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In addition to the 100 billion market value Coinbase listing, there are these issues worthy of attention



Just tonight, the much-anticipated "first cryptocurrency stock" Coinbase is about to land on Nasdaq. This will also be another milestone and a new starting point in the field of cryptocurrency following the listing of Bitcoin mining machine company Canaan in 2019. Affected by the listing of Coinbase, the market performance of the platform currency represented by BNB has been outstanding recently. Bitcoin also broke through on April 12 and stood firm at the $60,000 mark that had been hit several times before. $64,843.03. What will be the performance of Coinbase after listing, and what impact will it have on the cryptocurrency field? Let's take a look at these questions! "How will the stock price perform?" Compared with predicting currency prices, predicting stock prices may be more difficult, especially predicting Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange that is listed on traditional exchanges. But let's look at some data. As far as is known, Coinbase stock started trading at $250 per share. Separately, it was reported that Coinbase’s stock was trading at $303 on the Nasdaq private stock market. Cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform FTX previously launched the Coinbase Pre-IPO product CBSE (now converted to COIN), and the current unit price of one COIN is $610. Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore: Outside of the blockchain network, cryptocurrencies have no useful function other than as a speculative tool: Golden Finance Report, Ravi Menon, Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), at a seminar (Green Shoots Seminar) Publicly stated that MAS issued a strong warning to retail investors of cryptocurrencies and has always taken strong measures to limit retail access to cryptocurrencies. MAS believes that cryptocurrencies are not suitable for use as currencies and are highly dangerous for retail investors. This is mainly due to the high amount of speculation that exists in the cryptocurrency market, and the extreme price volatility prevents it from being a viable currency or investment asset. Ravi Menon said, "Outside of the blockchain network, cryptocurrencies have no useful function other than as a speculative tool. Since 2017, MAS has been warning about the significant risks of investing in cryptocurrencies." [2022/8/30 12 :57:39] Yesterday, investment bank MoffettNathanson gave Coinbase a buy rating with a target price of $600. Therefore, on the whole, $250-$600 is the current expected range for Coinbase stock given by the market. However, it should be noted that if calculated at a stock price of US$300, the market value of Coinbase will reach about US$80 billion; if calculated at a price of US$600, the market value will be about US$160 billion. Do Kwon, founder of Terra: Apart from Satoshi Nakamoto, we will be the largest single holder of BTC in the world: On March 30th, Do Kwon, founder of Terra, recently said in an interview with Fungible Times that the algorithmic stable currency is the creation of the original Internet The only way to use currency, but currently also requires an external asset reserve, such as Bitcoin. In addition, DoKwon stated that the reason why he increased UST's Bitcoin reserves to $10 billion is that Terra's goal is to become the world's largest single holder of BTC besides Satoshi Nakamoto. In this case, the failure of the UST would be equivalent to the failure of the encryption itself. [2022/3/30 14:26:28] You must know that the total market value of Nasdaq is currently only 26 billion US dollars. With such an astonishing number, many people think that the stock price of Coinbase will not be as optimistic as imagined. "Is the market value of 100 billion US dollars overestimated?" At present, there are different opinions on the market value of Coinbase in the market. For example, The Block, an overseas blockchain media, estimated the market value of Coinbase at around US$100.3 billion through an early estimate of the clearing price of Coinbase stock at US$373. This figure was also recognized by the well-known media Axios. Delphi Digital, a professional research company, has given a bolder prediction. He believes that it is not impossible for Coinbase stock to have an expected price-to-earnings ratio of close to 15 to 20 times, which means that the total market value is about 172 billion to 230 billion US dollars. Opinion: Twitter hackers have goals other than money: While Twitter hackers have captured the world's attention by taking over a number of high-profile accounts, including Obama's, CoinDesk said today that crypto wallet transactions linked to the attack The data shows that hackers did not commit crimes like robbers, and they only defrauded