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A total of innovation conference | April 11 ETH 2.0, Layer2, Polkadot and other themes special sessions have material and stalks.



How to imagine the future of the blockchain, today is the Innovation Conference ETH 2.0+Layer2+Polkadot+exchange public chain special session, to explore the future of the industry. From April 10th to 11th, the "Innovation and Advancement of DeFi" Co-innovation Conference kicked off in Shanghai 1933 Old Workshop. The organizer of this event, Jinse Finance, joined hands with TRON as the general title; the chief cooperative enterprises HBTC, SumSwap, SubGame, and the cooperative units YFX, AOFEX, BitZ, Bihei, Fifa, SERO, Metis, Zhichuangyu to start a new journey of DeFi , to capture new opportunities. Out of curiosity, the audience sat down early, just to not miss the exciting sharing! Next, follow the steps of the editor to learn more about what content-zce was shared at today's conference! In the morning, ETH 2.0 and Layer 2 theme session will have "materials". The conference for entrepreneurs will officially open tomorrow at Swiss Grand Hotel Xiamen: sponsored by Jinse Finance, sponsored by Shuiqiao Blockchain, Alibaba Cloud, CYBERVEIN, Hotcoin Global, Chaitin Technology, chief partner of LEMON LENDING, Gaowei Space, Block House, Dahe Consensus Alliance, Ant Node Alliance, Win in the Community, and Weminer will co-organize the "Together for Entrepreneurs Conference" on September 20 at 8:00 am 30 will be grandly opened at Ruiyi Hotel Xiamen (No. 12 Lujiang Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province), focusing on entrepreneurship, exploring the growth trajectory of future business leaders, contributing to blockchain entrepreneurship, and paying tribute to the transformation that stands at the forefront of entrepreneurship participants. See the original link for details. [2020/9/19] 0xMaki, the co-founder of SushiSwap, shared the theme of "Talking about the Infinite Possibilities of DeFi". 0xMaki said: The market value of DeFi will exceed 100 billion US dollars. Mainnet interaction. In the future, we will see more and more projects deployed on EVM compatible chains. Although Layer 2 will bring fragmentation problems, there will be Robinwood fully built on Layer 2 infrastructure in the future. DeFi is establishing a new financial system that is completely different from the previous financial system, and it is spreading rapidly. Roundtable Dialogue "Pathfinder: 2021 ETH 2.0 Stars and Seas": Yao Xiang, the initiator of the Shanghai Frontier Technology Symposium, said: Ethereum 1.0 and Ethereum 2.0 beacon chains are in a parallel state. At present, the interaction between Ethereum 1.0 and Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain can only be to deposit 32 ETH in the pledge contract. Up to now, there have been more than 100,000 verifiers, and these 100,000 verifiers are forming a new POS consensus. Ethereum 1.0 is also continuing to iterate. It is expected that the Berlin hard fork will be introduced around April 14, and a new EIP will be introduced; the London hard fork will be ushered in in July, and the difficulty bomb will be dismantled and a possible EIP1559 upgrade will be introduced. After the London hard fork in July, the next hard fork is the Shanghai hard fork. The Ethereum core team is considering merging Ethereum 1.0 and Ethereum 2.0 in the Shanghai hard fork. At present, the Ethereum core team is mainly focusing on the merger of Ethereum 1.0 and Ethereum 2.0. A total of 2020 | HBTC Hobbit Market VP Wang Arthur: HBTC Hobbit is emerging, and the cross-chain field is about to exert force: Jinse Finance live report, June 21, 2020, a total of 2020 blockchain innovation application forum hosted by Jine Finance It kicked off in Shenzhen. Arthur Wang, VP of the HBTC Hobbit Market, gave a keynote speech on "The Evolution of the HBTC Hobbit Platform Token Model" and pointed out that the three giants of the exchange are a bit like the BAT of the Internet, and the sudden rise of HBTC Hobbit may be byte beating. Equity investors of HBTC Hobbit include Huobi, OK, Node Capital, Urban Real Estate, etc. In addition to the endorsement of investment institutions, there needs to be a solid infrastructure construction. HBTC Hobbit has been developed for two years, and it is already running very stably, and will do cross-chain business in the future. At present, there are 260 customers, a mature platform covering 13 million users, and a highly competitive settlement agreement, clearing technology and matching technology. [2020/6/21] Fu Pan, founder and CEO of TokenPocket Wallet: The exchange public chain and Ethereum are in a competitive relationship, which can be compared to the relationship between BTC and BCH in 2017. TokenPocket's decision is that no matter Ethereum, BSC or HECO, as long as there are assets of funds and resources, project parties and developers, they will support these public chains. The application side and the bottom layer have been disconnected, and users don't care what chain the bottom layer is. Ah Shu, person in charge of imToken wallet: zk-Rollep does not have the ability to support general contracts. zkSync is currently mainly used for payment and transfer functions. Its latest roadmap is to release the ability to support general contracts in May, and the mainnet will be launched in August. Optimistic Rollup withdrawal cycle time is long. Which Rollup will win depends on the market and user choice. A focus of Layer 2 development is exchange support, but they have smart chains, which is a contradiction. A total of 2020 | ViaBTC&CoinEx founder Yang Haipo: There are still great opportunities in the