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The financial world is being slapped in the face by Bitcoin and we are being slapped in the face by Dogecoin



I saw a Weibo in the past two days, and I was quite emotional. The content-zce is basically a big V in the scientific research circle who scolded Bitcoin on Weibo, saying that he couldn’t understand the value of mining Bitcoin. It neither created jobs nor created real value, and it was a huge waste of electricity. ...And because of mining, now all kinds of graphics cards are out of stock, and all kinds of hard drives are also out of stock, so that they can't save up the machines. It's the same reason that everyone has no house to live in because of the real estate speculators. The coin circle and the mining circle scolded. A big guy in the circle responded that mining bitcoin created currency freedom, and the value of currency freedom can be seen from how high housing prices are now. This is just one of the evil consequences of printing money without anchors. Currency freedom is Much bigger than playing a game or doing calculations. Then by the way, I complained that the outage of graphics cards and hard drives has nothing to do with Bitcoin. One is ETH, and the other is Chia, which has become popular recently. I suggest that big V learn more and stop making jokes. You see, now that Bitcoin has come to this day, in an environment where almost everyone knows everyone, various institutions, pension funds, and even institutions in small countries have begun to compete for allocation. With the blessing of Coinbase's successful listing, the inside and outside circle The cognitive gap is still so huge. To put it simply, Bitcoin has spent the past few years in the process of constantly slapping outsiders, especially those financial elites in the traditional financial circle who advocate "cash flow or value investment". Until, beat them into the circle. Recently, investors in our circle who advocate "value investing" have been slapped in the face by Dogecoin (DOGE). So this article will talk about the changes in the fundamentals of BTC and DOGE over the past year, and see how these faces have been slapped. MFS Africa, an African fintech company, completes $100 million in Series C financing, led by AfricInvest FIVE and others: News on November 10, African fintech company MFS Africa completes $100 million in Series C financing, including $70 million in equity financing and $30 million Debt financing, AfricInvest FIVE co-led the round with existing investors Goodwell Investments and LUN Partners Group, with participation from CommerzVentures, Allan Gray Ventures, Endeavor Catalyst, Endeavor Harvest, and ShoreCap III. MFS Africa is a cross-border cross-wallet transfer center in Africa, connecting more than 320 million mobile money wallets in more than 35 countries, and covering a wide range of financial services around bank accounts, prepaid cards and virtual debit cards. Last month, the company entered the Nigerian fintech market by acquiring payment company Baxi. (TechCrunch) [2021/11/10 21:40:10] Changes in the fundamentals of Bitcoin For those who are still bad-mouthing, do not understand, and say that BTC has no value and no fundamentals at all, the following fundamental facts It cannot be ignored: Over the past year, Grayscale’s holdings of Bitcoin and other digital currencies have increased significantly. Grayscale’s clients are basically institutions and “qualified investors”, whose scientific name is “high-net-worth individuals”. Rich man! These people are constantly buying and buying, and the trust design of Grayscale has basically no selling pressure on the BTC spot market, which is equivalent to a long-term lock-up. Voice | Cinda Securities analyst: Virtual currency is "a standard financial bubble": Golden Finance reported that Chen Jiahe, chief strategy analyst of Cinda Securities, commented on virtual currency as "a standard financial bubble" in a research report ". Chen Jiahe believes that virtual currency is not a real currency. It has neither the endorsement of national power, nor actual use value, nor actual supply restrictions. The price of virtual currency can only be reflected by the price that the next buyer is willing to pay. [2019/12/4] And pension institutions, which are responsible for the pocketbooks of the current mainstream Western social workers after they retire, have increasingly begun to set foot in this field. Part of the funds, start to configure Bitcoin. This trend, for now, continues to grow. Needless to say, the company's richest man's call, the company even directly spent 1.5 billion US dollars to buy Bitcoin. What is even more exaggerated is that Tesla North American users can now directly buy cars with BTC. But in fact, there are companies that are more radical than the richest man, such as MicroStrategy, which began to buy a large number of bitcoins in July last year, and continued to catch up in December. It invested in bitcoin for 5 months and earned the net profit of the past 5 years, and its stock price has also soared . A few days ago, Time magazine would accept some bitcoin payments and publicly stated that, like Tesla, it would not immediately convert the received cryptocurrency to fiat currency. In the future, you will definitely see more and more similar companies adding Bitcoin