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Risk warning Fake apps are stealing money in the currency circle.



Another Bitcoin holder has been scammed by a fake app. Recently, the "Washington Post" reported that iPhone user Phillipe Christodoulou (Phillipe Christodoulou) was stolen from BTC worth 600,000 U.S. dollars because he downloaded a fake Trezor wallet app in the Apple App Store. In December last year, an American user claimed to have lost a total of $14,000 in ETH and BTC due to fake TrezorApp. Trezor is a hardware wallet for storing encrypted assets, and the official mobile client has never been released. However, from December last year to February this year, a counterfeit app linked to the official website of Trezor wallet appeared in the app stores of Google and Apple. Although it has been reported many times by wallet officials and users, and has been deleted by the app store, it will always appear again soon. Data from Sensor Tower, a mobile application analysis company, shows that Trezor's fake app was available on the Apple App Store (App Store) from at least January 22 to February 3, and has been downloaded about 1,000 times; It has been downloaded about 1000 times. In fact, not only encrypted asset wallets have been counterfeited. Honeycomb Finance found that there are also counterfeit "Li Gui" in the apps of Ouyi OKEx, Binance and other trading platforms, and Apple and Android phones are not immune. According to reports, some time ago, the social app Clubhouse, which was popular on the Internet, also had an Android version imitation, and a Trojan horse virus was implanted in the app to steal user data. One of the evil targets is the users of the encrypted asset exchange. MXC Matcha: The risky Bitcoin address has been added to the blacklist, and the risky currency withdrawal is blocked: In the early morning of July 16, the Twitter accounts of many celebrities were suspected of being hacked, and they posted content-zce related to Bitcoin transfers. The relevant person in charge of MXC Matcha stated on the 16th that in order to protect the security of user assets, MXC Matcha immediately added the relevant address to the blacklist, and at the same time prevented users from withdrawing coins to the address at risk. [2020/7/16] The hardware wallet fake app stole user BTC "Washington Post" reported that last month, Philip Cristodouro wanted to check his bitcoin balance, so he checked his bitcoin balance in the App Store (App) on his iPhone. Store) and search-zce for "Trezor," the brand of hardware wallet he uses to store cryptocurrencies. Cristo Drew downloaded it and entered his key. As a result, in less than a second, his 17.1 BTC disappeared, which was all his savings, worth $600,000. Christodoro encountered a fake Trezor App, because the hardware wallet Trezor has never officially launched a mobile client. What confuses him is not only the fake app with a link to the official wallet website, but also the Apple App Store. The app has nearly 5 star reviews on the store. The Trezor app had 155 reviews on the App Store before it was pulled, according to analytics firm App Figures. When Christopher opened the written comments, he saw complaints from other cheaters. He believes that the app's five-star rating must be fake. Dynamics | Chongqing City issued a risk warning on preventing illegal fundraising in the name of the blockchain: Recently, the Office of the Leading Group for the Special Rectification of Internet Financial Risks in Chongqing and the Office of the Leading Group for Combating Illegal Activities in Chongqing jointly issued a risk reminder. Recently, "virtual currency "The hype is showing signs of rising. Some criminals took the opportunity to hype the concept of blockchain, illegally absorbing public funds in the name of so-called "virtual currency", "blockchain mall" and "blockchain game", infringing on public rights and interests. It is hoped that investors will increase their risk awareness, remain vigilant against illegal financial activities, report relevant illegal and criminal clues in a timely manner, and beware of being deceived. (Chongqing Business Daily) [2019/12/25] Compared with the thief, he is more angry with Apple, "Apple's app store is known as a safe and reliable place, and every app should be reviewed before entering the store. ...they betrayed my trust in them.” In fact, a similar situation happened to American user James Fitts last December. In December, he bought about $14,000 worth of ETH and BTC from exchanges after seeing the price of crypto assets rise. In order to ensure the security of his assets, he bought a Trezor Model T hardware wallet and downloaded an app called Trezor on his iPhone. The app asked him to provide his mnemonic phrase, but after he submitted it, the app was not connected to his hardware wallet, and he thought the app could not be used. It wasn't until a few weeks later that Fitz realized the seriousness of the problem. After buying more ETH, he opened his Trezor wallet and found nothing. He went to the Trezor support forum on Reddit for answers, and when one poster told him there was no Trezor app, "my heart skipped a beat." He realized he had been duped, and like Christopher Doru, He