about $120,000 in cryptocurrency. So, given that the hackers had access to the Twitter accounts of some of the world's most influential businessmen, the lack of sophistication in the hackers' induced bitcoin transfers could indicate that the perpetrators had goals other than money. [2020/7/17] However, David Trainer, CEO of New Constructs, an investment research company, gave an answer that was diametrically opposed to mainstream market expectations: Based on Trainer's calculations, he finally The valuation given is around $18.9 billion, 81% lower than the expected valuation of $100 billion. In Trainor's view, Coinbase's valuation is ridiculously high, and despite revenue soaring in the past 12 months, the company has little chance of meeting future profit expectations. "Will the platform currency market continue?" Since April, the platform currencies of all exchanges, large and small, have risen, and the most direct driving force may be the listing of Coinbase. Take BNB as an example, it rose from about $300 to a maximum of $637, an increase of more than 100% in 14 days; HT also rose from $15.6 to $26.88, an increase of 70%; OKB also gained nearly 60% increase; FTT also rose nearly 80% in the last 20 days. Voice | Investor David Johnston: The biggest obstacle to the blockchain is not only regulation but also technology: according to PANews, David Johnston, executive director of BitAngels blockchain angel investment agency, said in an interview recently that the short-term cryptocurrency market is affected by various factors The impact will fluctuate greatly, but the long-term market price is determined by the intrinsic value of the project. And said that he does not do any short-term operations. Johnston also believes that the biggest obstacle to blockchain comes from technology besides regulation, "If we want our blockchain technology to be used by people all over the world, we may need 8 billion transactions per day, but the current support capacity is far from enough .This requires a lot of excellent technicians to explore the scalability and processing capabilities of the blockchain. [2019/1/15] In addition, other platform coins such as KuCoin, MXC Matcha, and other cryptocurrency exchanges are also Both have seen a relatively large increase. In the eyes of investors, the platform currency supported by actual business has always been a very good investment target. The listing of Coinbase proves that while the traditional capital market is positive for Coinbase, it also shows high-quality The potential of cryptocurrency trading platforms. If the stock price of Coinbase performs well after listing, it may continue to stimulate the rise of platform coins. If the stock price performance is not optimistic, then this boom in platform coins may come to an end. Nvidia said that in addition to blockchain, GeForce and Titan graphics cards banned in data centers, large commercial or research facilities: Chipmaker Nvidia has amended its terms of service for GeForce and Titan to say they are prohibited from being used in data centers, large commercial or research facilities. One exception It is a card using blockchain technology, mainly the application of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. [2018/1/8] "Blockchain concept stocks are strong?" In recent days, it has been benefited by the listing of Coinbase and the breakthrough of Bitcoin to new highs Affected by this, the blockchain concept stocks in the U.S. stock market generally closed up for several consecutive days. Last night, the blockchain sector of the U.S. stock market rose sharply at the opening. Among them, Riot Blockchain rose by more than 9%, Canaan Technology rose by more than 16%, and The Ninth City rose by more than 9%. To some extent, the rise and fall of blockchain concept stocks can better reflect the views of capital and players on the entire blockchain industry. But looking back at the past, it is not difficult to see that the rise and fall of blockchain concept stocks are often closely related to the rise and fall of Bitcoin. On February 23 this year, Bitcoin fell by US$10,000 in a row that day, from US$57,000 to around US$47,000. At that time, Riot Blockchain fell more than 9%, and Yibang International fell nearly 24%. The listing of Coinbase indirectly pushed Bitcoin to break through $60,000, entering a brand new range. If Coinbase can continue to export its influence in the asset market and Bitcoin continues to rise, blockchain concept stocks may usher in even greater gains in the future. "Will Coinbase's "coin listing effect" be amplified?" When it comes to Coinbase, one has to talk about its "coin listing effect". The so-called "listing effect" means that the tokens listed on Coinbase will have a good increase. If the early "coin effect" is only due to the speculative psychology of users, such as the skyrocketing