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AFintech announced the establishment of strategic cooperation with



AFintech, a world-renowned blockchain service platform, announced a strategic partnership with Xangle. Xangle is the main destination for digital asset insight and crypto disclosure, and is institutionalizing information disclosure and distribution practices in the blockchain industry. In the near future, AFintech will help more crypto projects to be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges in Southeast Asia .  

Xangle is Korea's largest crypto asset disclosure platform and the world's leading multilingual project information and analysis website. Currently, Xangle has cooperated with more than 350 blockchain projects and major global cryptocurrency exchanges (such as Bithumb, Korbit, Gopax and OKEX).

Coca-Cola to partner with Tafi to debut NFT collectibles: Avatar and digital wearables design platform Tafi has announced a partnership with Coca-Cola to design virtual wearables for Coca-Cola’s debut NFT collectibles. To celebrate International Friendship Day (July 30), Coca-Cola will auction off NFT loot boxes on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, containing digital clothing designed by Tafi that can be worn forever in a decentralized virtual world. The OpenSea auction will start at 00:01 UTC on July 30 (8:01 Beijing time) and end at 20:00 UTC on August 2 (4:00 Beijing time on August 3). All proceeds from the Coca-Cola auction will be donated to Special Olympics International. [2021/7/28 1:20:20]

The fast-growing global blockchain service platform reached a strategic partnership with Bittrex in 2019 and successfully assisted multiple encryption projects to be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, many projects of Afintech have achieved excellent results and enjoy a high reputation in the industry.  

Swarm Markets launches BaFin-regulated DeFi platform: Swarm Markets has launched a decentralized exchange under the supervision of German regulator BaFin with $15 million in liquidity collateral. (The Block)[2021/7/1 0:20:10]

Ricky Ng, founder of AFintech, said: “This partnership will combine the strength of AFintech and Xangle’s infrastructure, including crypto project resources and industrial-scale production capabilities, with Xangle’s support and its deep connections in the blockchain industry. We will be able to Provide a more convenient experience for more projects to be listed on many major cryptocurrency exchanges in Southeast Asia, and speed up the listing process."

DAFI Protocol launches DAFI Super Staking: It’s official, the on-chain incentive protocol DAFI Protocol launches DAFI Super Staking to reshape network rewards forever. [2021/7/1 0:19:13]

James Kim, co-founder of Xangle, said: “Crypto-assets have been issued, distributed and traded globally since the beginning. We believe the business environment and efforts should be the same in order to scale the industry and effectively support participation We look forward to working with AFintech to establish a decentralized business partnership and provide qualified and reliable services to crypto foundations for use by exchanges."

With the exponential growth of the crypto market, digital asset insights and crypto disclosures become the most valuable information. It is precisely because of Xangle's strict due diligence process, excellent team performance and professional technical audit reports that it has established long-term cooperative relationships with many major exchanges in Southeast Asia.

The strategic cooperation between AFintech and Xangle will benefit the entire blockchain industry and bring better services to crypto projects. As the blockchain market continues to expand globally, more and more projects and encrypted assets will emerge. AFintech has the ability to cooperate with other platforms in the industry and is at the forefront to provide complete blockchain services for more encryption projects.

About Xangle

Xangle is Korea's leading digital asset insight and encryption disclosure platform, and the world's leading multilingual project information and analysis website. Currently cooperating with major global cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bithumb, Korbit, Gopax, OKEX, etc. Blockchain projects include Dash, Tezos, Tron, XEM, MakerDAO, ARPA, etc. Xangle aims to establish a transparent blockchain data information platform .

About AFintech

AFintech focuses on blockchain, digital banking and cryptocurrency exchange listing services, including cryptocurrency financing, project consulting, project incubation, blockchain technical support, solution consulting, public relations management, and industrial capital localization services. AFintech aims to build a variety of investment portfolios and i-bank blockchain financial service platforms.

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AFintech announced the establishment of strategic cooperation with

AFintech, a world-renowned blockchain service platform, announced a strategic partnership with Xangle. Xangle is the main destination for digital asset insight and crypto disclosure.

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