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4.14 morning market: Bitcoin and US stocks both rose, creating a good atmosphere for the listing of Coinbase



According to OKEx data, the current BTC/USDT spot price is $63,303, a 24-hour increase of 4.4%.

After Bitcoin broke through a new high yesterday, the price continued to extend upwards, and finally broke through 63,000 US dollars. This morning, it reached above 63,800 US dollars. It was an impeccable big positive line from the breakthrough to the close yesterday, which is equivalent to opening a new rise Space, there may be occasional short-term pullbacks at present, but from the general direction, it has reached the stage where there is still a top. There is also good news that the U.S. stock market hit a new high last night, and Tesla’s stock price also rose. The factors related to coins are getting better. The emergence of such a situation in the past two days undoubtedly created the best environment, that is, the environment for the listing of Coinbase tonight.

Hobbit Exchange completed today’s HBC repurchase at a price of 4.1982USDT: According to the official announcement of Hobbit HBTC, under the new token model rules, Hobbit HBTC buys back HBC from the secondary market at a price of 10 times PE every day. Today, the 10 times PE repurchase price is 4.1982USDT, the 5 times PE repurchase price is 2.0991USDT, and the repurchase income is 20,741USDT, of which 10% of the market price repurchase amount is 2,074.1USDT.

HBC is the platform currency of the new token model launched by Hobbit HBTC. HBTC has innovatively launched the 10 times PE pricing repurchase model and the HBTC captain incentive model. In addition, it has opened a DeFi zone and set up a special DeFi fund to help the development of the DeFi ecosystem and promote the deployment and implementation of DeFi on a global scale. [2020/9/9]

The performance of the old mainstream part was also very good yesterday. ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, and even EOS and ETC all showed a sharp increase. Basically, the currencies of other sectors did not dare to act rashly, except for a doge, dogw these two days The increase of more than 40% is roughly due to the intentional increase of Tesla’s surge yesterday. During this period of time, all sectors are like this reincarnation, rising again in turn. All in all, today's market should be warming up for the listing of coinbase at night, and the fluctuation of currency prices will also increase. Bitcoin, mainstream currencies, platform currencies, and even decentralized exchange tokens and the entire DEFI sector will be affected. Pay attention control risk.

News | TRON Foundation’s 33 billion TRX tokens will be unlocked on January 1 next year, accounting for 50% of the total circulation and worth $410 million: As early as December 2017, TRON founder Justin Sun stated on Twitter that the TRON Foundation would Lock up 34 billion TRX tokens. After the launch of the TRON mainnet on July 2, 2018, the TRON Foundation announced that for security reasons, 33,251,807,424 TRX tokens (of which 1 billion tokens have been destroyed, and the remaining locked positions are about 33 billion, or 410 million US dollars) ) are stored in 1000 addresses respectively. According to the announcement, the $410 million worth of tokens will be unlocked on January 1, 2020. According to the announcement released by the TRON Foundation on June 25, 2019, these tokens will be unlocked as scheduled, but when the announcement was released, the TRON Foundation did not have a plan to explain the use of the unlocked tokens. The foundation stated that it will continue to increase its holdings of TRX in the secondary market, to show investors its confidence in the development of the TRON ecosystem. [2019/12/19]

News | DeFi Weekly Report: The locked value of DeFi projects is 940 million US dollars, a decrease of 4.12% in the past week: According to the data on the DeFi special page of Up to now, the total locked funds of 33 DeFi projects have reached 940 million US dollars, Among them, Maker locked 330 million US dollars, accounting for 35.11%, ranking first; EOSREX locked 213 million US dollars, accounting for 22.71%, ranking second; Edgeware locked 120 million US dollars, accounting for 3rd place. 12.85%; Compound, Synthetix, dYdX, Nuo and other DeFi applications accounted for a total of 29.33%. Up to now, the total amount of ETH locked positions has reached 3.58 million, accounting for 3.29% of the total ETH market circulation, and the total amount of EOS locked positions has reached 83.81 million, accounting for 8.06% of the total EOS market circulation. In the past week, overall: 1. Maker lowered the Sai debt limit to 95 million, raised the Dai deposit rate to 4%, and continued to guide users to upgrade multi-collateral Dai; 2. Affected by the congestion of the EOS network, users have a greater demand for withdrawals , The amount of EOS locked in EOSREX dropped sharply by 9.79 million compared to December 01; 3. The overall locked value of DeFi projects decreased by 4.12% from last week. [2019/12/9]

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Author: Block Gold Digger Misty Rain


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4.14 morning market: Bitcoin and US stocks both rose, creating a good atmosphere for the listing of Coinbase

According to OKEx data, the current BTC/USDT spot price is $63,303, a 24-hour increase of 4.4%.After Bitcoin broke through a new high yesterday, the price continued to extend upwards, and finally broke through 63.

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