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NFT+Defi: Innovative exploration of digital art financialization



With the recent lower and lower mining income, the mining threshold is high, the mining boom is gradually subsiding, and the community’s discussion on mining is gradually becoming weaker. The market and the media have turned their attention from mining to NFT , Newly issued NFT projects have sprung up like mushrooms, and they have a strong momentum to detonate the next wave of encryption.

Financialization of art assets in the form of NFT+Defi

The concept of financialization of art assets was not first initiated by encrypted art. Deutsche Bank, Citibank, and Bank of America and other financial giants had issued artwork financing credits as early as ten years ago. The art finance departments of these private banks Will cooperate with institutions such as Athena Art Finance Corp, Arttemis, etc., based on professional art connoisseurs (usually researchers who have done decades of research in museums or auction houses) for the appearance (preservation degree), preciousness and integrity of works (For example, whether a series is complete) the evaluation makes a corresponding price judgment, so that the artwork is used as collateral to unlock a certain amount of liquidity.

The US consumer watchdog organization issued a warning to 17 celebrities for issues involving the promotion of NFT: Golden Finance reported that the US consumer watchdog organization \"Truth in Advertising" has issued a warning to 17 celebrities for issues involving the promotion of NFT. The list includes Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton and Tom Brady, among others. Ahead of the possibility of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) stepping in to promote NFTs, the watchdog group proactively warned celebrities for not disclosing their ties to specific NFT projects when promoting or endorsing them. This violates FTC guidelines. [2022/8/15 12:26:59]

On the basis of traditional concepts, the encryption market integrates the popular DeFi gameplay of last year. Many NFT projects that have emerged this year are adding DeFi native concepts such as liquidity mining. For example: Rarible started to use RARI governance tokens, rewards on the platform Users who create, buy, and sell NFT can get 50% of the allocation every week. Buyers and sellers can also get airdrops from the project side by maintaining active-zce trading on the platform.

NBA superstar O'Neal will release the Shaq Gives Back series NFT today: On December 23, NBA superstar O'Neal will release the Shaq Gives Back series NFT today. All proceeds from this Shaq Gives Back NFT sale will go to the Shaquille O'Neal Foundation. In addition to the annual Shaq-a-Claus event providing tens of thousands of toys, clothing and meals to underprivileged youth across the country, the foundation works to instill hope and bring about change in communities, working together to shape a better future for teens . In addition, NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal has changed his Twitter account to "SHAQ.ETH". [2021/12/23 7:58:35]

The avatar-like NFT project Sad Frogs District was removed from OpenSea due to alleged infringement: The avatar-like NFT project Sad Frogs District has been removed from OpenSea. OpenSea stated that it received a request from Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe the frog. Sad Frogs District is using the frog image created by Matt Furie without his permission. (Cointelegraph) [2021/8/18 22:21:54]

Opensea, the largest NFT trading platform at present, is astonishingly popular. According to Dune Analytics data, the total transaction volume of the Opensea platform in February has reached 95 million US dollars since 2021, which is about 11.8 times the total transaction volume in January. On January 1, it broke through 147 million US dollars in one fell swoop, setting a record high.

American skateboard superstar will launch NFT collectibles: Jinse Finance reported that American skateboard superstar Tony Hawk will release NFT encrypted collectibles through the platform Ethernity Chain. This NFT is based on a video of Hawk performing a 540-degree jump trick with a board on a halfpipe. [2021/3/19 18:59:07]

The emergence of NFT has opened the door to "shopping" in the virtual world. All works and products in virtual form can be confirmed and traded quickly through the tokens behind them. Like the well-known encryption artist beeple we are familiar with, he draws every day A digital painting ended up selling for $69 million. In a world without NFT, many painters can only make paintings as a hobby, but now they can be sold on the chain, as long as someone is willing to give these paintings a price.

The emergence of NFT has opened up a new pattern in the art trading market

The ultra-high transaction amount and exposure rate quickly sent NFT to the forefront of the encryption wave. It bloomed instantly in the blockchain market where only digital currency was shining alone. Under the brilliance of capital, collectors, investors and speculators Those who entered the game one after another. In the NFT market, the most discussed is the staggeringly high price and the question of "is this an investment trend or a speculative trick".

However, no matter how high the doubts are, it has not affected the thriving NFT art market. NFT collectors are shaking existing art collectors in a striking way, and their confidence lies in the fact that the infrastructure in the NFT field will continue to enrich in the future. At present, traditional game props, artwork, real estate, knowledge Mapping property rights to the NFT network is the most direct way to detonate its market. NFT applications should go on the road of connecting real IP and solving real real economic problems, providing liquidity for real assets. In short: NFT brings The liquidity premium is the core that supports its value as an "asset".

As Hyperion CEO Luo Kai mentioned in the article "Thoughts on Bitcoin's Current Bull Market": With the next wave of DeFi and NFT entering the application field. The development of the blockchain needs to complete the combination of the physical world from the digital world, and it needs to move from time tracing to space confirmation. That is to say, a low-level application system was born, and the application data entry is completed with mobile devices. Hyperion is also closely exploring the application scenarios of Defi+NFT based on trusted locations, aiming to introduce a more hierarchical application structure for the ecology, satisfying Market user needs.

It is believed that innovative tools such as NFT loan mortgage products and NFT exchanges will continue to emerge. Whether it is art collections, real estate, or intellectual property rights, more and more people will no longer worry that the NFT products purchased at high prices cannot be sold. They are just taking the lead in the future.

As Estavi, the winning bidder for Jack Dorsey's first tweet, put it: "It's not just a tweet! I think in a few years people will realize the true value of this tweet, just like Mon Narissa's painting is the same."


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NFT+Defi: Innovative exploration of digital art financialization

With the recent lower and lower mining income, the mining threshold is high, the mining boom is gradually subsiding.

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