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How does the Osasion public chain achieve decentralization



Several in-depth questions raised by community partners a few days ago are very interesting and have triggered a lot of thinking. Now the community has sorted out the replies so that everyone can learn and discuss together.

The topic of decentralization is actually very easy to understand, and popular science can be Googled by yourself. To understand the decentralization of Osasion, we first need to clarify the theme of the problem. Is the decentralization of Osasion trustworthy? Still want to know the implementation path of Osasion's decentralization?

To determine the centralization or centralization trend of the project, in addition to related indicators such as node distribution, community governance, and technical friendliness, it is also possible to clearly distinguish whether the project is centralized through the token mechanism, that is, the distribution of tokens, the most intuitive and concise , and this is also divided into innate and acquired.

Inherently, the project design is originally centralized, centralized operation and centralized development team, standard company financing token distribution mechanism, seed round, community round and other rounds, here refers to decentralization, more refers to The most important thing is that you, as a user, can use their products without barriers. The information on the chain is open and transparent. This is the case with most projects on the market. The day after tomorrow means that the project design was designed based on decentralization at the beginning, but in the market game, some people rely on technology and cognition, some rely on capital, and a large number of ways of paying for limited resource costs, or community groups, etc., have obtained the corresponding proportion of the project The amount of currency held, forming the right to speak and dominate, has gradually become a trend of decentralization.

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It needs to be clear that decentralization must correspond to centralization. In the blockchain industry, more points are the acquisition threshold and monopoly of tokens. Therefore, looking at the progress of the project objectively will be more convenient for node users to understand. The answer is naturally that Osasion is a decentralized public chain project, because the economic model design and the MPOS consensus algorithm have limited it, and in the future development , to prevent the formation of its centralization.

As to whether Osasion is decentralized, the answer is yes. But in the future, we can also ensure relatively distributed decentralization. This is what Osasion nodes need to pay attention to. As for how to achieve decentralization on the Osasion public chain, here are the following points of view, which you can discuss together. the

Osasion officially launched the compliance work for industry regulatory requirements: According to the latest news from Osasion, in response to the current industry regulatory requirements and compliance regulatory orientation, Osasion officially launched the compliance work for industry regulatory requirements. Promote the 2.0 white paper stable currency UORA core part of the decentralized technology breakthrough process. UORA is a stable currency of the Osasion public chain. At present, according to the relevant regulations and requirements of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the digital currency and securities, Osasion will suspend UORA in June The work progress of the two centralized exchanges (arranged to be launched) and the transaction of the decentralized DEX to be arranged, and the self-inspection and self-inspection of technical, legal and policy compliance to fit the original plan Decentralized fan community design to deploy the development needs of new decentralized trading channels, and at the same time respond to the higher regulatory requirements put forward by different partners in the second phase of Osasion development, and actively improve its own compliance construction to seek decentralization The cooperation and recognition of the mainstream ecology of globalization. [2021/8/2 1:29:37]

Benchmark conditions for Osasion Osasion super node’s first GAS fee distribution: According to the latest news from the Osasion Osasion Community Foundation, on June 3, Hong Kong time, the Troy mainnet node was activated and entered the 250th column, officially triggering the super node promotion work item. According to the document priorities provided by the work process of the Technical Outreach Affairs Coordination Committee, supernode authorization and supernode first-phase GAS fee distribution will be initiated, as well as global different IaaS cooperation and IDC promotion deployment as an iteration of the layout environment upgrade. As of June 4, Hong Kong time, the cumulative amount of supernode gas fees has reached 27,889.

According to the development process of Osasion, the technical outreach affairs coordination committee is expected to provide the final allocation parameters on June 8 and upload them to the super node distribution GAS smart contract. The review period will be 2 days, and the first phase of the super node will be launched on June 10. For the distribution of GAS fees, the specific distribution information refers to the disclosure of project information. Regarding the super node allocation agreement, the notification letter of the supplementary agreement terms, and the relevant account authorization information and operation rules have been sent to the super node mailbox, and all super nodes should pay attention to check the relevant emails. [2021/6/4 23:12:23]

Osasion formula and number list

Osasion super node GAS collection has exceeded 18,700 AUC: According to data monitoring on the Osasion chain, as of 16:20 on April 16, 2021 Hong Kong time, the AUC consensus target: 2.2$, the number of active-zce nodes: 22181, the number of dormant nodes : 11147, the total amount of incentives: 2658918U, 929 AUCs have been added to the destruction pool, and the total has reached 17580.42748984, accounting for 0.48% of the total circulation. With the normalization of interactive transfers on the chain, the collected data provides a data model for ecological interaction, and puts forward higher design requirements for the next community governance of the campaign community.

It is reported that the first phase of the GAS fee for the block synchronization node has been completed at 22:15 Hong Kong time on April 15, 2021. After the GAS fee address has been completely stripped, the GAS data has been non-destructively separated, and the 103 Qualified election block synchronization nodes will automatically distribute dividends, and more than 14,000 AUCs will be distributed. On average, each block synchronization node will receive 136.18521727 AUCs. At present, 32 super nodes have been deployed, and 27 are being followed up. There is no detailed information about the distribution of gas fees involving super nodes. Please continue to pay attention to the latest announcement of Osasion. [2021/4/16 20:27:43]

First of all, about Osasion’s general term formula and number table, each node user should have owned it. Judging from the published general item formulas and data tables, it is clear at a glance the AUC mines produced by each node at different times and blocks. In the end, the total amount of AUC mines can be obtained, which is 137,436,181 mines produced by the activation of 25 million nodes, which is the total circulation of AUC. The disclosure of this information does not come from a certain organization or a certain node, but a verification formula spontaneously made by the community technical reserve, so as to verify the authenticity and validity of the data at any time.