to the company's balance sheet...Policy | Japan Financial Services Agency: Financial products such as investment trusts that invest in encrypted assets should be carefully created: According to Cointelegraph, On September 30, Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) announced partial revisions to the "Comprehensive Supervision Guidelines for Financial Instrument Business Operators". It also published a policy recommendation, suggesting that due to concerns about speculative activities, financial products such as investment trusts that invest in encrypted assets should be created and sold with caution. He pointed out that the composition of financial products such as investment trusts that invest in virtual currencies is inappropriate. [2019/10/1] Halving Needless to say, everyone knows that, from the past rounds of cycle theory, each halving means that the supply side of Bitcoin has been greatly reduced. At the same time, due to the passage of time, more and more people know about Bitcoin, and the demand side is getting bigger and bigger. The past two halvings basically started a big bull market in the months after the halving. The three halvings are no exception. Therefore, for friends who have been long-term bearish or even short-selling BTC since last year, I really don’t understand it. Looking at the past two halvings, you can’t copy your homework... Coinbase The listing of Coinbase this year is definitely in the circle. Events that can be classified as milestones. Back then, transactions or mining were suppressed in various ways. Cryptocurrency was always associated with the dark web, ography, gambling, drug laundering, and money laundering. You dare not tell your relatives and friends around you when you fry a coin, for fear that others will think you are engaged in CX . Voice | Chairman of the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission: 5 financial companies have applied to enter the "supervision sandbox" to experiment with new businesses: According to Lianhe News, Gu Lixiong, chairman of the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Committee, revealed today that at least 5 financial companies have applied to enter the "Supervisory Sandbox" Supervision sandbox" to experiment with new business, such as blockchain (applicable to cross-bank business) and new payment business. [2018/8/22] Now the largest trading platform is listed on Nasdaq, can you believe it? Does it mean that ETF is not far from us? On April 15th, the entire currency circle was reposting the co-founder Fred's shoutout to Satoshi Nakamoto: Thank you Satoshi, whoever you are. Thank you Satoshi, no matter who you are. Release of water The largest release of water in history, can it bring about the largest round of bull market in history? In the context of the global flood, gold, stocks, commodities, housing prices, and commodity prices have risen, and among all anti-inflation tools, Bitcoin has risen the best. Is this the result of the market voting with its feet? As the big V said, what Bitcoin brings is the concept of monetary freedom corresponding to unlimited money printing. This concept has continuously germinated in the hearts of more and more people in the past 10 years. When this amount and consensus have accumulated to a certain level, who said that digital gold cannot exceed real gold? Guangzhou Financial Work Bureau: Using blockchain and other technologies to create a Guangzhou Financial Risk Monitoring and Prevention Center: On May 24, the Guangzhou Financial Work Bureau held the "Guangzhou Three-Year Action Plan for Decisive Prevention and Control of Financial Risks (2018-2020") Year) Press Conference. At the press conference, Director Qiu Yitong said that one of the specific work priorities is to innovate and build the Guangzhou Financial Risk Monitoring and Prevention Center. As the first local financial risk monitoring and prevention platform in China, the Prevention and Control Center uses artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, Financial regulatory technologies such as big data and the Internet have realized the closed-loop management of "actively discovering risks—prompting risks—handling risks—continuous monitoring", forming the "Guangzhou Model" of financial risk monitoring and prevention. [2018/5/24] These fundamentals of Bitcoin are known to many old leeks, but what fundamentals do DOGE rely on to multiply by a hundred times in just a few months? ! The fundamentals of Dogecoin that you don’t understand are worthless Yes, you read that right, maybe it’s because they’re worthless that everything has value. In December 2013, two engineers changed the code of Bitcoin and created DOGE. Even the founder himself said in an interview: "We think this is a big joke that is destined to die", um, it seems that they themselves I don't have any left. When everyone, no matter inside or outside the circle, knows that it is worthless, but its market value is tens of billions of dollars, it may have value inexplicably... DOGE also has a very unique concept. If Bitcoin is right The rebellion of the traditional financial system, then it is a rebellion against Bitcoin, which has a main feature that is completely opposite to Bitcoin-Bitcoin has a fixed total amount and no additional issuance, while DOGE has an initial 100 billion and an unlimited