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The next UNI? The rise of SumSwap will be stronger than UNI



In 2018, Brendan Forster, the co-founder of the decentralized lending protocol Dharma, proposed the concept of DeFi, and DeFi officially entered the stage of history, followed by the Compound protocol creatively proposed a liquidity incentive plan for its governance token COMP; in other DeFi projects The hot concept of liquidity mining was born under the continuous innovation and evolution, but at this time DeFi was not popular, and the market did not show a blowout until the emergence of the automatic liquidity protocol - Uniswap in 2020, which brought The wealth effect brought about a sensational education in the entire DeFi world, and the DeFi boom really started. In the world of DeFi, when we measure the success of an agreement, we often measure it from many aspects such as market influence, visualization standards, and market value ratio. When it comes to successful agreements; there are many representatives in DeFi; such as Uniswap, chainlink,, Compound, etc., they play an important role in leading the development of the entire ecology. Although they seem to be successful, there are many problems exposed behind them. For example, Uniswap is limited in the functional experience of Ethereum ,Compound is limited by smart contract security risks, centralized single point of failure, bank run risks, etc. These are all insecure factors that hinder its own development, and the occasional hacker attacks are also time bombs buried in the DeFi world. At present, there are occasional new decentralized exchanges appearing on the market every day, but most of them just copied the code of Uniswap without any innovation. No innovation means that they will be gradually eliminated by the market. This can be reflected from the data. In the current In the field of DeFi, DEX is still a unique situation; Ark Invest CEO "Ms. Wood": The Fed's interest rate hike cycle may be coming to an end, and Bitcoin will show "new leadership in the next bull market": Golden Finance Report, Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Investment Management and well-known fund manager "Sister Wood", said in the latest webinar that she is not worried that the Fed will keep raising interest rates, explaining: "The Fed will get a strong signal that they It's gone too far, too fast, and we think we're nearing the end of the rate hike cycle." Meanwhile, Cathie Wood said bitcoin has outperformed major stock market indices, with bitcoin down 4.7% over the past three months, The S&P 500 fell 7.8%. But for all of 2022, Bitcoin is down 60%, while the S&P 500 is down 24%, which is a huge gap. But Cathie Wood believes that cryptocurrencies are showing "new leadership in the next bull market" and that this leadership "shows itself at the end of the bear market." (msn) [2022/10/12 10:31:37] It can be seen that the current market value of Uniswap is still firmly ranked first, with a total market value of 15.9 billion US dollars, and a single Uni price is 30.41 US dollars. Uniswap started to be issued, and the initial listing price was US$1. Within seven months of its launch, the price of Uni has increased by 30 times, and its market value has exceeded US$17 billion. Even though there are many problems with Uniswap, its popularity is still undiminished, which proves that The market favors DEX, and Sumswap, as a new generation of DeFi integration and innovation protocol, has taken the responsibility of leading the ecological development of DEX since its birth, and constantly innovated the development model of DEX, which makes its birth full of meaning, so it can be predicted that the future of DEX The competition will be between Uniswap and Sumswap. Justin Sun: In the past few years in the currency circle, the surprise winner will always be the next one: According to news on August 13, today BitZ held the second online series of live broadcast column "Ask Z if you have questions". BitZ officially shared an AMA with Justin Sun, founder of TRON & CEO of Bit Torrent. The theme was the strongest DeFi in the wave field - JUST's comprehensive strategic layout in this round of bull market. Justin Sun said that in the past few years in the currency circle, everyone has already seen through it Now, there is no permanent pattern, and the surprise is always the next one. There will always be new breakers, and there will always be new ways to play. And I believe that the next wave of DeFi opportunities lies in TRON. Because of the DeFi boom in Ethereum, a large number of people have made money through Ethereum DeFi. At the same time, I would like to remind everyone that the value of JST is the core component of TRON DeFi, and will be an important part of the entire TRON ecosystem in the future. [2020/8/13] (1) The rise of Sumswap drives the value of SUM. As we all know, SumSwap is built by a British blockchain company. It is based on the success of Uniswap and Sushiswap; A pioneering decentralized financial product. Most of the founding team members of SumSwap come from financial technology companies such as Wall Street and Silicon Valley. They have an average of 8 years of R&D experience and core team members with more than 5 years of collaborative relationship. They are in cloud computing, SAAS, block Sumswap has rich experience and skills in the fields of chain technology and network security protection. At present, Sumswap has received investment from many international investment banks, and its strength is very strong! Since its launch on March 29, it has received unprecedented attention. Mainstream media, major blockchain newsletters, international online and offline conferences, overseas communities, and Chinese communities are all responding to Sumswap’s launch enthusiasm | Encryption analyst Josh Rager: Bitcoin’s next peak may be around $80,000 : Crypto analyst and trader Josh Rager tweeted that the next Bitcoin peak will not be as high as most people think. A large number of analyzes point out that BTC will reach from 100,000 to 300,000 to 1 million US dollars. The bottom to the top of each market cycle is decreasing, and each cycle is reduced by about 20%. I predict that the next high point will be 75,000 to 75,000 US dollars. $85,000. (BeInCrypto) [2020/1/20] The popularity of Sumswap is inevitable. Its advantages in DEX mechanism, cross-chain, interoperability, DAO, community, etc., coupled with the strength of the strong international operation team behind it, make Sumswap It has attracted the attention of the entire DeFi world since its debut! Learn more about SUM, add WeChat ytf753 With the