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How to participate in the PIPPI mining tutorial through SHIB assets on the HECO chain



Hoo, TokenPocket, and Pippi Finance reached a tripartite cooperation to launch SHIB-USDT liquidity mining

-Pippi Finance opened the SHIB/USDT mining pool-TokenPocket, as the world's largest decentralized multi-chain wallet, provides sufficient traffic support and resource support for this event-Hoo, as the industry's best multi-chain support experience trading platform, will provide This cooperation provides safe and reliable cross-chain service support.

About SHIB (Shiba Inu) SHIB Coin is an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building. SHIB (Shiba Inu coin) is the first token of the Shiba Inu community. Tesla CEO Musk publicly stated on Twitter that he will raise a Shiba Inu for his family. According to data from CoinGecko, Musk tweeted Within hours of the article, the price of SHIB rose by 300%, which attracted widespread attention around the world.

Live|Andrey Belyakov: How to formulate DeFi rules: Jindian Trend "DeFi outside of Ethereum, is it good?" Jindian Trend hosted by Golden Finance? "15:00 starts on time! The founder of the guest Opium Protocol shared Andrey Belyakov's "How to Make DeFi Rules", please scan the QR code and listen! [2020/9/1]

The following is a tutorial for withdrawing coins to participate in mining

Step one, prepare your wallet.

Transfer the SHIB, USDT and other tokens needed to participate in SHIB-USDT mining to the wallet, and prepare a small amount of HT as the authorized miner's fee.

(Note: All token deposit and withdrawal operations need to be performed through the HECO chain, including SHIB, USDT, and HT)

1 First download a TP (TokenPocket) wallet: download portal:

Zero distance from big coffee | How to obtain market profits through news: At 16:00 on February 19th, Golden Disk invited TLAB Terry, a regular army of digital currency, to be a guest in Jinse Finance's "Zero Distance from Big Coffee" live broadcast room, and will share "How to obtain market through news" Huge profits", please pay attention, if you want to join the group to watch the live broadcast, just scan the QR code of the poster to sign up! [2020/2/19]

2 After installation, create your [HECO] wallet, copy the mnemonic phrase by hand, and confirm the mnemonic phrase to log in to the wallet.

3 After creating the HECO wallet, click [Assets] in the lower left corner, then click [+] in the upper right corner, enter SHIB in the [Search] bar, and add SHIB assets to the HECO wallet. (The operation steps are the same for USDT, SHIB and HT)

Dynamics | V God explained how to carry out ETH delegated mining: V God replied to netizens' questions "1. Can I share a validator through contract (civilian participation, shared voting identity)? 2. One client can run multiple validators (shared machine )?" said, "You open a validator, you need to set up two public keys: the signature public key and the withdrawal public key. After Phase 2, you don't necessarily need to set the withdrawal public key, you can also set the withdrawal contract. The signature private key The key can be withdrawn. After the withdrawal is completed, the funds in the validator will be given to the address of the withdrawal contract. So when you open a new validator, you can first send, for example, 1 ether, and set up a withdrawal contract. The rules of this contract are, whoever deposits how much will follow What is the ratio of withdrawal. After a period of time, you send a withdraw transaction. Now because the balance rewarding this validator is 33.6 ETH (plus 5%), 33.6 ETH is given to the contract, and the rules of the contract assign 1.05 to you, 8.4, 10.5 and 13.65 To other participants. The private key of the signature is yours, and the rules for who can withdraw how much are determined by the contract. Others can see the rules of the withdraw contract of a validator that has not been activated. If they think it is reasonable, they can Send their coins to this validator, this is the entrusted method." [2019/10/22]

4. After adding assets, click the [SHIB] asset in the wallet, click [Receive], and then copy the receiving address.

Voice | Yan Su, Beijing Technology and Business University: How the blockchain industry can form an effective linkage mechanism with the Public Prosecution and Legal Department is worth studying: According to Xinhua News, at the Shanghai Law Society meeting this month, Yan Su, an associate professor at the Law School of Beijing Technology and Business University, said, Practitioners in the blockchain industry use the emerging technology of blockchain they have mastered to help the public security, procuratorate and legal department carry out anti-fraud in the blockchain field. In this direction, how the industry can form an effective linkage mechanism with the public security, procuratorate and legal department is worthy of attention. theme. [2019/7/28]

5. Enter the [Wallet Account] in the Hoo APP, pass the prepared SHIB assets through the [HECO] chain, paste the [Receipt Address] copied in the previous step, and [withdraw] SHIB to the TP wallet. (The operation steps of USDT, SHIB and HT are the same, and must be operated through the HECO chain)

After completing the above steps, you can start the next SHIB&USDT mining journey!

The second step is to participate in liquidity mining.

In the SHIB/USDT mining pool in the [Farm] area of Pippi Shrimp Swap, users can obtain LP warrants and participate in liquidity mining by providing liquidity for SHIB/USDT.

1. Open the TP wallet, click the [Discovery] interface and select [Pippi Shrimp Swap] from the popular recommendations, or enter Pippi Shrimp Swap in the [Search bar] to enter the interface. (The Huobi ecological chain Heco wallet will be selected for operation by default)

2. Click the [≡] menu bar in the upper right corner. For the first login, click [unlock wallet/unlock wallet], and select [TokenPocket] wallet to associate.

3. Go back to the home page, click the [≡] menu in the upper right corner, click [Exchange/Transaction] to enter the exchange interface, click [Pool/ Liquidity] option, click [Add Liquidity/ Add Liquidity], in [Add Liquidity], According to the amount of SHIB held or the amount of USDT, the two currencies are paired with the same amount of value, click [Approve], click [Supply] to complete the pledge, and obtain SHIB-USDT LP after adding liquidity.

4. Go back to the home page, click the [≡] menu in the upper right corner, click [Farm], find the SHIB-USDT LP mining pool in the list, click [Select] to open, select [Approve SHB-USDT LP] and authorize, Enter the number of LPs and click [Confirm] to complete the pledge. (Each authorization needs to pay a small amount of HT as a miner's fee)

Then, go back to the mining pool interface and click [Harvest] to harvest rewards for providing liquidity for SHIB-USDT.

Write at the end

What is dug out is pipi, which can be sold directly on the exchange page, or can be withdrawn directly to Tiger Talisman. (Hoo has opened pipi/usdt trading pair)


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How to participate in the PIPPI mining tutorial through SHIB assets on the HECO chain

Hoo, TokenPocket, and Pippi Finance reached a tripartite cooperation to launch SHIB-USDT liquidity mining-Pippi Finance opened the SHIB/USDT mining pool-TokenPocket.

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