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The Changsha DEFI Consensus Conference ended successfully



DeFi is one of the fastest-growing fields in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, creating a better financial environment. DeFi creates a fair participation environment for everyone, opening a huge window of opportunity.

Consensus, let us get together. Even if it is rainy today, it can't stop the enthusiasm of DeFi consensus. Hundreds of community consensus members gathered together today to discuss the infinite possibilities of DeFi's future and witness the accumulation of decentralized global consensus power.

News | Changsha City promotes the development of the "four new" economy, and will create seven application scenarios such as blockchain: Jinse Finance reported that a few days ago, the General Office of the Changsha Municipal Government issued "Opinions on Further Promoting the Development of the "Four New" Economy". The "Opinions" clearly stated that Changsha should focus on the "five new economic forms" of digital economy, smart economy, green economy, creative economy, and sharing economy, and strengthen the new generation of artificial intelligence technology, new energy technology, functional material technology, information terminal technology, and biological genes. Technology and video technology "six major technological breakthroughs", and create "seven application scenarios" of intelligent networked vehicles, industrial Internet, smart city, smart medical care, mobile payment, sharing economy, and blockchain. [2019/11/8]

On April 16, the "DeFi Consensus Conference" was successfully held at the Howard Johnson Brilliance Hotel in Changsha. The event was hosted by NDEX and co-organized by Jinse Finance. This time, JD Labs’ American director Zhen Zhen, the head of Republic China, AOFEX’s business vice president Vivian, Node Consulting CEO  Jinse Finance’s partner Tong Yang, and Quest Capital’s partner were invited. Lu Suo, Ji Guang, the technical director of the Zhichuangyu blockchain security research team, Xie Shengqiang, the founder of the Heart Times community, and many community representatives at home and abroad discussed, shared and exchanged ideas, started a new journey of DeFi, and explored the infinite possibilities of DeFi.

Voice | Deputy Secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee in Hunan: Accelerate the cultivation and introduction of talents to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry: Golden Finance Report, November 1, Hu Zhongxiong, Deputy Secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee, Mayor, and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hunan Xiangjiang New Area presided over The mayor's office meeting was held to study the development of the city's logistics industry, blockchain technology and applications, and the development of the financial industry. The meeting researched the city's blockchain technology and application work. Hu Zhongxiong affirmed that Changsha's blockchain technology and application work has achieved remarkable results. He asked to take advantage of the great opportunity that the central government attaches great importance to and supports the development of blockchain, seize the trendy period, and occupy the commanding heights. To strengthen the development platform, focus on the two parks, activate the role of the collaborative innovation platform, and strengthen platform support. To highlight the characteristics of Changsha, focus on the Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Park and Yuelu Inspection and Testing Park, strengthen the construction of the standard system, and create a number of standard systems that have a leading position in the country. It is necessary to liberalize the application scenarios and focus on promoting demonstration applications in the fields of community party building, e-government, credit investigation, inspection, testing and certification. It is necessary to speed up the cultivation and introduction of talents, strengthen risk prevention and control, and ensure the healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry. [2019/11/2]

News | Huada Genomics announced the application of blockchain in Changsha Maternal and Child Health Data Platform: According to news from Sina Science and Technology, Huada Genomics recently announced that it will cooperate with Changsha Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and Changsha Maternal and Child Health Hospital, relying on the development of pregnant women in Changsha. The non-invasive prenatal screening people's livelihood project applies blockchain technology to the Changsha Maternal and Child Health Data Platform to help establish a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system from genetic screening to diagnosis, break through the data islands among medical institutions at all levels, and support the health plan at the same time The committee conducts real-time, coordinated and transparent supervision of the whole process of the people's livelihood projects of genetic screening. [2018/11/24]

After the opening of the conference, the first roundtable forum session was held. The roundtable forum was hosted by  Xie Shengqiang, the initiator of Xindai Community. Consulting CEO Tong Yang, a partner of Jinse Finance, Lu Suo, a partner of Quest Capital, and Ji Guang, the technical director of Zhizhi Chuangyu’s blockchain security research team, and other guests discussed the topic of “DeFi’s ultimate value and geometry”.