digital currency market in the future: Jinse Finance live report, June 21, 2020, a total of 2020 Blockchain Innovation Application Forum hosted by Jine Finance was held in Shenzhen Open the curtain. Yang Haipo, the founder of ViaBTC&CoinEx, pointed out on the issue of the biggest consensus on digital currency and the development trend of the industry in the next two years in the roundtable dialogue themed "Ten Years Review, Talking About Consensus": "The biggest consensus on digital currency lies in decentralization. The public ledger of the public accounts, the most representative of which is Bitcoin. The digital currency market has grown from scratch, from zero to the current market value of trillions of dollars, which has proved that Satoshi Nakamoto's conception is successful. And the formation of this The essential reason behind the consensus is that traditional finance and the unlimited printing of money by governments during the epidemic exacerbated people's distrust. But objectively speaking, the market value of the digital currency market is a drop in the bucket compared to the traditional financial market. I I believe that the digital currency market still has a lot of room for development and opportunities in the future.” [2020/6/21] Uncle Miao, product manager of Spark Mining Pool, talked about EIP1559 and MEV. EIP1559 does not change the mechanism of increasing the gas fee in advance, but only increases the basefee, and then burns it and does not give it to the miners. EIP1559 promises to bring a better experience to Ethereum, which is easy to misunderstand, and it is misunderstood that the gas price is lower, but this is not the case. The change of EIP1559 monetary policy has made the transaction more resistant, and does not solve the real problem. MEV currently has two definitions: miner extractable value and maximum extractable value, which are rooted in two mechanisms: AMM mechanism and Ethereum transaction ordering problem. Lu Guoning, co-founder of Nervos, served as guest host: The original tokens of the exchange public chain are issued in Ethereum, and now they are migrated to the exchange public chain, and the assets of the exchange public chain are bridged across the chain of assets on Ethereum. Invisibly, the exchange public chain plays the role of Ethereum Layer 2, because it provides better transaction speed, transaction experience and transaction friction. Total for 2020 | Bao Yu, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee: Blockchain projects pretending to be a financial project is not conducive to the development of the industry: Jinse Finance live report, June 21, 2020, hosted by Jinse Finance for Total 2020 District The Blockchain Innovation Application Forum kicked off in Shenzhen. This conference is sponsored by Beanheli Technology, with HBTC as a strategic partner. Bao Yu, founder of True Digital Foundation (Switzerland) and head of the international research project "Digital Currency and Blockchain" of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, gave a keynote speech on "Major Challenges in the Development of Blockchain and Digital Assets" and pointed out that the previous block The development of the blockchain industry is worried that the government does not understand the technology. Now that this part has some explanations, we have begun to learn blockchain at the national level. But where is the challenge of blockchain development now? The answer may be dynamic. So far, I think the biggest challenge is that the relationship between blockchain and finance has not been clarified. If the relationship between the blockchain and finance is not straightened out, the government will take the chaos of the blockchain very seriously. This is an unnecessary loss. The blockchain cannot do what the existing finance does. This is the blockchain Where the chain misleads the society, the blockchain project dresses itself up as a financial project for financing and demonizes each other, which is not conducive to the development of the industry. [2020/6/21] Roundtable dialogue "Is Layer 2 the future ecological development trend?" ": Director of Celer China Qi Chao: Can Layer 2 solve the problem of capacity expansion? Can and can't. The TPS of the side chain and Rollup is several hundred to several thousand, which can solve the problem of expansion. However, there are still frictions between Layer1 and Layer2 deposits and withdrawals. DeFi migration to Layer2 will encounter two problems: one is security issues, and the other is the separation of DeFi users and the ecosystem. Totally for 2020 | An Xinxin, CEO of Jinse Finance: We are in the iterative reshaping period of the blockchain industry. Industrial applications are moving from the virtual to the real: Jinse Finance live report, June 21, 2020, hosted by Jine Finance for the total of 2020· Blockchain Innovation Application Forum kicked off in Shenzhen. This conference is sponsored by Beanheli Technology, with HBTC as a strategic partner. An Xinxin, CEO of Jinse Finance, gave a welcome speech on "Together 2020" and pointed out that the blockchain industry has experienced too many waves in 2020, such as the 312 avalanche, the halving of Bitcoin, the rise of DeFi, and the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 and The wave of IPFS development has made us feel more difficult and more eager expectations than in previous years. At the same time, it has also taught us how to dance with the black swan and how to gain momentum in the trough. At present, we are in the remodeling period of the iteration of the block chain trend. Industrial applications are moving from the virtual to the real. More companies practice block chain