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Xiong'an New District builds blockchain into the underlying infrastructure of the city



Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 12th (China Securities Journal reporter Yang Jie) "I hope that the blockchain will become the underlying facility of production and life like the Internet. This is the original intention of establishing a blockchain laboratory in Xiong'an New District." In Xiong'an On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the establishment of the new district, Li Jun, director of the Xiongan New District Blockchain Laboratory, said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China Securities Journal.

Photo from Xinhua News Agency, Xiong'an New District (Hebei), the construction site of the resettlement housing project in Rongdong District of Xiong'an New District taken on April 8 (drone photo).

The blockchain is deeply integrated into the construction of Xiongan. Fund applications, approvals, and appropriations related to engineering construction in Xiongan New Area are all completed through the blockchain platform. The first domestic city-level blockchain underlying operating system has been developed and put into use, which can provide a flexible environment for blockchain technology research, urban applications, and industry applications.

Integrate into smart city construction

Xiong’an New Area’s full online blockchain order financing has landed: Jinse Finance reported that recently, a financial institution in Xiong’an New Area has successfully issued an online “blockchain + order financing” for an engineering transportation company on the blockchain platform for project construction fund management inclusive financial financing. The Xiongan Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which issued the order, fully integrated "Digital Xiongan" and "Digital Finance", combined with the big data platform for screening, and realized the online completion of the entire process of "application-verification-loaning", which greatly improved Financing efficiency has improved the diversified supply chain financial service system of "digital credit certificate + order financing"; at the same time, because of its fast approval speed and low interest rate of inclusive finance, it can reduce the financing cost of small and micro enterprises and support the high-quality construction of new districts develop. (Official website of Xiongan, China) [2022/1/12 8:44:22]

Li Jun said that in Xiong'an New District, blockchain is not just an icing on the cake application like "blockchain +", but is truly integrated into the bottom layer of smart city construction and governance, becoming an organic component of new infrastructure, and it is closely related to big data and artificial intelligence. , cloud computing and other technologies work together to bring the city of the future into reality.

Xiongan New Area: will accelerate the implementation and transformation of innovative scientific and technological achievements such as digital RMB hardware wallets and embedded wearable devices: According to news on November 16, the relevant person in charge of the Xiongan New Area Reform and Development Bureau stated that in the next step, Xiongan New Area will follow the overall plan and Construction requirements, from point to surface, promote the continuous increase in the number of digital RMB personal wallets and public wallets and application scenarios in the entire new area, combine the digital RMB pilot with the planning and construction of digital cities and smart cities in the new area, and actively promote the new carrier of digital payment , new scenarios, new models and other fields to do more in-depth exploration, accelerate the transformation of innovative scientific and technological achievements such as digital RMB hardware wallets, embedded wearable devices, etc., create a batch of pilot results with Xiongan characteristics, and help the digital economy and intelligence of the new district city ​​Development. (Hebei Daily) [2021/11/16 6:54:33]

On December 14, 2020, Xiongan blockchain underlying system 1.0 was released. This means that the first domestic city-level blockchain underlying operating system has been developed and put into use. Li Jun pointed out that in the past, the application of blockchain technology stayed at the level of "blockchain + industry". However, the application space of blockchain technology is far more than that. It is the first in China to study blockchain as a city-level digital infrastructure.

Xiong'an New Area's "Multi-Measurement Integration" information management system will closely integrate blockchain and other technologies: Xiong'an New Area recently launched the "Multi-Measurement Integration" information management system project to improve the quality and efficiency of surveying and mapping services for engineering construction projects in the New Area. The relevant person in charge of the Xiongan New Area Management Committee stated that the "multi-measurement integration" information management system will be based on the latest technology architecture in the industry, closely combined with new-generation information technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and blockchain, and insist on innovation and leadership. , to create a better information system, to serve the planning and construction of the new district, and to lay the foundation for the next step of the urban operation of the new district. (Hebei News Network) [2021/1/5 16:27:07]

Li Jun introduced that the Xiongan blockchain underlying system 1.0 is independently controllable, adopts independent intellectual property rights technology, and builds a new blockchain underlying architecture that integrates "core chain + application chain" multi-layer chain network. Innovative breakthroughs have been achieved in pain points such as blockchain collaboration, trusted data exchange, and security.

On the underlying technology platform of the blockchain, many blockchain basic public services such as digital identity and digital credit can be carried out, providing an elastic and flexible environment for blockchain technology research, urban applications, industry applications, etc., and promoting Build a rich metropolitan blockchain ecosystem.

