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The NFT of "Heavenly Warp"—the artist's future or a nightmare?



Guest of this issue: Alex Yang, a top student in the Department of Mathematics of Peking University, a Ph.D. in mathematics of Northwestern University, and the current CEO of VSYS


What exactly are NFTs?


Starting from a few strange phenomena, we entered a bizarre NFT rabbit hole. NBA Topshot star video worth $100,000, jpeg file (ownership) of artist Beeple's work auctioned at Christie for more than $60 million, Nifty Gateway, Decentraland and Sandbox virtual land sales... Endless new ways to play — -In the end what happened?

DeFi trading platform Slingshot raises $15 million: Jinse Finance reports that DeFi trading platform Slingshot has raised $15 million in a round of financing led by Ribbit Capital. Investors in this Series A round of financing also include K5 Global, Shrug Capital, The Chainsmokers, Jason Derulo, Guillaume Pousaz, and Austin Rie, among others. It is reported that Slingshot raised a $3.1 million seed round in October 2020, bringing its total funding to $18.1 million. [2021/12/10 7:29:33]


Luxury fashion group OTB will join Louis Vuitton parent company LVHM's Aura alliance chain as a founding member: On October 15th, Italian luxury fashion group OTB announced that it will join Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) parent company Louis Vuitton as a founding member. The Aura alliance chain developed by LVMH. OTB's luxury brands include Diesel, MaisonMargiela, Marni, JilSander, Amiri, and Viktor&Rolf. (CoinDesk) [2021/10/15 20:32:14]

Is the popularity of NFT due to the "asset shortage" in the cryptocurrency world? More and more liquidity in the virtual currency world, also need to find a place to invest (speculate)?

Security research company: OpenSea has a serious security vulnerability, which may be hacked to steal users' wallets: On October 13th, the security research company Check Point Software discovered that there is a serious security vulnerability in the NFT market OpenSea, which may lead to hackers Steal a user's entire crypto wallet. OpenSea then responded that it had implemented a fix within an hour of discovering the problem and would take other measures to strengthen community safety education. (Engadget) [2021/10/13 20:26:26]


The "NFT phenomenon" - digital artwork NFT non-homogeneous tokens - may be easier to understand by deconstructing the concept: digital collections, non-homogeneous, and tokens.


The "four quadrants" of real and virtual assets: gold/banknotes, houses, bitcoins, and NFTs.


The word "Token" is prone to misunderstanding - it should be more like an exclusive certificate proving "you own it", which cannot be changed, copied, or destroyed. It is also very similar to the "certificate" that proves the purity and authenticity of gold bars in the real world-a gold bar, without this certificate, no one will recognize it and cannot sell it.


Are NFTs a Bubble? Will digital artworks eventually return to "physical objects"?


It is like a blind box in a virtual world, representing a "fan circle consensus", which has almost the same economic logic as blind boxes, fan circles, and fan communities.


Are NFTs an investment opportunity for ordinary people? Is it worth trying?

(This is a picture explaining the connotation of NFT)


Financial Associated Press: Two "mirrors" of the dollar: the euro and cryptocurrencies

The recent movement of the U.S. dollar index has caused market divergence. Since April this year, the U.S. dollar index has turned from up to down: As of April 16, the U.S. dollar index closed at 91.5.

Golden Outpost | JPMorgan Chase and 12 Taiwanese banks test blockchain solutions

JPMorgan Chase announced the launch of a blockchain solution to optimize remittance refunds.On April 12.

4.The market in the early 20th: Bitcoin fluctuates in a wide range, and it will step back at the opening of the day

According to OKEx data, the current BTC/USDT spot price is $54,860, a 24-hour drop of 3.38%. Yesterday, the market rebounded to above US$57,500 at the highest level, and in the evening.

The NFT of "Heavenly Warp"—the artist's future or a nightmare?

Guest of this issue: Alex Yang, a top student in the Department of Mathematics of Peking University, a Ph.D. in mathematics of Northwestern University.

Canada launches its first Ethereum ETF.How will this affect Ethereum?

Canada's Securities Commission (OSC) has approved the world's first Ethereum ETF, and it will launch an Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) on April 20.

The legal aspect of the central bank's digital currency: thinking about the central bank and currency law.

In response to digital ledgers, blockchains and the possible issuance of private virtual currencies (“stablecoins”).

​Madman said: When large institutions buy again, this round of correction will end.

Madman Says For more than 50,000 bitcoins, institutions have no willingness to continue to pour in. Even if it is dropped from 65,000.