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100 super nodes and 300 block synchronization nodes

Secondly, does the design of 100 super nodes and 300 block synchronization nodes mean that there will be a trend of centralization in the future? With the enhancement of node consensus promotion, when the number of node columns exceeds 1000 columns, you will find that the era of obtaining an AUC is so memorable. It is precisely because of this concept of storing coins for the people that it is difficult to obtain a large number of tokens whether it is in the secondary market or OTC, whether it is capital or institutions. At present, the amount of AUC mining has reached 3596078.29786618, accounting for only 2.61% of the total amount of mining, and the current amount of OTC or the amount of pledge flow only accounts for less than 30% of this 2.61%. Therefore, it is very difficult to achieve dominance or centralized ownership in Osasion.

Osasion's mining power and node governance power

In addition, pay attention to the mining power and node governance power in the current Osasion public chain project, and the node authority is delegated to a unified level. In other words, no matter where the currency price and the sequence rise, the entry threshold for each node is 400U of pledge (200U incentive mining pool, 200U consensus guarantee pool-AUC mining pool). Compared with the current mainstream public chain projects in the encryption market, the entry threshold of 400U is not a restrictive condition at all. This is not just a question of money, but that most people in the market can only passively scan chips in the secondary market, that is, take orders. If we only talk about the understanding of decentralization and centralization from this point, at least Osasion has been practicing on the road to decentralization.

The major communities influence each other and restrict each other

Finally, as far as the current decentralized projects in the encryption market are concerned, there is only one project that can truly be called decentralized and has done a good job in decentralization, namely ETH. As far as the design of Osasion's 100 super nodes and 300 block synchronization nodes is concerned, if you look at it from a rigorous perspective, it is indeed relatively easy to determine whether these 400 will produce a relative centralization of the scale node community. Because of the growth and expansion of any community, when its influence is strong enough, this possibility is indeed true.

If the influence of the 400 communities grows and grows to be evenly matched, then when everyone has the same strength, each community will not be easily swayed. Conversely, if a certain consensus is supported by the majority of the community, it can also reversely prove the success of Osasion. However, there is a possibility that distributed communities may influence each other, that is, several related communities with similar strengths form gangs and restrict each other.

Compared with the control power of EOS's 21 super nodes, it is impossible to form the so-called centralization. With reference to BTC’s Lightning Network, Bitmain and other major forces, as well as ETH’s major alliances, they have formed mutually restrictive development, so the vision at the beginning of the design will gradually form an ideological framework as the project progresses and the community grows. Separation, so decentralization for BTC only stays on the transparency of circulation. Therefore, the realistic basis is that when the community and individual nodes grow enough to affect the trend of the project, there will be a trend of centralization. But precisely because it is a multi-point distributed organization, when everyone has equal power, the possibility of an opposing party will also increase. So strictly speaking, it is still decentralized, because every community hopes that the project will develop in a good direction and become a fundamental.

In the post-governance of Osasion, that is, when the community can initiate a contract, if it cannot get the approval of enough nodes, it will not be able to promote the implementation of any proposal. For example: 5,000 columns are listed on the secondary market. If a community does not want to follow the white paper design, and initiates a contract proposal in advance and wants to enter the secondary trading market with 3,000 columns, how to choose as a node user? There may be some node users who choose to object, because Osasion has enough users and a high enough base price to be listed, and the currency price fluctuates little. The capital threshold is high, and the possibility of being cut by the banker is low. But there are other node users who choose to agree.

Therefore, as the initiator of a community proposal, you can speak out through multiple channels and call for more nodes to support your own ideas. And when the consensus of any party is accepted, the project will naturally develop towards the wishes of the majority, which is also one of the key points to reflect decentralization.

Strictly speaking, the consensus node generates income, and the link is very short, that is, your own node is only related to the consensus node. The difficulty for community growth and consensus maintenance will exceed most projects in the current encryption market, so it is not good for the self-growth of the community. In words. This does not establish a chain of interests. Only in the general direction of Osasion's progress will it concern each of us. Because this is the business of all Osasion people, and everyone is acting. This is the relationship between the puller and the hitchhiker, and each node user needs to weigh it by himself.

Of course, this is also one of the reasons why the community is difficult and not doing well. The core is the disadvantage of not having a centralized operation of the project party. But the data is certain, the only uncertainties are node distribution and community growth, and these uncertain factors are precisely the biggest charm of Osasion. There is no threshold, the strong go up and the weak go down, everyone has a chance.

Therefore, this also means that the community you are in today may not be there tomorrow, and the small community now may not be small in the future. This is a normal community ecology. But if every community stops preaching, Osasion's experimental exploration will be terminated. There is no true or false here, but failure and success have been verified. The biggest charm of the blockchain lies in decentralization, which is to create an efficient and trustless environment. But its core is data and verification protocols, so when the data is opaque, how can we talk about the blockchain revolution? Since the authenticity and transparency of data are so important, do you understand the data of Osasion?

Back to the original question: How does Osasion achieve decentralization? This time it's your answer.


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How does the Osasion public chain achieve decentralization

Several in-depth questions raised by community partners a few days ago are very interesting and have triggered a lot of thinking.

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