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Golden Morning Post | Pilot application of digital RMB in Shanghai community




▌Digital renminbi pilot application in Shanghai community

On the morning of April 17, the Huayuan Community in Central Ring, located in Wanli Street, Putuo District, began to pilot digital RMB applications. Residents in the community can use it to pay property fees, parking fees, and even pay for express delivery at the courier life station set up inside the community. , and there are already 6 individual shops around the community that have registered digital renminbi, and residents can use digital renminbi to buy vegetables in these shops.

▌Banco do Brasil becomes the first state-owned bank to allow clients to invest in encrypted ETFs

According to market sources, Banco do Brasil has become the first state-owned bank to allow clients to invest in encrypted ETFs.


As of press time, according to Huobi global data:

BTC's recent transaction price was US$60,198, with an intraday increase or decrease of -0.12%;

Golden Morning | List of important news overnight on October 27: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: Kenya, Mitsubishi, Tether, MakerDAO

1. The Central Bank of Kenya is exploring a central bank digital currency.

2. Economic Information Daily: Digital currency has become a "weapon" to promote the development of Latin America.

3. An anonymous bitcoin holder transferred 88857 BTC for $3.58.

4. Mitsubishi, MUFG Bank, etc. invest in trade management systems using blockchain.

5. The October contract of CME Bitcoin futures closed at $13,045.

6. The three major U.S. stock indexes all closed down, and blockchain concept stocks generally closed down.

7. Tether issued 150 million USDT to the Ethereum network.

8. Tether: The EURt ERC20 contract will be upgraded without affecting the total supply.

9. MakerDAO launched a vote on adding GUSD and PAXG as collateral assets.

10. Bitcoin fluctuated in a wide range, with a daily low of $12,768.48 and a high of $13,060. [2020/10/27]

The latest transaction price of ETH is 2333 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of -0.41%;

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of February 16: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: USDT, BCH, transaction fees, gas

1. Tether newly issued 157 million USDT in the past seven days.

2. The price correction of Bitcoin yesterday may be related to the well-known giant whale Joe007.

3. Bitcoin ABC plans to implement the infrastructure financing plan, and the miner donation ratio is changed to 5%.

4. The encryption exchange Bittrex transferred nearly 50,000 BTC transaction fees for only $1.51.

5. Ethereum gas usage hits a new high this year. Strong fundamental factors may continue to push up prices.

6. Chainlink cooperates with Offchain Labs and 0x project.

7. Bitcoin over-the-counter activity surges in Chile, with transaction volume hitting $300 million for the first time.

8. A blockchain incubator was set up in Telangana, India to support blockchain start-ups. [2020/2/16]

The recent transaction price of BCH is 1004 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of -3.34%;

Golden Morning News | LedgerX: Bitcoin spot and options trading is open to everyone Futures will be launched soon: 1. The New York Attorney General's Office asked the judge to reject Bitfinex and Tether's request to suspend the lawsuit.

2. LedgerX: Bitcoin spot and options trading is open to everyone, with futures coming soon.

3. The Brazilian Internal Revenue Service requires reporting of all cryptocurrency transactions starting August 1.

4. Tax lawyers: The IRS is considering taxing crypto as an enforcement priority.

5. Li Qiwei: LTC will be halved again in 2023.

6. The Russian Bar Association proposed a cryptocurrency taxation system involving the granting of property rights to token holders.

7. Ripple has completed the release of XRP in August and transferred 1 billion XRP from self-custodial wallets.

8. Payment company Square’s second-quarter bitcoin sales hit $125 million.

9. The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) approved in principle Iconic Funds’ application to launch an encrypted asset index fund.

10. Data shows that 85% of Bitcoin's supply is in circulation, leaving only 3.15 million new coins in the next 120 years. [2019/8/2]

The latest transaction price of BSV is 375.97 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of -3.72%;

Analysis | Golden disk: BCH/USD has rebounded by more than 2% in the past 2 hours: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: BCH/USD has continued to rebound in the past 24 hours, and the form has stepped out of the bottom area, and there is room for further rise. Roger ver said a few days ago that he is personally optimistic about the future trend of BCH. But he also advises investors not to put all their eggs in one basket and to be aware of risks. [2018/8/28]

The most recent transaction price of EOS is $7.81, with an intraday increase and decrease of +0.36%;

The latest transaction price of LTC is 302.21 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of -1.17%;

DOT's recent transaction price was $42.37, with an intraday change of -1.17%.


▌Ethereum client OpenEthereum released v3.2.4 version

According to official news, the Ethereum client OpenEthereum released version v3.2.4, including a fix to correctly broadcast transactions.


