since the start of the year, while the price and popularity of other digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have also fluctuated in recent months. Soared sharply.

Wang Chun, co-founder of F2Pool, said that he has purchased 1,100 bitcoins recently: Wang Chun, co-founder of F2Pool and founder of, tweeted today: "I bought 1,100 bitcoins in the past few days and will continue to do so in the future. Buy." [2021/6/22 23:56:44]

News | Q3 Bitcoin derivatives performance flat: CME Group open interest and trading volume both down 50%: Bitcoin price has fallen by more than 40% since hitting $13,800, and the price drop has a direct impact on derivatives trading. According to a recent analysis report released by Crypto Compare, the trading volume of Bitcoin derivatives has continued to decline since July. From August to September, CME Bitcoin futures and Grayscale GBTC trading volumes fell to $4.8 billion (down 18.3%) and $713 million (down 37.5%), respectively. In terms of monthly trading volume of cryptocurrency derivatives, OKEx’s September trading volume fell by 14.9% compared to August, and Huobi’s fell by 7.3%. According to the CME Group Bitcoin Futures report, both open interest and trading volume have fallen by 50% in the past four months. $150 million. (Ambcrypto)[2019/10/22]

Compared with Bitcoin, only a small number of respondents currently believe that there is a bubble in the stock market-only 7% of people think so. But two-thirds of fund managers surveyed said U.S. stocks were in the late stages of a bull market.

News | Bitcoin becomes the preferred payment method for tax fraud in Australia: According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), in the four months since July 1, Australians have lost nearly 1 million Australian dollars to impersonating tax officials. Meanwhile, the tax agency has reported more than 28,000 cases of fraud, and bitcoin has become the preferred payment method for scammers. Previously, using iTunes coupons was the most popular way, but has now been replaced by payments via bitcoin atm. [2018/11/17]

The Bank of America survey also shows that nearly 62% of investors "overweight" stocks, and their positions have reached a high point.

Sixty percent of respondents expect short-term interest rates to rise over the next 12 months, the highest percentage since January 2019. But they expect a pullback of more than 10 percent if the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield breaks above 2.1 percent. Most also believe a 10-year Treasury yield of 2.3 percent and above will make bonds more attractive relative to stocks.

Also, while the number one tail risk has shifted, the most crowded trade remains "Long Tech," which holds the top spot for the third month in a row. But given the recent stock market rotation, 53% of respondents expect value stocks to outperform growth stocks over the next 12 months.

The survey also showed investors' cash allocations have now risen to 4.1 percent, from 3.8 percent in February.


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