price of LTC when it was listed on Coinbase. So now Coinbase's "coin listing effect", in addition to speculation, is more about users' recognition of an international trading platform that pursues security compliance and strictly screens tokens. Take 1INCH, ENJ, and NKN, which were newly launched by Coinbase on April 8 this year, for example. When the news of the listing on Coinbase came out, these tokens all rose sharply. Among them, NKN rose by more than 100% that day. And, even after Coinbase opened for trading, these coins saw decent gains. In short, after more than eight years of precipitation, Coinbase has become a "temple" in the field of cryptocurrency and has attracted the attention of investors. As the first cryptocurrency exchange to land on NASDAQ this time, Coinbase's influence will continue to be magnified, and the long-standing "coin listing effect" may become stronger and stronger. "Cause a wave of listing of cryptocurrency companies?" Before Coinbase's listing, there were also companies in the cryptocurrency field that went public. Ebang International. In addition, there are many cryptocurrency companies listed on the layout. For example, Bitmain, the same bitcoin mining company, has never given up its efforts to go public, and the rising star Shenma Miner has also publicly expressed its willingness to go public. In addition, in July last year, Prince, the CEO of the encrypted lending company BlockFi, also stated that the company may go public as early as the second half of 2021. In July last year, Grayscale’s parent company, DCG Group, also revealed that it was planning to go public, and its valuation was more than billions of dollars. In the current bull market, with the success of Coinbase's listing, it may stimulate a group of cryptocurrency companies that intend to go public as soon as possible. In addition, in the long run, the listing of Coinbase has set a benchmark for companies in the cryptocurrency field, especially cryptocurrency exchanges, and paved a way. Perhaps in the future, some exchanges will follow the Coinbase model to seek listing. In fact, many people do speculate on which exchange will be listed after Coinbase. For now, Kraken is the most likely. Like Coinbase, compliance is one of Kraken's greatest strengths. On April 9 this year, Kraken officials also directly stated that they will land on the stock market through direct listing in 2022. "Promoting regulation and compliance in the industry?" Regulatory compliance has always been an unavoidable reality of cryptocurrencies. At present, with the popularity of the concept of cryptocurrency and more and more institutions entering into cryptocurrency, the attitudes of ordinary investors, financial markets, and even regulators towards the cryptocurrency industry are also changing. The success of Coinbase’s listing will firstly make the regulatory authorities re-examine the cryptocurrency industry and companies, and accelerate the communication between the two parties. Second, it will promote more cryptocurrency companies to develop in the direction of compliance. After all, Coinbase has already embarked on a successful path. . In addition to the listing of Coinbase, eight institutions have submitted Bitcoin ETF applications to the US SEC this year. Previous applications for bitcoin ETFs have all failed. Many people predict that the listing of Coinbase may be a good opportunity for the approval of Bitcoin ETF. "Summary" Today, Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam reviewed the past and paid tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto on Twitter: Thank you Satoshi Nakamoto, no matter who you are. In addition to the possible impacts mentioned above, the listing of Coinbase can actually let more people see that cryptocurrency is not just a speculative game to get rich overnight, and the field of cryptocurrency is not just as described by the outside world. Walk in gray and black areas. Here are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirits, and here are the life pursuits and careers of a few. Perhaps, no matter what the stock price of Coinbase will be after its listing and what impact it will have on the cryptocurrency field, we can all thank Coinbase as Fred thanked Satoshi Nakamoto. This article was originally created by DC News (ID: shenliancaijing), which aims to convey industry information and does not constitute any investment advice. Unauthorized reprinting is prohibited. To reprint, please add WeChat [guowenfu1991] or reply "reprint" in the background. Deep Chain Finance hereby reminds readers to treat blockchain and cryptocurrency rationally, establish correct investment concepts, and effectively improve risk awareness. If you find clues to illegal crimes, you can actively report them to relevant departments.


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