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The Oasis privacy computing track project has a chance to fluff



In 2021, the privacy track will enter the golden stage of development. Oasis Network is the world's first privacy-preserving and scalable blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy.

1. Introduction to Oasis

As a private computing track project, Oasis Network's ecosystem has grown rapidly in a short period of time, including industry-leading application developers, blockchain infrastructure teams, node operators, universities, and more. The Oasis team is also composed of world-leading researchers, security experts, and privacy advocates. Many team members come from Google, Amazon, Apple, Goldman Sachs, University of Berlin, Stanford University, etc.

Oasis Network has raised more than US$45 million in investment, including Binance Labs, a16z, Polychain Capital, Pantera Capital, etc. This investment institution is really powerful, and the Oasis project token ROSE is also listed on Binance.

The famous Japanese company will launch its own Layer2 based on Oasys: on December 14th, the famous Japanese company will build its own Layer2 public chain based on Oasys and release its first blockchain game Kanpani Girls RE : BLOOM.

It is reported that Oasys is supported by many game giants and is a public chain specially designed for games. [2022/12/14 21:44:55]

2. Oasis project dynamics

Since the launch of the Oasis network, it is about to usher in a major upgrade: 6 major functional upgrades.

Oasis will conduct a network upgrade at 16:00 UTC on April 28. This upgrade is named [Cobalt], which was voted by the community. The upgrade part has undergone a lot of development and testing. According to Github content, the main functions of the upgrade include:

Oasis Network Chinese community leader: Oasis has achieved a prosperous ecological network: Jinse Finance’s annual giant contribution insight wealth code 2021 investment strategy will continue. The highlights are as follows: At present, a scalable and privacy-protected blockchain has been realized, data certification and responsible data economy have been realized, and a prosperous ecological network has been realized. [2020/12/31 16:07:34]

Oasis upgrades the main network, 1) laying a solid foundation for the realization of Oasis' follow-up functions; 2) improving the developer experience and front-end experience; 3) improving the cross-chain road leading to ETH.

Github link:

Oasis and Nsure launched an on-chain DeFi privacy insurance agreement: On December 18, the Oasis Protocol Foundation, a blockchain privacy computing platform, announced a partnership with the Nsure Network to launch a decentralized DeFi insurance agreement with privacy protection functions. With the help of Oasis Network's "Privacy-as-a-Service" infrastructure, Nsure will be able to deploy its insurance protocol in a friendly environment to protect users' private data from exposure while processing claims, querying sensitive databases, and other operations. [2020/12/18 15:39:18]

In addition to the mainnet upgrade, Oasis has also launched a series of activities recently. You can participate in and get rewards. Of course, you can also swipe wool, but there is a threshold for slicking wool, let’s talk about it below.

3. Oasis related activities

1) Oasis Hackathon Competition

The bonus is very generous, but it is coming to an end, and those who are interested can look forward to the next one.

OasisLabs has launched the mainnet candidate version AmberNetwork: Oasis today announced the official launch of the mainnet candidate version Amber Network. Amber Network has implemented many of the features outlined in the architecture outlined in the Oasis Network white paper and documentation. Some key features include:

1. Fully decentralized consensus layer;

2. Staking and delegation;

3. Multiple ParaTimes running calculations on the network (parallel runtime);

4. Validator’s commission rate tool;

5. Ledger wallet integration (coming soon).

Note: OasisLabs was founded by Professor DawnSong Song Xiaodong, a professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. Participating in the investment, Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam also participated in the investment in his personal capacity. (Medium)[2020/6/19]

2) Oasis Ambassador Recruitment

News | Dubai digital currency exchange BitOasis delisted XMR and ZEC: According to ambcrypto reports, according to an article on Reddit, Dubai digital currency exchange BitOasis delisted XMR and ZEC without notifying users. BitOasis apologized and told users that they will share more details about ZEC and XMR trading pairs soon. [2019/5/26]

With the further prosperity and development of the Oasis community ecology, the Oasis community has grown rapidly. In order to better develop the community and give back to members who have contributed to the development of the community, Oasis has launched a complete and systematic ambassador program, rewarding up to 20,000 ROSE tokens.

Becoming an Oasis ambassador, whether it’s big enough to help Oasis hold themed AMAs, provide induction training for new ambassadors, or small enough to make themed videos for Oasis, translate official Oasis articles, create Oasis themed posters, emoticons, etc., you can get corresponding rewards ROSE token rewards.

Whether it is the Oasis Hackathon or the Ambassador Program, users who participate in these activities can receive corresponding ROSE token rewards, but KYC certification is required.

4. Oasis KYC certification

The compliance requirements of the project are relatively high. Before obtaining ROSE tokens, users must complete KYC certification. The following is the KYC certification tutorial.

Before starting the certification, try to use the Firefox browser, and be prepared to surf the Internet scientifically.

Oasis KYC certification entrance:

Step 1: Register an account

1. Enter the KYC authentication interface, click "Create your free account"

2. Enter your name and email address, click "CREATE", and then the email will receive a verification code, enter the verification code to complete registration and login.

Note that you cannot directly verify your name after logging in. You need to wait until the background agrees to KYC certification. This process will take 1-2 days.

After the background agrees, you can authenticate. Oasis' KYC certification is divided into three parts: face verification, ID card verification, and residence permit verification.

Step 2: Face Authentication

In this step, follow the prompts on the page to request the camera, aim at the photo frame and click to take a photo and upload it. If the system prompts pending, just wait for a while; if the green "Verified" in the figure below is displayed, it means passed.

Step 3: Authentication

You can upload ID cards and passports here. The following is an example of ID card.

Select "China" and then select "National ID".

After entering the page, upload the clear front and back of the ID card and wait for approval. Likewise, a green "Verified" signifies passing.

Step 4: Residency Verification

In this step, you can upload your own utility bills, consumption bills or bank statements. These invoices need to meet the following three conditions:

After submitting and passing the review, the KYC certification of the entire Oasis is completed.


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The Oasis privacy computing track project has a chance to fluff

In 2021, the privacy track will enter the golden stage of development. Oasis Network is the world's first privacy-preserving and scalable blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy. 1. Introdu.

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