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Transforming into an ecological service provider Asproex (Apollo) breaks through the new strategy of the contract track



Looking around at the moment, the emerging track in the DeFi field has attracted a lot of attention from the industry. The total market value of DeFi has reached 97.122 billion US dollars. Not only the data in the subdivided fields such as the total amount of mortgage loans and DEX transaction volume continue to set new records, but the track continues to emerge. The potential projects released have also injected new vitality into the futures contract market.

According to relevant data, the annual trading volume of the digital asset futures market in 2020 reached US$12,314B, and the quarterly trading volume of derivatives in the fourth quarter alone reached US$5,350B, an increase of 98.1% from the third quarter. spot market. The three leading platforms of BHO have all achieved coverage of mainstream asset futures contracts, and have maintained a high degree of attention to popular assets in emerging tracks such as DeFi. The cutting-edge mainstream platforms represented by Asproex (Apollo) are also continuing to make efforts in the contract field, enriching the types of contract assets, and constantly upgrading the functions and service systems of contract products.

WazirX will delist USDC, USDP and TUSD on September 26, 2022: Golden Finance reported that the Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX announced that it has stopped recharging USDC, USDP and TUSD and will not support any new recharges. In order to improve the user's liquidity and capital efficiency, WazirX will automatically convert the user's existing USDC, USDP and TUSD stablecoin balances to BUSD at a ratio of 1:1.

WazirX will: support withdrawal of USDC, USDP and TUSD before 5:00 pm on September 23, 2022; delist USDC, USDP and TUSD spot market pairs at 7:30 am IST on September 26, 2022.

After delisting, the USDC, USDP, and TUSD balances in the user's account will be automatically converted to BUSD. The automatic transition will be completed on or before October 5th. [2022/9/19 7:06:28]

Entering the market with forward contracts, innovation and upgrading are indomitable

The application of futures contracts in the encryption field can be traced back to 2013. The emergence of futures contracts has changed the previous limitation that currency trading can only profit through favorable market conditions. However, due to the threshold of rules and gameplay, it has always been a niche professional tool. With the development of the industry and the market, futures contracts have gradually entered the vision of mainstream players. In 2019, major exchanges began to compete for the contract market. Asproex (Apollo) is one of the early players who entered the forward contract market.

BitMEX to ban Russian citizens from EU-wide access to the exchange on July 11: Jinse Finance reports that BitMEX will reportedly ban Russian citizens and residents from EU-wide on July 11, Watcher.Guru said on social media access the exchange. [2022/7/5 1:52:53]

In January 2020, ASPMEX (Pineapple Contract), an innovative contract platform under the Aspro Digital Group, was officially launched. With the background of offshore bank holdings and the innovative model of taking the lead in deploying forward contracts and USDT margin contracts, it has won wide acclaim from contract enthusiasts. In 2020, with the merger of ASPMEX and Asproex platforms, ASPMEX (Pineapple Contract) will also be fully upgraded to "AsproexPlus".

Different from the early contract market, the contract industry has gradually become a mainstream product in the encryption market, and the requirements for security, experience, and ease of use have become increasingly stringent. Asproex (Apollo) understands that only relying on the fast listing speed and many popular projects is not enough to gain a foothold in the current track. Therefore, the "Apollo Contract" is not a simple name change and merger, but an all-round innovation and upgrade.

Alexandre Arnault, President of Tiffany, replaced his Twitter avatar with a CryptoPunks NFT work: According to news on January 31, Tiffany President Alexandre Arnault replaced his Twitter avatar with a CryptoPunks NFT work.

Note: Alexandre Arnault is the second son of Bernard Arnault, CEO of luxury goods giant LVMH, former co-CEO of high-end suitcase manufacturer RIMOWA, and currently the president of luxury jewelry brand Tiffany. [2022/1/31 9:24:31]

Safety and compliance as the core, convenience and ease of use is the main purpose

As an offshore bank holding licensed trading platform, Asproex (Apollo) attaches great importance to security and compliance. Asproex (Apollo) not only has financial licenses in the Caribbean, MSB in the United States, MSB in Canada, DCE in Australia and MTR in Estonia, a total of compliance licenses in five countries and regions. The prices of contract products are also based on the real-time prices of the industry's TOP3 mainstream platforms, and are calculated through weighted calculations. The data is highly transparent and fair, avoiding the phenomenon of malicious market manipulation and pin insertion, and providing investors with a safe and reliable trading environment. .

