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The NFT open platform Fangible settled in Heco and simultaneously launched a million-dollar recruitment plan for NFT artists



On April 19, Fangible, an NFT open platform launched by the decentralized auction platform Bounce Finance, announced that it had been successfully deployed to Heco, and simultaneously launched the "Million Dollar Recruitment Plan for Fangible Artists". Artists from all over the world can publish digital artworks and conduct auctions at very low cost through the Fangible platform, thereby promoting and facilitating the circulation and trading of the artwork industry and breaking the physical space barriers of the traditional art market.

According to the official introduction, Bounce Finance focuses on the blockchain infrastructure in the NFT field, and at the same time combines the current hot liquidity mining, decentralized governance and pledge mechanisms to stimulate more potential of open finance. In March of this year, Bounce Finance just announced that it has received a new round of financing led by Coinbase.

Glance acquires India's Gambit and plans to launch NFT: Jinse Finance reported that Glance, a Google-backed company that has acquired India's Gambit, hopes to enhance its mobile game offerings and launch NFTs to its Generation Z users. InMobi Group co-founder and Glance COO Piyush Shah confirmed the acquisition but declined to disclose the financial terms of the deal. The acquisition will help the Jio Platforms-backed company bring NFT-based incentives to its users to enrich gaming experiences, he said in an interview. (techcrunch) [2022/3/25 14:17:31]

Fangible is committed to simplifying the circulation of artworks, solving the problems of high gas fees and high thresholds based on the Ethereum NFT platform. Artists can quickly create a personal homepage through the Fangible platform, and realize the functions of displaying and trading works.

NFL will cooperate with Ticketmaster to provide NFT collections for Super Bowl LVI ticket holders: According to news on February 4, the Super Bowl LVI to be held in the near future will come with NFT collections with tickets. The NFT collections are provided by the United States. The Major League Baseball (NFL) and Ticketmaster, a ticketing platform, are co-presented. The NFT will be marked with the ticket holder's detailed seat number and other information. (Decrypt) [2022/2/4 9:31:25]

At present, the Fangible V1 version has supported the use of artists and collectors. In the next few weeks, we will further promote the update of the underlying infrastructure according to the needs of artists and users, such as NFT fan collections and exquisite artworks.

The NFT market LooksRare and the official token LOOKS are officially launched: Official news, the NFT market LooksRare and the official token LOOKS are officially launched. Users who trade 3 ETH or more on OpenSea from June 16, 2021 to December 16, 2021 are eligible to receive LOOKS token airdrops. [2022/1/10 8:38:39]

It is reported that Fangible was launched in overseas markets on April 7, 2021, and has attracted a large number of overseas artists to participate since its launch. In order to further discover high-quality domestic artists and promote the exchange and circulation of domestic and foreign artists' works, Fangible decided to enter the Heco chain to gain a deeper understanding of the development of domestic NFT. In addition, Bounce Finance also simultaneously launched the "Fangible Artist Million Dollar Recruitment Plan", providing a total of US$1 million in recruiting funds for artists who bring their personal artwork, collections and communities to the platform.

CryptoSpace Zhang Jiazhen: Three elements are needed for the success of an NFT project: On July 24, the "New Wave·New Opportunity-NFT Practical Class on Deciphering the Wealth of Science, Technology, and Literature Innovation" hosted by Huobi Labs opened in Chengdu. Zhang Jiazhen, chairman and CEO of CryptoSpace, was invited to introduce excellent NFT platforms at home and abroad to the students.

Zhang Jiazhen believes that NFT and IP will experience different forms of complementarity. When IP>NFT, NFT is a brand-new collection method, realization method and transaction method. The key is to have enough good IP and celebrity effect. When NFT>IP, Enough original creativity is needed, and it is a new infrastructure leading to a new world. When NFT=IP, it is a combination of the physical world and the virtual world, and requires enough consensus. At this time, NFT is the development of technology. [2021/7/24 1:12:53]

The underlying network advantage of Heco's high performance and low gas fee makes it possible for Fangible to accept global artists to publish and trade digital artwork at a very low cost, and solves the problems of high gas fee and high threshold based on the Ethereum NFT platform. Heco is a decentralized energy-efficient public chain fully compatible with EVM (Virtual Machine), which provides developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment to run decentralized smart contract applications (DApps) and store digital assets.

The Bounce Finance team said: "We believe that artists will benefit from the extensive links of the Bounce Finance ecosystem in addition to financial investment opportunities. We aim to create a network effect by connecting the artist community to NFT and The DeFi space enables every participant to benefit by displaying their work, including visual art, music, fan-based collectibles and other artistic works and forms."

If you are interested in the "Fangible Artist Million Dollar Recruitment Program" and want to participate in it, you can click here ( to fill in the application form to apply for funds, and the Fangible team will Conduct comprehensive and in-depth evaluations on the dimensions of the product itself, community appeal, collection value, and potential for future cooperation between the two parties.

About Bounce

Bounce focuses on the blockchain infrastructure of NFT, and releases more financial potential by providing powerful links. It was established in Silicon Valley, California, USA in 2017. Bounce supports multiple blockchains, and NFT auctions, the opening and operation of NFT stores, and the issuance and sale of social tokens can be conducted on Bounce. The Bounce ecosystem currently consists of three interrelated parts: Bounce Decentralized, Bounce Pro, and Fangible. At present, the company has offices in San Francisco, USA, Shanghai, Shenzhen, China and Seoul, South Korea.

For more information, visit the official website:, or follow Bounce Finance's official Twitter account: @bounce_finance.

About Heco

Heco is a decentralized high-efficiency and energy-saving public chain. On the basis of supporting high-performance transactions, it realizes the compatibility of smart contracts. Heco's native digital asset is HT, which is compatible with Ethereum EVM (Environment Virtual Machine) and adopts HPoS consensus mechanism.

For more information, visit the official website:, or follow Heco's official Twitter account: @HuobiEcoChain.


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The NFT open platform Fangible settled in Heco and simultaneously launched a million-dollar recruitment plan for NFT artists

On April 19, Fangible, an NFT open platform launched by the decentralized auction platform Bounce Finance, announced that it had been successfully deployed to Heco.

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