▌Coinbase has officially launched Ethereum 2.0 pledge service

According to the official tweet, Coinbase said it has officially launched the Ethereum 2.0 staking service, allowing customers on the waiting list to earn a 6% annual return from their ETH. Earlier news in February, Coinbase opened the waiting list for Ethereum 2.0 pledge rewards.

▌Snowden's first NFT work was successfully auctioned with a turnover of 5.47 million US dollars

According to news on April 17, the first NFT work "Stay Free" of "Prism Gate" discloser Edward Snowden has been auctioned on the Foundation platform. The turnover was successfully auctioned. According to the official description, this NFT work contains landmark court judgments in American history, representing freedom of the press

▌Game giant WeMade intends to acquire Bithumb exchange

WeMade, the gaming company behind the Hot Blood series, has expressed interest in acquiring crypto trading platform Bithumb. WeMade has become a "dark horse" in the competition to acquire Bithumb. An investment bank insider said: "Foreign financial companies trying to acquire Bithumb have withdrawn from the negotiations."

▌Fidelity released the "Understanding Bitcoin" report: Bitcoin is still in the early growth stage and is still bullish

Fidelity Investments released a report called Understanding bitcoin. In this report, Jurrien Timmer, head of global macroeconomics at Fidelity, describes Bitcoin’s growth potential and compares it to other assets. Timmer believes that the price of Bitcoin should grow faster than its network participants. much faster. He pointed out that Bitcoin’s growth curve still appears to be in an early stage of exponential growth and could continue for several years, suggesting that Bitcoin remains bullish. He also admitted: “Bitcoin is a legitimate store of value that is more scarce than gold and demand can grow exponentially.”

▌Coinbase insiders have sold more than $4.6 billion worth of stock

Coinbase insiders sold a total of 12,965,079 shares, according to data from Capital Markets Lab and documents on the Coinbase Investor Relations website. Based on Coinbase’s closing price of $344.38 per share on Friday, that’s worth more than $4.6 billion. Among them, Coinbase Chief Financial Officer Alesia Haas sold all 255,500 shares at a price of $388.73, while CEO Brian Armstrong sold 749,999 shares in three transactions at different prices, totaling approximately $292 million. He also currently holds 300,001 shares. Additionally, the Capital Markets Lab data does not indicate that any directors or insiders purchased additional shares.

Analysis of important economic dynamics

▌Institutional analysis: rising U.S. bond yields push down gold prices

A recent rise in U.S. Treasury yields has pushed gold prices lower, but the trend won't last forever as the Federal Reserve may be forced to intervene. We see a continuation of the rally in U.S. bond yields that began in February. Rising U.S. Treasury yields have gold in trouble. However, real rates are now more volatile than they were when they spiked sharply in February. That could mean that, at least for a while, stocks will lack further momentum.

Golden Encyclopedia

Multi Signature (Multi Signature): Refers to the need for multiple keys to authorize a Bitcoin transaction, which is usually used to define the ownership of Bitcoin. In a traditional Bitcoin account, each address in your Bitcoin address has a corresponding private key, which can be called a "single-signature transaction" because only one signature is required for the transfer - from the private key associated with the Bitcoin address the owner.

Therefore, if an address can only be signed and paid by one private key, the form of expression is 1/1; while the form of multi-signature is m/n, that is to say, a total of n private keys can sign an account, and when m When an address signs, a transaction can be paid for. Therefore, m must be less than or equal to n.


The Art of Price Discovery: When the Bonding Curve Meets NFT

Original Title: "The Art of Price Discovery, Nested Curatorial Markets, When Bonding Curves Meet NFTs" Foreword: In the traditional framework, there are three forces that dominate resource allocation, the market.

Golden Sentinel|PlatON will launch the mainnet pre-deployment on April 25

Jinse Finance learned that on April 21, the privacy AI computing network PlatON officially announced the community acceptance process for its mainnet launch.

Golden Morning Post | Pilot application of digital RMB in Shanghai community

Headline ▌Digital renminbi pilot application in Shanghai communityOn the morning of April 17, the Huayuan Community in Central Ring, located in Wanli Street, Putuo District.

Major market event today: Filecoin received joint investment from ZB capital and ZBG Capital.

Summary of Hot Spots: 1. South Korea will strengthen the monitoring of illegal virtual asset transactions.

Everything can be NFT? The new darling of the currency circle is "out of the circle"

There is a view that the encrypted digital asset trading market is booming, and Bitcoin continues to hit new highs, making the development of the currency circle need a new breakthrough.

The NFT open platform Fangible settled in Heco and simultaneously launched a million-dollar recruitment plan for NFT artists

On April 19, Fangible, an NFT open platform launched by the decentralized auction platform Bounce Finance, announced that it had been successfully deployed to Heco.