OpenSea website traffic has entered the top 500 in the world: According to the news on October 8, according to Alexa data, OpenSea website traffic has entered the top 500 in the world, and it is now No. 424. 90 days ago, OpenSea ranked 1321 globally. On average, each user browses for about 19 minutes per day and visits 14.4 pages. The United States is the largest source of its visits, accounting for 44% of the total visits. [2021/10/9 5:48:35]

On the evening of March 13, 2021, the quotation of Bitcoin on Huobi broke through 60,000 US dollars, reaching a peak of 61,800 US dollars, a record high. Even if you only look at the purchase of Bitcoin at the beginning of this year, the return on investment was as high as 106.83%. The need to bear the same high risk. According to relevant data, within 24 hours after Bitcoin broke through to a new high, a total of 98,206 people liquidated their positions, and the liquidation amount was as high as 773 million US dollars (about 5.014 billion yuan). The astonishing data made investors love and hate.

The continuous rise of the market has attracted a large number of traditional users to enter the encryption market. The stock market in the past is transforming into an incremental market, and the number of "new players" in the industry is increasing. Compared with old users with many years of experience in the currency circle, novice players do not have enough understanding of industry rules or product systems, and it is easy to make blind investments, especially in the slightly complicated futures contract market.

In order to allow more investors to easily enjoy the fun of contract trading, the Asproex (Apollo) contract section not only greatly simplifies the process and interface, strengthens the ease of use and convenience of the contract, but also introduces the one-click copy function , contract liquidation insurance and other innovative functions. Through one-click copying, users can intuitively see the operation strategies of senior traders. Traders are professional investors carefully selected by the Asproex (Apollo) platform. Their previous strategy income and transaction data frequency are open and transparent. Users can choose their favorite trader at any time, view his transaction data, and learn from him at a close distance Professional contract strategy, build and upgrade your own investment plan in actual combat. The contract liquidation insurance can double the amount of liquidation for the insured users, effectively reducing the cost of contract learning, allowing investors to try boldly with confidence and fully experience the pleasure of contract trading.

Not only the preacher of the contract world, but also the server of the digital ecology

In addition to the excellent product and service system, Asproex (Apollo) has also set up generous rebates and incentives. Every newly registered user can directly receive a 100U bonus from the Asproex (Apollo) platform and invite friends Corresponding rebate benefits will also be obtained. The more friends who are invited to complete the registration, the rewards will be richer. Even if only 1 friend completes the registration, the reward will be obtained.

For Asproex (Apollo), the contract is not an independent product, but one of the cores of the ecosystem, which is closely connected with all links in the platform ecosystem.

In addition to the normal transaction income, users can also enjoy the additional output brought about by transaction mining, and obtain a corresponding amount of Moon [the ecological pass of the Asproex (Apollo) platform] according to the transaction volume and frequency, which not only provides platform currency Diversified application scenarios, empowering value potential, can also help investors better participate in the growth of the Asproex (Apollo) platform, change the predicament of conflicts of interest between investors and the platform in the past, and share the dividends of platform development .

With the development of the digital economy, the connection between the traditional market and the encrypted market will become closer, and both the industrial structure and market composition will usher in earth-shaking changes. The "professional and complex" barriers will be gradually broken, and the exchange will inevitably transform from a pure platform to an ecological service provider. It is foreseeable that there will be more and more game-breakers like Asproex (Apollo). Although Asproex (Apollo) provides many guarantees, investors should not ignore the importance of rational investment. Learning and formulating their own investment strategies is the correct posture to enjoy the wave of the digital age.


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Transforming into an ecological service provider Asproex (Apollo) breaks through the new strategy of the contract track

Looking around at the moment, the emerging track in the DeFi field has attracted a lot of attention from the industry. The total market value of DeFi has reached 97.122 billion US dollars. Not only the data in the sub.

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