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10 million digital RMB exclusive benefits are here



 On April 10, Luohu District once again expanded the results of the digital renminbi pilot project, created a pilot demonstration zone for digital renminbi applications, and launched the digital renminbi "Spring Gift" activity.

The activity is open to users of the "Digital RMB" App in Shenzhen, with a total discount of 10 million yuan. Individuals in Shenzhen will be issued no more than 50,000 "Digital RMB" Apps per day and a total of no more than 500,000 by lottery Eligibility for use.

BTC breaks above $6,100 in the short term: data from Huobi Global shows that BTC rose in the short term and returned to the $6,100 mark, and is now at $6,160. It turned from a fall to an increase within the day, with an intraday increase of 0.49%. The market fluctuates greatly, please do a good job in risk control . [2020/3/30]

From April 10th to April 23rd (subject to the business hours of the participating merchants on that day), existing "Digital RMB" App users in Shenzhen can participate directly.

News | 1,000 BTC transferred from an unknown wallet to OKEx: According to Whale Alert data, at 23:37 Beijing time, 1,000 BTC was transferred from an unknown wallet to OKEx, worth about $9,592,811. [2019/8/31]

Individuals in Shenzhen who do not have the "Digital RMB" App during the event can apply for the qualification to use the "Digital RMB" App through the "i Luohu" platform, and can participate in the event after winning the lottery.

A bitcoin consumes nearly 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, and the total power consumption has increased by five times in a year: According to the assessment of digiconomist, on May 25, 2018, global bitcoin mining consumed 188 million kWh of electricity, equivalent to an annual electricity consumption of 68.81 billion kilowatt-hours, six times the level of electricity consumption in May 2017 (11.57 billion kilowatt-hours). The total electricity consumption of global Bitcoin mining is equivalent to that of a Czech country, accounting for 0.31% of global electricity consumption. On average, each bitcoin transaction consumes 968 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 32 households in the United States for a day. At present, Bitcoin’s annual carbon emissions are equivalent to 33.85 million tons, with an average of 474 kilograms of carbon dioxide emitted per Bitcoin transaction. Although the power consumption is high and the emissions are high, the global mining revenue is 5.824 billion yuan and the cost is 3.454 billion yuan, which is still a good deal. [2018/5/30]

Who can make an appointment to register? Individuals in Shenzhen who are located within the administrative area of Shenzhen (including the Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone) at the time of appointment registration can participate in the appointment registration with a domestic mobile phone number and a second-generation resident ID card.

From 9:00 on April 10 to 18:00 on April 19, enter the reservation platform to fill in personal information (name, ID number, mobile phone number), select the "personal digital wallet" operator and submit.

There are many ways to make an appointment and registration: through the "i Luohu" WeChat official account, enter the "Interact with Me" module, click on the "Digital RMB" column reservation platform; click on the "i Luohu App", click on the "Digital RMB" column, and enter the event Reservation platform; enter the "Luohu Zone" column through the "i Shenzhen" App, and click "Digital RMB" to enter the event reservation platform.

From April 10th to April 19th, at 18:00 every day, the organizer of the event will draw 50,000 winners from the lottery pool through a "drawing lottery" method, a total of 500,000 people.

From April 12th to April 21st at 10:00 every day, the organizer of the event sent text messages to the 50,000 winners and opened the result query port. Those who did not win the lottery will automatically enter the next round of lottery without SMS notification. Citizens can also log in to the "i Luohu" public account, the "i Luohu" App, and the "Digital RMB Spring Gift" event page of the "i Shenzhen" Luohu area to check the lottery results.

During the event period from April 12th to April 23rd, users of the "Digital RMB" app can go to designated stores in Shenzhen for consumption. Just being courteous, you can enjoy a discount of up to 50 yuan.


Golden trend丨BTC short-term adjustment does not affect the overall direction

According to the news released by the Weibo account Mint Mining, the vice president of Bit Times, due to a large-scale safety accident at the Hutubi Coal Mine.

A review of this article: Which other cryptocurrency companies will be listed after Coinbase

On April 14, Coinbase landed on Nasdaq as it wished, closing at $328 on the first day, 31% higher than the previous reference price of $250. Coinbase is already the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S.

Weekly industry summary: Alibaba Group was fined 18.2 billion yuan, and encrypted payment service providers re-launched XRP

Summary of Hot Spots: 1. Force DAO was hacked, and the project party reorganized internally to make up for the loss.2. The Anhui police cracked a huge online pyramid scheme involving more than 200 million yuan.3. Tuni.

10 million digital RMB exclusive benefits are here

 On April 10, Luohu District once again expanded the results of the digital renminbi pilot project, created a pilot demonstration zone for digital renminbi applications.

Blockchain World Chronicle | Dialogue with RuffChain: How to build a new generation of Internet of Things

How to build the next generation of Internet of Things? What innovations does the blockchain-based RuffChain+DeFi+NFT model bring?At 14:00 on April 20th.

Today's market event: The new USDT in 2021 has exceeded the total issuance of 7 years, and the major platform currencies have collectively risen

Summary of Hot Spots: 1. Federal Reserve Chairman Powell: The Federal Reserve is working hard to study digital currencies.2.

Garry, an early investor in Coinbase: The whole story of the 6000 times return of the review.

The listing of Coinbase has become a milestone event in the industry, and its huge market value has also brought rich returns to early investors.