believes that the Apple App Store, which claims to be safe, should be held accountable for not fulfilling its obligation to strictly review applications. Dynamic | Blockchain concept sector set off another wave of daily limit 3 companies disclosed risk warning announcements: According to a report by People's Daily Online on April 4, after the State Internet Information Office released the first batch of blockchain information service names and filing numbers, nearly a few days have passed. The blockchain sector continued to be hot on the first trading day. Yesterday, the blockchain concept sector set off another daily limit wave, and the blockchain concept index has increased by 11.73% in the past three trading days. However, data from the Dragon and Tiger List shows that institutions have fled with profits, and Annie, Yijian, and Shangying Global have issued risk warnings, saying that the current blockchain business has not had an impact on the company's performance or the company does not involve blockchain business. Fu Lichun, research director of Northeast Securities, reminded that while the concept of blockchain has attracted much attention, attention should also be paid to the risks behind it. Many blockchain-related projects are only under research and have not really been implemented into existing businesses. [2019/4/4] Cristo Drew called Apple's customer support department and a representative said he would transfer the call to a supervisor. But as of the publication of the report by The Washington Post, he had not received a response from Apple. Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis company, reviewed the information provided by the two victims and confirmed that their crypto assets were transferred to a suspicious account. A spokesperson for the company believes that the two thefts appear to be related. A huge scam that can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.” Fake App bypasses app store audits Honeycomb Finance searched domestic and overseas Apple stores and found that Trezor App is no longer listed, but it cannot be guaranteed It will not appear again, because it has been reported and taken off the shelves many times before, but it will appear again after a while. News | TokenInsight issued a risk warning for DLT projects: the progress of project implementation is unclear: Recently, TokenInsight released a risk warning for DLT projects, which allows investors to quickly understand the main risks faced by token projects. Agrello provides users with a platform that connects smart contracts with legal contracts. The services provided by the project include identity authentication, contract creation and contract templates, and third-party APIs. TokenInsight believes that Agrello's team has extensive legal experience, but the technical background is not outstanding. At present, the development progress of the project is delayed compared with the roadmap, and the public information does not show external support such as investors, consultants, and partners. In addition, the project implementation progress is not clear. In summary, TokenInsight released the DLT rating result: CC, with a stable outlook. [2018/11/1] The whistleblowers include defrauded users like Cristo Doro, as well as the official personnel of the Trezor hardware wallet. Trezor is a well-known hardware wallet manufacturer headquartered in the Czech Republic and affiliated to Satoshi Labs. Trezor has not released an official mobile app. According to the companies, the thieves created a fake app that was released on Google's Play Store in December and Apple's App Store in January. This fake application tricked some unsuspecting Trezor users into entering their seed phrase. Voice | TokenInsight released the ARN project risk reminder: the project is extremely difficult to implement: Recently, TokenInsight released the ARN project risk reminder, which allows investors to quickly understand the main risks faced by the token project. Aeron uses blockchain technology to record information between pilots, airlines and network operators to improve aviation safety. TokenInsight believes that the actual solution to the pain points of the project is not obvious, and it is difficult to change the existing market structure; the incentive mechanism has not formed a closed loop, which is not enough for all parties to participate. In addition, there are very few technical details disclosed at present, and it is extremely difficult to implement the project. In summary, TokenInsight released the ARN rating result: CC, with a stable outlook. [2018/10/19] On February 1st, Trezor officially notified Apple that there was a plagiarized app in the app store. On February 3, the App Store removed the app. But it reappeared a few days later and was then removed again, user Kristo Doru said. The Washington Post reported that, according to Apple, the fake Trezor app was "tricked" into the Apple App Store — even though the app was called Trezor and used the logo-zce and colors of the hardware wallet, it Claiming to be an "encryption" app, it can encrypt iPhone files and store passwords. The developer of the fake Trezor app has told Apple's app review team that it "is not involved in any cryptocurrency." As