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Golden Observation | Coinbase will be listed soon, driving multiple indexes in the encryption market to new highs



On April 14th, Coinbase, currently the largest compliant cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, is about to land on the Nasdaq market. Trusted by mainstream investors. Before Coinbase was about to go public, a number of indicators in the encryption market reached new highs, and the upward trend continued unabated.

Coinbase will be officially listed on Nasdaq at 21:30 tonight, but it cannot start trading directly, and the market price will not be officially generated. The time to officially start trading may be any time during the day, or even at It will arrive after 0:00 Beijing time.

According to documents previously disclosed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Coinbase’s total revenue in 2020 is more than double that of 2019, reaching $1.3 billion; over $100 billion. In view of the various performances of Coinbase, the largest compliant cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, industry analysts say that the market value of Coinbase should increase after listing, and then further promote the bull market.

Jinse Finance Market Report丨BTC maintains volatility and local bulls have room to exert force: According to Huobi market, BTC experienced violent market fluctuations at 7:00 a.m. today. Slight shocks, the overall pattern of shocks remain. The daily level narrows the cross star, and the moving average MA30 points upward. There is still room for bulls in the local market, but the pressure above 9800USDT is relatively high. As of 18:30, the specific performance of mainstream currencies is as follows: [2020/6/10]

It is worth noting that Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, issued an open letter. He stated that today, Coinbase is listed on Nasdaq, and ten years of work have brought us here. We have had many ups and downs. Through luck and skill, Coinbase succeeded. Today's listing is a milestone, we are still in the early days of this industry, we will focus on the future, our mission is to increase economic freedom in the world and build the best crypto experience for our community.

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of April 26: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: DC/EP pilot, Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, USDT, Alipay, XTZ

1. Chengdu is expected to announce the DC/EP pilot around May 1st, and the first batch of internal test merchants will gather online and offline integrated consumption.

2. Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee: Actively use blockchain and other technologies to make things more convenient for intellectual property owners.

3. The Shaanxi Development and Reform Commission conducts research on major new infrastructure projects, including blockchain and other technologies.

4. The establishment of the Intellectual Property Judicial Collaboration Center in Xiamen will speed up the use of blockchain and other platforms to build technical investigations and other platforms.

5. In the past week, Tether newly printed 264 million USDT.

6. Alipay uses blockchain to protect copyrights and serves more than 20 million small and medium-sized enterprises.

7. The upper limit of MakerDAODai is increased to 123 million.

8. Data: Tezos is the largest staking network, with more than 94% of XTZ locked.

9. Alibaba promulgated the "Orange Dot Public Welfare List", and blockchain public welfare projects were selected. [2020/4/26]

Marcus Swanepoel, CEO of the encryption platform Luno, believes that the listing of Coinbase will accelerate the legalization of encryption companies, while also showing the size of the encryption industry and its growth rate. Jiang Zhuoer, founder of LeBit Mining Pool, said on Weibo: "The listing of a pure exchange like Coinbase is to give virtual currency trading an official position and regain the trust of mainstream investors."

Jinse Finance Statement: The listing of EXN on Huobi is fake news and no relevant reports have been made: On March 7, in response to the content-zce of "Exchange Neural (EXN) Launching on Huobi Global Station" circulated on the Internet by Jinse Finance, we hereby declare that the content-zce is fake , Jinse Finance has never made any reports on the "EXN" project, and after verification with Huobi officials, "EXN launched on Huobi Global" is fake news. Please pay attention to screening and prevent and control project risks. [2020/3/7]

Song Jiaji, director of Guosheng Securities Blockchain Research Institute and chief analyst of communications, believes that Bitcoin is gradually being recognized by mainstream capital overseas. With the listing of Coinbase, encrypted assets under compliance supervision will accelerate their "out of the circle".

Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx, commented on this, saying that this will bring encrypted assets into the eyes of more people, become a milestone event in the history of encrypted asset development, and at the same time drive an upsurge of listing in the encrypted market.

Analysis| Golden disk: BTC/USD fell below 6000 and the price shock: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: BTC/USD suddenly plummeted in early trading, breaking through the 6000 integer level in an instant, hitting a new low of 5900, and then pulled up by the main bulls, the price shock 7 % or more, the short-term risk will intensify, so it is not recommended to participate. [2018/8/14]

It is worth mentioning that Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange in San Francisco, USA, said that Kraken plans to conduct a public offering in the second half of this year.

The listing of Coinbase has driven the improvement of the overall level of cryptocurrency exchanges, and also ignited the enthusiasm of the encryption market.

According to data, as of April 14, the total market value of global cryptocurrencies has surpassed the market value of Apple (Apple). According to Asset Dash data, Apple's (Apple) market capitalization is now about 2.25 trillion US dollars. Coingecko quotes show that the total global cryptocurrency market capitalization is now about $2.31 trillion.

Bitcoin stood at $64,500/coin, continuing to hit a record high. According to Asset Dash data, the current market value of Bitcoin is 1.1981 trillion US dollars, ranking it up to 6th, surpassing Facebook.

ETH broke through $2,400, a record high, and Ethereum futures open interest reached $8 billion, a record high. According to AssetDash data, the market value of Ethereum reached 273.93 billion US dollars, surpassing Intel in market value, ranking 28th.

At the same time, the blockchain sector of the Hong Kong stock market opened higher across the board. Xiongan Technology rose 6.1%, Huobi Technology rose 5%, and Paineng Group and Meitu rose 4.8%.

Although there are doubts in the market that Coinbase's profits are overly dependent on cryptocurrency market transactions, there is a bubble in the valuation and it still faces greater policy risks. But many crypto people are still optimistic about its future.

Garry Tan, founder of venture capital firm Initialized and an early investor in Coinbase, said the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy. Coinbase is the technology giant of the crypto industry, and just as the personal computer revolution needed Apple and Microsoft, the cryptocurrency revolution needs Coinbase.

According to the Nasdaq website, Coinbase stock COIN has been entered, and users can see the price data changes after Coinbase is officially listed.

Previously, Coinbase decided to distribute 100 shares of stock to each of its approximately 1,700 full-time employees around the world. Based on a reference price of $250 set by Nasdaq, each employee at the company will receive $25,000. The idea is that Coinbase employees who are well-versed in the crypto market may cash out of its stock and convert their proceeds into cryptocurrencies.

It is worth noting that as Coinbase is about to go public, relevant benchmarking products have also attracted attention. FTX's current listing on CBSE will be converted into equivalent Coinbase shares after Coinbase's first public trading day. FTX will convert the balance of CBSE into equivalent COIN. COIN, a new pre-IPO product similar to CBSE, tracks 1/261.3 million of Coinbase's market capitalization.

HELMET ( will soon launch Coinbase stock token (COIN) currency price insurance, providing COIN (BSC) call and put currency price option transactions. HELMET will support COIN’s mapping token in BSC after COIN is listed on Binance , allowing users to hedge risks or arbitrage by providing or trading currency price insurance policies when the currency price fluctuates extremely in the initial stage of COINIPO.


4.Market at noon on 14: Breaking through the previous high, the form is very good

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

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Golden Observation | Coinbase will be listed soon, driving multiple indexes in the encryption market to new highs

On April 14th, Coinbase, currently the largest compliant cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, is about to land on the Nasdaq market. Trusted by mainstream investors. Before Coinbase was about to go public.

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