technology, reduce trust costs, improve collaboration efficiency, stimulate economic growth, seize the future business model, overcome difficulties, and forge ahead. Forward. In addition, during this conference, Jinse Finance also launched the "Blockchain Week" event brand to link resources and work together. The first "Shenzhen Blockchain Week" lasted for 6 days from June 18 to 23, with a total of 37 activities, an average of six activities per day, and a total activity time of 148 hours. Contribute a high-quality learning, communication, cooperation, and win-win platform to the industry, and then we will work with more partners to check in globally. [2020/6/21] Steven Guo, Managing Partner of P1x Capital, Vice Chairman of Zhongguancun Angel Investment Alliance Blockchain Special Committee: The public chain is like Intel's CPU, with very good compatibility, and Layer 2 is like an operating system added to a computer ,Layer2 plays the role of the framework for dapp landing. Layer2 solves the TPS problem, it seems easy, but it is not. In the second half of 2021, the social token social token may rise, and many Internet applications migrate to the blockchain and decentralized fields, but it will be found that there is no public chain available. He also said that the bull market in 2021 is the mainstream society's recognition of the cryptocurrency circle. Cass, founder of Chinese community: At present, a block is about 5 seconds on Layer 2, which means that the opening time of Layer 2 derivatives trading is 5 seconds. If the opening time can be shortened to 1 second, it will be a perfect Layer 2 solution. If Layer 2 can satisfy users' spot and contract transactions like in centralized exchanges, it will become mainstream. Wang Hang, the planner of the "Golden Deep Core" column, served as the host of this round table dialogue. In the afternoon, Polkadot and the exchange’s public chain themed sessions featured “stems” Lin Jiapeng, the founder of LinkVC, took the lead in sharing the theme “New Trends in Crypto Ecology”: There are three major trends in the crypto ecology in 2021: Bitcoin, DeFi programmable finance, and NFT. In terms of Bitcoin, it has gradually been included in the ranks of mainstream assets. Bitcoin demonstrates anti-fragility and becomes stronger in uncertainties. DeFi programmable finance: In addition to ETH, multiple collaterals such as WBTC and stable coins promote the rapid development of DeFi; DeFi users continue to grow and are on the eve of the outbreak. In 2021, Q1 DeFi users will exceed 1.8 million, with 458,000 independent active-zce wallet users; NFT : NFT ushered in rapid growth, and the acceleration of encryption art made NFT enter the mainstream. Head of HECO Liu Su's keynote speech "Exchange public chain - after the wave is surging, how to achieve "new" at first sight": The exchange public chain is a chain, a bridge linking CeFi and DeFi. The goal of CeFi and DeFi is the same, both are trust, but the realization paths are different. DeFi convinces people through automatic and precise code execution, and CeFi convinces people through institutional standards and financial experience. The exchange public chain has several characteristics: 1. Both centralization and decentralization advantages; 2. A certain degree of assets and security; 3. Multi-scenario application of platform currency and other assets; 4. Low gas fees and high performance. Innovator's Dialogue "Re-Evolution: How They "Create" and "New" in 2021": Vivian, Vice President of AOFEX Business: The trend of the entire encryption industry is getting better and better, and the growth will be faster and faster, with more people paying attention to the industry. Decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges will exist in parallel, and the user experience of centralized exchanges is better than that of decentralized exchanges. BitZ Marketing Director Jason: The future development of the encryption industry still needs new innovations such as optimistic about NFT, the encryption industry continues to break the circle, and the industry penetration continues to deepen. In 2021, the bull-bear conversion ushered in a new wave of bull market, institutions entered the market, and celebrities such as Musk made Bitcoin further break the circle. Hu Zhiwei, Research Director of RISnet: DEX has two directions: one is to transform the AMM model, and the other is to cross-chain. There are already some projects providing cross-chain mining. Tan Yuan, technical director of Poly Network: Compared with other public chains, the exchange public chain has core advantages, which can quickly transfer assets from centralized exchanges to exchange public chains. Cross-chain interoperability and composability is a future direction. Zhang Yitong, head of Jinse Financial Business, served as the host of this round table. Plasm founder Sota shared "Web 3.0 and Polkadot's long-term outlook" in video form: Today's Internet has failed, Web1.0 is a readable Internet, Web2.0 is a readable and writable Internet, and Web3.0 is a readable Internet , Writable, and Verifiable Internet. Plasm is a Polkadot-based smart contract hub compatible with Ethereum, supports Multi VM, natively supports WASM, and supports multi-chain bridges.


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A total of innovation conference | April 11 ETH 2.0, Layer2, Polkadot and other themes special sessions have material and stalks.

How to imagine the future of the blockchain, today is the Innovation Conference ETH 2.0+Layer2+Polkadot+exchange public chain special session, to explore the future of the industry. From April 10th to 11th.

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