News | Xiong'an New Area Management Committee has officially launched the "Xiong'an Expropriation, Demolition, Resettlement Fund Management Block Chain Platform": According to the Economic Daily, the Xiongan New Area Management Committee has officially launched the "Xiong'an Expropriation, Demolition, Resettlement Fund Management Block Chain Platform" Blockchain platform", which will apply ICBC's blockchain technology to realize the whole-process on-chain management of the original archives of expropriation and demolition and the penetrating payment of funds. The relevant person in charge of ICBC said that the bank is continuously expanding the "blockchain +" platform, and the project fund management system developed by it has been used in most projects of Xiong'an Group and its subsidiaries, including flood interception canal, Tanghe pollution control, spring And the autumn afforestation project has covered more than 300 participating enterprises and more than 5,000 participating personnel in the new area. [2019/6/14]

In fact, blockchain applications are already a reality. In August 2018, Xiongan launched the first construction project fund management platform based on blockchain technology in China - the engineering construction blockchain information management system. All funding applications, approvals, and allocations related to project construction in Xiong'an New Area are completed through the blockchain platform. According to Li Jun, the platform has served thousands of companies, 196 engineering projects, and 140,000 migrant workers, with a cumulative allocation of about 20 billion yuan.

Through this platform, all contracts, tickets, etc. between the enterprise and the general contractor, between the general contractor and the subcontractor, and between the subcontractor and the construction unit are uploaded to the blockchain system, and all actions will be recorded. Imprint, subject to supervision. In Li Jun's view, the platform can actually protect the interests of migrant workers. "If there is any link that defaults on or deducts the wages of migrant workers, everyone will know it clearly."

"Transparent, open, and non-tamperable, the blockchain makes data credible and increases the means of supervision. After it is truly formed, it will bring changes to the system, mechanism, and process." Li Jun said.

Combine resources to carry out special research

As a public and open experimental platform, the Xiongan Blockchain Laboratory brings together resources, projects and talents from all aspects to carry out special research on basic key technologies to provide support for the expansion of the application of blockchain in the new area.

According to reports, the laboratory has set up three key research directions: standards and norms research, basic frontier and key technology research, industrial operation mode and application demonstration, and established three long-term goals. First, become a new highland for blockchain research and application. In the field of blockchain technology, blockchain applications, and the integration of blockchain and other smart technologies, Xiongan Blockchain Lab has taken the lead and surpassed. Second, become an open frontier innovation base. The Xiongan Blockchain Laboratory is open to the whole society and the world; it is open to innovative talents, innovative ideas, and innovative practices. Third, explore a new model of laboratory economy, develop technological services such as business incubation, technology transfer and transformation, technical consultation, policy consultation, comprehensive application of intellectual property rights, testing, evaluation and certification, and give full play to the knowledge spillover effect.

Li Jun introduced that before the establishment of the laboratory on March 31 last year, they had done a lot of exploration in blockchain technology and achieved initial results. "Including issues such as capacity, performance, and security, and how to unify standards and specifications to form a joint force."

In the early application of the consortium chain, performance was sacrificed to obtain credibility and security. However, with the deepening of the application, a solution to balance performance and security and credibility has been gradually explored. "One solution is to adjust and layer the software architecture." Li Jun said, "Not all applications require extremely high performance. For example, application A may be fast, while application B may be safe but not so fast, so A and B should be layered." This layered architecture has been applied to the underlying system 1.0 of the Xiongan blockchain.

As a digital infrastructure, Xiongan needs to realize the interconnection of blockchain. "This requires construction in accordance with certain standards and specifications, just like in the Internet era, expanding from local area network to metropolitan area network, based on commonly recognized standard protocols, and further expanding to wide area network."

Li Jun introduced that the Xiongan Blockchain Laboratory has established cooperation with relevant domestic blockchain standardization units to research and formulate relevant standards. "Until last year, we have made three blockchain-related local standards, and we will continue to increase this year."

Exploring the establishment of a digital identity system

Using blockchain and other technologies, Xiongan is exploring the establishment of a digital identity system. In January 2019, the "Xiongan New Area Engineering Construction Project Tendering and Bidding Management Measures (Trial)" proposed to build an enterprise and individual integrity evaluation system based on big data and blockchain, and publish the credit information and credit information of all parties in real time. evaluation index. In terms of information sharing and new technology application, establish a network trusted identity authentication system and license database based on blockchain technology, and project information, enterprise information, personnel information, file transfer, capital payment and other information are encrypted and backed up through blockchain technology.

Li Jun revealed that the digital identity may be put out for trial by the end of this year. The comprehensive application of blockchain technology and privacy computing technology can greatly improve the situation of excessive use of personal privacy information.

"Digital identity is expanded based on the legal identity of citizens, and different identities can be expanded in different APPs. In this way, APP does not need to retrieve legal identity information, only the corresponding extended information is enough. Now citizens Personal information is exposed seriously. For example, to register and log in to some apps, you need to upload the front and back of your ID card, upload your driver’s license, etc., and these apps only need to know whether the user can actually drive. The digital identity system can solve these problems to a certain extent.”

In addition to personal digital identities, trees in Xiong'an New Area have long had "ID cards". In November 2017, the first tree planted in the "Millennium Xiulin" in Xiong'an had its own "ID card", which recorded the whole process of cultivation, inspection, management and pruning.


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Xiong'an New District builds blockchain into the underlying infrastructure of the city

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 12th (China Securities Journal reporter Yang Jie) "I hope that the blockchain will become the underlying facility of production and life like the Internet. This is the original inten.

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