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Technology Weekly|Ethereum completes Berlin hard fork



This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news about the four networks of Ethereum, Filecoin, Dfinity, and Chainlink.

Ethereum client OpenEthereum released v3.2.4

According to official news, the Ethereum client OpenEthereum released version v3.2.4, including a fix to correctly broadcast transactions.

OpenEthereum releases v3.2.3 with fixes for Berlin upgrade

According to official news, on April 16, OpenEthereum released the v3.2.3 version on Github, which contains a fix for the "Berlin Upgrade" bug. According to previous reports, due to the inability to synchronize the consensus of the OpenEthereum client after the upgrade of the Ethereum Berlin hard fork, several exchanges including Coinbase, wallets such as Ledger and BitGo, and encryption service companies such as data providers Coin Metrics were affected. influences.

Huobi Research Institute: The collective signature of the ancient address has not been uploaded to the chain. Digital signature technology: On May 25, the collective signature of the ancient address has attracted great attention. The source of the incident was a message accusing Craig Steven Wright and the release of 145 ancient addresses and signatures.

Huobi Research Institute pointed out that the information was not published on the blockchain, but was generated using “digital signature” technology and published on the paste.debian website. After the publisher of the message wrote the message accusing Craig Steven Wright, he used the private key of the ancient address to encrypt the message to form a digital signature. After the news is announced, although you cannot reverse the private key information of the publisher, you can use the ancient address to verify whether the message and signature are issued by the corresponding private key. On verification sites such as tools.bitcoin, it can be easily verified by address, message and signature. The news publisher neither discloses his identity nor discloses his account information, which proves the ownership of the ancient address, which can be described as a wonderful use of "digital signature" technology. [2020/5/26]

Ethereum Berlin hard fork upgrade completed

News | The International Organization for Migration led by the United Nations uses blockchain technology to prevent the exploitation of foreign workers in Hong Kong: Diginex, a blockchain financial services company, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) led by the United Nations jointly launched a blockchain tool IRIS-SAFER, aiming at Prevent the exploitation of foreign workers in Hong Kong. According to a Diginex press release, the tool is designed to be used by about 1,500 Hong Kong-based foreign domestic helper recruitment agencies and related agencies in some labor-sending countries. According to reports, there are nearly 390,000 foreign workers in Hong Kong, 98% of whom are women, and 56% are charged illegal fees by recruitment agencies. After launching the system in Hong Kong and other places, the organization plans to deploy the system globally. (Cointelegraph)[2019/12/17]

According to data from the OKLink browser, the Berlin hard fork of Ethereum has been upgraded, and the Geth node is currently running on the latest block. The OpenEthereum node has a consensus error at block height 12244294, which is currently being diagnosed by the core developers.

ImpactPPA hopes to accelerate global clean energy production efficiency through blockchain technology: ImpactPPA based on the Ethereum blockchain hopes to accelerate global clean energy production efficiency through blockchain technology. ImpactPPA, a new system that will allow anyone, anywhere to create proposals for any project, focuses primarily on emerging economies. The CEO said: For many developing countries, the funding process of centralized NGOs is too cumbersome and expensive, and people in many countries cannot benefit from it. [2018/2/25]

Some clients have problems after the Ethereum Berlin hard fork, the team is urgently diagnosing and fixing the problem

According to news on April 15, according to the community and the GitHub of the Ethereum client OpenEthereum, the client had a consensus problem after the Ethereum "Berlin" hard fork, and the block height was out of sync after 12244294. The development team and the Ethereum core team are aware of this problem and are diagnosing and repairing it. Before the fix is released, new block data cannot be obtained on Ethereum.

Ethereum 2.0 client Lighthouse released version v1.3.0

According to official news, Sigma Prime, the Ethereum 2.0 client Lighthouse development team, announced the release of Lighthouse v1.3.0. This release includes important bug fixes for beacon chain nodes and should be considered a high priority for all stakers and should be done as soon as possible. Additionally, #2306 adds additional validation conditions to aggregate proofs to prevent incorrect proofs from filling up the operation pool. #2307 Improved block packaging, leading to better block rewards for stakers. Sigma Prime calls for immediate updates for safety and benefit.

Report: Significant Growth in Filecoin and Polkadot Developers

On April 16th, the "Developer Report" compiled by venture capital firm Electric Capital showed that there are more than 8,000 monthly active-zce developers working on various cryptocurrency projects, and about 80% of them started in the past two years. . The report also shows that there are about 2,300 active-zce monthly developers working on Ethereum, the largest number on average. Plus, Polkadot doubled the number of developers to almost 400 in 2020. Between Q3 2019 and Q3 2020, the number of Filecoin developers tripled. (Decrypt)

Founder of Dfinity: Announcing the launch time of the mainnet genesis soon

On April 17, Dominic Williams, the founder of Dfinity, tweeted that the RC2 version of the Internet Computer is progressing smoothly, and now the date is set for the "genesis launch". The Dfinity Foundation sent out a Morse code image of "The Countdown Now Begins" via Twitter.

Chainlink releases white paper 2.0, founder says its hybrid smart contracts will define the future of the industry

Chainlink (LINK) published a new white paper on Thursday detailing its planned expansion, with an eye toward creating an oracle network for computing. Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov said the new oracle network will continue to focus on features that blockchain or even second-layer networks cannot achieve. He also stated that Chainlink's hybrid smart contracts will define the future of the industry. In the vision outlined in the white paper, Chainlink will generalize and expand its existing computing capabilities.


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Technology Weekly|Ethereum completes Berlin hard fork

This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news about the four networks of Ethereum, Filecoin, Dfinity, and Chainlink.Ethereum client OpenEthereum released v3.2.4According to official news.

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