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Introduction to the popular NFT project DeCEX project



NFT ecology on the BSC network

The new-generation public chain represented by Binance Smart Chain has attracted more and more NFT projects to enter Binance Smart Chain because of its better compatibility, high efficiency and low cost, and top-tier support like Binance. As an NFT ecological project, DeCEX therefore also chooses to develop and deploy smart contracts based on BSC.

DeCEX brings DeFi and NFT together in a unique way

DeCEX is based on the BEP20 protocol developed by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for NFT collection and circulation. It is the first to integrate DEFI + NFT (including NFT games, NFT exchanges and NFT auctions) into one ecosystem. DeCEX integrates several types of operating mechanisms popular in the existing crypto market. It is mainly applicable to liquid pool pool locking, token pledge mining, liquidity mining, NFT pledge mining and NFT auction system. Users can enjoy various NFT entertainment and benefits through DeCEX.

Ouyi OKEx popular currency broadcast: INT continues to rise, with an intraday increase of 47.82%: According to Ouyi OKEx platform data, today’s market has generally risen, BTC has risen sharply today, with an intraday increase of 5.56%, and is now fluctuating at 40,000 USDT;

According to the Ouyi OKEx market, in the Ouyi OKEx daily increase list, the top three currencies are: INT, CONV, DORA; the largest increase in the Polkadot ecological category is DORA; the largest increase in the NFT ecological category is ENJ;

As of 15:30 on May 26, the prices of popular currencies are as follows: [2021/5/26 22:46:04]

Exquisite NFT

DeCEX's NFT art collection is designed by Zemm, a well-known virtual art designer in the United States. He is also the person in charge of gift art design for YFI's uncle. In the genesis card, the image of DeCEX intersects with the image of two fairies holding water bottles. The ocean has always been considered a place full of vitality, which is a metaphor for the tenacious vitality of DeCEX when the project was launched. In addition to the Genesis Card, DeCEX will also launch the Character Series and Athlete Series (the original NFT is 3D dynamic).

Ouyi OKEx popular currency broadcast: SWFTC has risen, with an intraday increase of 29.61%: According to the data of Ouyi OKEx platform, the market has collectively risen today, BTC has risen slightly, and is now stable above 60,000 USDT;

According to Ouyi OKEx market, in the Ouyi OKEx intraday increase list, the top three currencies are: SWFTC, PPT, TAI; Polkadot ecological category has the largest increase is DOT; NFT ecological category has the largest increase is MANA;

As of 15:00 on April 12, the prices of popular currencies are as follows: [2021/4/12 20:10:15]

Rich mining pool design

DeCEX has designed a variety of mining pools for investors. These include liquidity mining (pledge DCX LPv2 to earn DCX, mining pool supply 100,000DCX), stake DCX to mine DCX (mine pool supply 20,000DCX), liquidity mining NFT (pledge DCX LPv2 to earn Diamond points to exchange for NFT), DCX mining NFT (Stake DCX to earn Ruby points to exchange for NFT) and NFT mining (stake NFT to mine DCX, the mining pool supplies about 80,000 DCX), etc. Users can choose to pledge different assets to obtain different types of returns, which not only broadens the usage scenarios of tokens, enriches the project gameplay, but also builds a complete ecological cycle for tokens and NFTs.

AOFEX will launch popular DeFi concept currencies SNX, TRB, BAL, SRM, RSR, AKRO on August 19: According to official news, AOFEX will officially launch SNX, TRB, BAL, SRM at 11:00 on August 19 , RSR, AKRO and opened deposits, and officially opened SNX/AQ, TRB/AQ, BAL/AQ, SRM/AQ, RSR/AQ, AKRO/AQ trading pairs at 14:00.

The 6 currencies launched this time are all popular projects based on the concept of DeFi. DeFi refers to the decentralized financial business with digital currency as the main body. AOFEX has launched many popular and high-quality DeFi currencies, and continues to investigate more projects.

AOFEX is a digital currency financial derivatives exchange, which aims to provide users with high-quality services and asset security. [2020/8/19]

The hottest focus in the blockchain field in 2020 is undoubtedly DeFi (decentralized finance). Many people speculate who will be the next star to lead the new wave after the DeFi boom. At present, NFT (non-fungible token) is likely to be the most promising candidate. Those who know something about NFT should know that the number of NFT collectors has continued to increase recently, corresponding to the increase in the overall value of the sector. Some NFT products have recently shown great value in the public auction market, and the selling price of a single NFT has exceeded $100,000.

Hotcoin Global will officially launch Defi transactions, and a number of popular Defi projects will be launched intensively: According to official news, Hotcoin Global will fully launch a number of popular Defi projects in the near future. At the same time, Hotcoin Global will increase the layout of Defi and introduce For more high-quality DeFi projects, a Defi trading zone will be established to provide all-round trading support for them.

Hotcoin Global was established in 2017 and is headquartered in Sydney. It now holds multi-national financial licenses and its business scope covers the world. It has more than 1 million registered users and 100,000 daily active-zce users. , supports multi-currency spot, contract, ETF, leverage and other transactions. [2020/8/14]

The outbreak of the NFT track has put forward new ideas for the development direction of the next generation of DeFi. Is it possible to combine the two major blockchain technologies of NFT and DeFi to create a broader blockchain world?

The founder of DeCEX believes that the innovative combination of the two technologies will become the future direction of the blockchain, and formed a project team based on this idea. The main members of the team are from world-class universities, such as: Stanford University, Monash University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Deakin University, etc. For detailed information about team members, you can log in to the official website ( and click on the LinkedIn link to inquire. The project team has now completed the development, deployment and auditing of smart contracts.

DeCEX has also been initially recognized by the media and big V. Now, many media and YouTube big V have reported on the project, for example:

Crypto Adventure (

Crypto Press (

Youtube big V interprets and analyzes the project

Twitter big V promotion and forwarding

DeCEX - a beacon for the NFT community

Today, the NFT market is booming, but these rare blockchain-verifiable tokens are just getting started. As the field of decentralized gaming and digital art grows, you will likely see more of these tokens. Under this trend, DeCEX is committed to expanding the NFT collection mechanism and developing many gameplays. At the same time, it creates a stable protocol by practicing the DeFi theory to realize the dual circulation of the main token and NFT. In the later stage, well-known artists from all over the world will be hired to bring investors the artistic enjoyment of combining virtual and reality, thus opening up a new channel for the perfect integration of NFT and DeFi.

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Introduction to the popular NFT project DeCEX project

NFT ecology on the BSC networkThe new-generation public chain represented by Binance Smart Chain has attracted more and more NFT projects to enter Binance Smart Chain because of its better compatibility.

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