popularity of Sumswap, SUM, which has not yet officially circulated in the market, has also been greatly sought after. Since the node pre-sale and launch of Sumswap are on the same day, under this double promotion, the The topic of SUM leads to a climax. What are SUMs? How to get SUM? What about the future value of SUM? It is the focus of the current community discussion topic. SUM is the protocol token issued by Sumwap in ERC-20. The total number of issued is 320 million, of which 32 million are used for pre-excavation distribution. The node pre-sale stage was officially launched on March 29. According to the pre-excavation distribution mechanism, only 8 million Sum is used for node pre-sale, and in the node pre-sale, each node will be able to get 20,000 Sum subscription rights, which means that the number of nodes is only 400. Voice | Analyst: BTC will reach 10 in the next cycle $10,000: Golden Finance reported that cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten said in the latest issue of Datadash that the Bitcoin and altcoin markets are just getting started. He believes Bitcoin will reach $100,000 in the next cycle. And as Bitcoin breaks through its previous all-time high of about $20,000, it will gradually enter the mainstream market. Merten said that he believes that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have not yet experienced the biggest cycle. It's important to understand that when it comes to watching Bitcoin, there are many misconceptions. Many people pay attention to the price of Bitcoin, and they think that the price of Bitcoin cannot be higher than it is now. This is a big misconception, because you should never pay attention to price. If the price goes up, that's fine. This means your investment is on the rise. But the problem is, you have to consider the so-called market capitalization. [2020/1/20] On March 29th, Sumswap launched the first round of node pre-sale, and 10 nodes stood out with a 1:50 election ratio. These 10 nodes will be able to obtain the development of the Sumswap project earlier Participation rights, decision-making rights, and income rights, among which the unsuccessful nodes will participate in the next round of node election. After the first six rounds of node elections, the current number of official node seats is less than 400, and the popularity can be seen to be average. After the node pre-sale and member subscription are over, Sumswap will create a SUM/USDT transaction pair and open the transaction. Anyone can add The popularity of liquidity and node pre-sale just proves the market popularity and development potential of Sumswap, which has laid a foundation for the future price increase of Sum! (2) Reasons for being optimistic about the future prospects of SUM Yu Jianing, director of the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: The next stage of blockchain development will become a real infrastructure: Yu Jianing, director of the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, believes that , in the next stage of blockchain development, it will become a real infrastructure. Various systems will be changed to the blockchain, more transactions will be uploaded to the chain, and cross-chains will receive some new interaction mechanisms. There will be some new incentive models, and the compliant ecological chain model can also achieve smooth landing. [2018/4/29] There are many reasons why SUM looks promising in the future, but the following three reasons dominate: (1) Sumswap is a protocol built on Ethereum. First of all, what we need to know is that the popularity of DeFi is Ethereum’s The current DeFi is booming on Ethereum. Although the rise of HEOC and BSC is likely to be divided, the current Ethereum is still the home of DeFi. The number of developers on Ethereum is more than any other platform, and The gap is still widening. Compared with other public chains, Ethereum has better infrastructure and a wider ecological space, more currency pair support, and faster response speed. Sumswap is a DeFi protocol built on Ethereum. By integrating other excellent DeFi protocols, SumSwap aggregates the traffic in the prosperous ecology of each protocol to SumSwap, which amplifies the growth trend of Sumswap. SumSwap can integrate multiple resources to achieve barbaric growth. With this background, the future price of SUM will only rise. (2) Sumswap's special currency staking mechanism Sum is the protocol token of SumSwap, and it is a key link to encourage participants to jointly build the SumSwap ecology. According to the plan, 10% of the total amount of Sum issued, that is, 32 million SUM will be distributed to users through pre-mining, and the remaining 280 million will be gradually released in five stages. The distribution ratio of Sum’s daily release output is used for: 40% token holding pledge, 40% ecological pledge, and 20% liquidity mining, among which token holding pledge is the most distinctive, compared to normal Staking The mechanism will only be calculated according to the weight of the user's currency holdings. The result of such a Staking mechanism is completely out of the essence of fairness and justice, and SumSwap uses a unique jumping ranking weighting algorithm. The design of the jump ranking weighted algorithm can effectively break the barriers of capital monopoly, take into account ordinary users, and fully guarantee the fairness and justice of the gameplay! The innovation in the mechanism has allowed SumSwap to widen the gap with other Dex protocols, attracting many users to stop, which is also a major feature of SumSwap. (3) The early circulation of SUM is limited. Taking UNI as an example, the current price of UNI is 30 US dollars, the total market value of the market is 15.9 billion US dollars, and the total number of UNI issued is 1 billion. All releases will be completed within four years. Then according to their release principles are as follows : 1. 60.00% allocated to Uniswap community members: 600,000,000 UNI2. 21.51% allocated to existing and future team members, released in 4 years: 215,101,000 UNI3. 17.80% allocated to investors, released in 4 years: 178,000,000 UNI4. 0.069 % allocated to project consultants and released in 4 years: 6,899,000 UNI That is to say, in less than a year, the total market value of UNI has not reached 1 billion UNI, and the market value of UNI has reached 15 billion US dollars, with the increase in release and liquidity, the price and market value of UNI will continue to soar.


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The next UNI? The rise of SumSwap will be stronger than UNI

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