increase of 5% per year. There are scenarios, don’t tell me, at least in the past few years, its application scenarios may be more than the number of bitcoins. Because it can tip each other on Reddit. There is no other reason, it is cheap, so cheap that it is almost worthless, so everyone is tens of thousands, millions of people tipping each other for fun... This is really a relatively high-frequency real application scenario. Security After realizing that their POW is too fragile, they chose to hug their thighs and changed it to the same algorithm as Litecoin, so Lite miners are all dual-mining, and they output Litecoin and DOGE at the same time. Of course, many Wright miners did not get rich at this step, because most of their mining programs are designed to be dug out by DOGE and sold automatically, and there are not many of them. The advantage of holding your thighs is that the cost of double spending DOGE is exactly the same as double spending Wright, so in fact, the security of DOGE can really be regarded as "one of the best" in the circle. It is estimated that Wright himself did not expect that the former Bit Gold and Wright Silver will become Bit Gold, Dog Silver, and Wright Copper. But think about it from another angle, if you think Wright is valuable, then why is DOGE worthless? Musk doesn’t need a lot of people. The richest man’s countless calls are known to everyone in the circle, although he bought BTC instead of DOGE for the last 1.5 billion US dollars. But who knows, maybe one day his head will get hot, and Tesla will support DOGE payment! Is it possible? No one can guess the thinking of this "lunatic"... Meme Of course, there are countless imitations of Bitcoin before, many of them are the same as DOGE, they just copy and paste the code, and then change it, and now most of them are "dead" . However, the long-term existence of dogs has a lot to do with the logo-zce of dogs. The head of the Shiba Inu is really cute, and among all the animals, the dog is the animal that can be said to be the closest to people, not one of them. Ever since, this lovely meme has been spread more and more widely, to the point that it can no longer be valued by any traditional financial or even currency valuation methods... You have to admit that it is cheap, every time there is a bull market, The newly rushed leeks will not buy bitcoins, because they are too expensive... Of course you can say that you can buy 0.1, or 0.01. It’s useless, they like cheap ones, that is, the unit price is cheap, it’s best to buy several coins for one dollar, they don’t know about the total amount of additional issuance, and they don’t care. In the last round, they found Wright, and in this round, they found a better and cheaper target. It is difficult for human beings to buy cheap units. Buying 0.01 A and buying 100 B, even if the price is the same, for newcomers, B also has a huge advantage, which is why Polkadot will increase several times immediately after splitting. Some people say that if Bitcoin is priced in millions of Satoshi or Satoshi, it is definitely not the current market value. WSB Some time ago, the WSB-WallStreetBets incident caused a stir in the financial circle. Retail investors collectively pushed the $18 game retailer stock GME to $483, exploding a large number of positions of a bunch of short-selling institutions on Wall Street. If you have friends who don't know about this incident, I suggest you go and find information to have a look, it's quite exciting. The birthplace of WSB is the Reddit community, and DOGE is Reddit's "official" designated tipping currency. DOGE is born with the "grassroots culture" of the Reddit community that is rooted in retail investors and opposes institutional manipulation of the market. Therefore, when the WSB movement spread to the cryptocurrency market, Dogecoin was chosen as the first stop, which has its own internal reasons. Then think of many projects in the circle. Institutions get bargaining chips at low prices, package them up and go online in just a few months or even weeks, and let retail investors take over at high prices. Even some star projects and star capital are not exempt. For example, Fei, which caused many retail investors to lose money some time ago, investment institutions can be said to be dazzling, but the losers will always be retail investors. This is why Fair Launch, proposed at the beginning of YFI's birth, is so popular in the encryption community and adopted by more and more new projects. DOGE may be a relatively Fair Launch in the post-Bit era, and everyone can afford and buy the type of POW. This cultural gene is its unique advantage. Of course, writing about these fundamentals does not require you to buy them. After all, the price is high enough and the risk is high enough. It’s just what that sentence says, don’t short a token in a bull market that you can’t understand why it’s rising. The reason for its rise may be somewhere you can’t see it.


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The financial world is being slapped in the face by Bitcoin and we are being slapped in the face by Dogecoin

I saw a Weibo in the past two days, and I was quite emotional. The content-zce is basically a big V in the scientific research circle who scolded Bitcoin on Weibo.

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