Voice | Changsha City Federation of Industry and Commerce Chairman Peng Jiqiu: Blockchain Industrial Park explores a new industrial model of "blockchain +": Recently, Peng Jiqiu, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, vice chairman of the Changsha CPPCC, and chairman of the City Federation of Industry and Commerce, and his team investigated the Xingsha blockchain Industrial Park. At the subsequent symposium, Peng Jiqiu pointed out that the park should strengthen top-level design, scientific planning, explore the new "blockchain +" industrial model, integrate blockchain cultural elements to build a blockchain innovation experience center, and create blockchain features small town etc. He said that the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce will actively promote and support the construction of the Xingsha Blockchain Industrial Park, and fully promote the development of the industrial park. [2018/8/22]

Tong Yang: First of all, we have to think about the relationship between defi and cefi. Traditional finance has a centralized institution as a trust endorsement. However, many people in many developing countries do not have bank accounts due to various reasons, which prevents many people from participating in traditional finance; Defi solves the trust problem in the blockchain, allowing everyone to participate in the blockchain. Defi is to complement what cefi cannot do, and defi and cefi will coexist in the future. The development of DeFi has brought about a more transparent, more efficient, more risk-controllable, and fairer financial model. It also means that many groups who cannot use traditional financial services can obtain services through technical means. Defi is like replicating a complete financial system on the blockchain. Compared with traditional finance, what is not presented are future opportunities. I personally look forward to two things about DeFi: 1. High awareness of security audits: let more people know the importance of security audits, 2. Education: let more people understand and join in.

Vivian: From the perspective of decentralized exchanges, there are currently poor user experience and user education problems. In the future, defi will be a very large market, and defi and cefi will coexist in the future. It is very important for the security audit of the project. We need to understand the underlying logic of the project in order to better understand the principle of the trend. Fund security issues often appear in the digital currency market, and the loss of funds needs to be borne by users. In decentralization, it is more of a technical challenge. There is still a lot of space for defi, and there is a lot of development in the field of derivatives.

True: DeFi brings fair changes to finance and enhances investment access. Regulatory issues Some regions adopt a sandbox pilot model. Innovation needs to solve the problem of over-collateralization, credit concept issues, and asset securitization (putting assets with low liquidity or high stability as collateral on DeFi). In the future, we hope to circulate freely and change the rules of wealth distribution.

Luso: At present, defi is in its early stage, and its value has not been reflected. Defi solves the efficiency problem in society, especially plays a very important role in cross-border settlement issues. After defi broke out last year, the current development is relatively healthy and benign.

Regarding innovation and breakthroughs, I think that in the traditional market, those that have not yet appeared on dex are all points of defi innovation. To break through user awareness and volume, and add new market traffic entrances, defi has many derivatives to innovate, bringing defi unlimited possibilities.

Jiguang: DeFi is a "fair, transparent, and license-free" financial activity. Currently, DeFi faces three challenges: on-chain transaction fees (transaction fees, high gas fees, etc.), depth issues (affecting large-scale commercial use and need to be resolved urgently) issues), security issues, etc. DeFi can also make breakthroughs in three aspects: users (to allow more users to participate and accept), developers (to strengthen the operability and improve the integrity of documents), and the underlying public chain provider (to build the underlying infrastructure to solve the problem of gas) fee, tps and other processing speed and other issues).

The next link is a number of community representatives to speak and share. They all said that the blockchain is borderless, and in the future, cex and dex will coexist and complement each other.

The short and substantial "DeFi Consensus Conference" was successfully concluded. After sharing at this conference, we have seen the infinite possibilities of the blockchain, and look forward to meeting you again in the vast blockchain world. Meet unexpectedly, accompany and cherish each other, and see you next time.


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The Changsha DEFI Consensus Conference ended successfully

DeFi is one of the fastest-growing fields in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, creating a better financial environment. DeFi creates a fair participation environment for everyone.

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