a result, after a while, the Trezor app turned into a cryptocurrency wallet without the knowledge of the App Store review team. Apple's App Store doesn't allow the change, but those involved said they don't know when it happened. The company says it relies on users, customers, to spot and report violations. Google said it was aware of two fake Trezor apps on the Google Play Store and removed them. But the report shows that Google did not say how the Trezor app entered the store, whether it investigated the developer, whether it notified law enforcement, and how many other fraudulent apps were found in the store. disclose. And analytics firm App Figures found eight fake Trezor apps appearing on the Play Store. In the process of repeated deletions and reappearances, this counterfeit app may have deceived many people. Mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower said the Trezor app existed on Apple's App Store and was downloaded almost 1,000 times from at least Jan. 22 to Feb. 3, while it was also downloaded on Android. About 1000 times. In fact, not only the trezor wallet has been faked by perpetrators, but also mainstream trading platforms such as OKEx and Binance have their brands, logos, UI stolen, and fake apps. Case. In February of this year, Li Lei (pseudonym) began to pay attention to BTC after seeing the news that Tesla founder Musk had repeatedly commented on Bitcoin. Since he had never had any trading experience before, he searched for "buy bitcoin" on the Internet, and the search-zce engine pushed an app called "okex client". Li Lei is an Apple mobile phone user, "but I did not download this app in the Apple App Store, but loaded it on the mobile phone through a web link." He told Honeycomb Finance that after installing and registering an account, he was in a Under the guidance of the customer service staff, I purchased USDT worth 1,000 yuan. "The other party guided me to buy a bullish order. I thought it was a bitcoin purchase. As a result, within 10 minutes, my account was reset to zero." " Li Lei later learned from a friend who was speculating in coins that the "okex client" he downloaded was not the official client of OKEx, an encrypted asset trading platform. It also bears the okex trademark, but the columns in the app are completely different. My friend said that I encountered a fake pheasant futures exchange.” At present, due to policy constraints, China’s Apple App Store does not support any encrypted assets Apps on the trading platform are on the shelves, and domestic Android app stores such as Huawei AppGallery and Yongyongbao cannot download the apps of mainstream exchanges. Honeycomb Finance found that there is an app called "OKEx Pedometer" in the Huawei application market. For users in the circle, it will not "hurt money" if they make a mistake. On the other hand, there is a status of trading platforms in App Store. For example, an exchange brand is displayed as a "note application" in the introduction, but after downloading, it is actually an encrypted asset trading application. In the Xiaomi app, there is indeed a pirated version of Ouyi OKEx, including the misappropriation of the trademark, Chinese name, and English name. After downloading, it is indeed a trading platform, but the user interface of the Ouyi OKEx genuine app is completely different. Some downloaders have already commented that it is "fake software, scam software". Domestic mobile application stores have strict control over encrypted asset trading platform apps. Most of them prevent Xiaobai from falling into the trap of fake software by prohibiting them from being put on the shelves. The way to install the App is not limited, of course, it is more dangerous, and it is easier to download to a fake mobile client. Suspicious Apps using the Binance brand are examples of the above-mentioned risks. An Android app that was accessed by Baidu mobile assistant through a browser stole the real Binance logo. If you compare the app avatar carefully, you can find that there is only a difference in color depth. After downloading, the fake app was intercepted by the mobile phone's security assistant and prompted that there was a security risk. If it is installed forcibly, the registration entry can still be provided, and the registered account on the real Binance will not be recognized. This means that if a user installs it forcefully, he will fall into a trap. At present, encrypted asset trading platforms including Ouyi OKEx, Huobi, and Binance have issued security risk warnings on anti-phishing, anti-fake customer service, and anti-fake official websites in their official channels. In the current bull market, the wide-area nature of the Internet may cause novice users who are not familiar with encrypted asset transactions to encounter "Li Gui" and be tricked and stolen. They bought encrypted assets with real money.


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Risk warning Fake apps are stealing money in the currency circle.

Another Bitcoin holder has been scammed by a fake app. Recently, the "Washington Post" reported that iPhone user Phillipe Christodoulou (Phillipe Christodoulou) was stolen from BTC worth 600.

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