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Coinbase executive team sells Dalilang stock? Stop believing rumors



Coinbase's direct listing last week sent waves across the trading space, rivaling some of the biggest tech IPOs ever.

By the end of its first trading day, Coinbase had a fully diluted market capitalization of more than $80 billion, putting it on par with several Wall Street giants including Credit Suisse, Nasdaq and Barclays. Still, the crypto world’s attention was not on Coinbase’s positive metrics, but on how much stock its executives had sold.

In a tweet with thousands of retweets, netizens said that the Coinbase management team had sold most of their shares. But according to Coinbase’s filing with the U.S. SEC, The Block’s data shows that the company’s largest shareholder sold only a small portion of its shares between April 14 and 15.

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So how much stock did the Coinbase executive team sell in the first week of COIN trading?

Coinbase Custody launches Cosmos staking service: Jinse Finance reported that according to Coinbase’s official blog, Coinbase Custody has launched a staking service for Cosmos, and its customers can now earn rewards through staking. [2020/5/21]

First, Coinbase Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brian Armstrong sold less than 2% of his stock. In addition, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Alesia Haas only sold 15% of her holdings after netizens misrepresented that she sold all her shares. Based on COIN’s closing price last Friday (April 16), she still holds nearly $500 million in stock.

News | OKCoin Group founder Xu Mingxing will be handed over from Shanghai Pudong Branch to Beijing Haidian District Public Security Bureau: According to Caixin, on the evening of September 10, Xu Mingxing, the founder of OKCoin Group, was brought to Beijing by the Shanghai police for his involvement in a currency speculation dispute. Weifang Xincun Police Station, Pudong Branch of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau. The current conclusion is that the crime took place in Beijing instead of Shanghai. Although Xu Mingxing also has a company in Shanghai, the Shanghai company has nothing to do with digital currency. Therefore, the report materials submitted by investors will be handed over to Shanghai Pudong New Area Economic Investigation, and then The economic investigation department will be handed over to the Beijing Haidian District Public Security Bureau. [2018/9/11]

Emilie Choi, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Coinbase and former LinkedIn M&A executive, ranks second in the percentage of sell-offs as a percentage of total holdings. Choi sold 24% of his shares in the previous two trading sessions, dumping more than 50 shares as the stock neared a high of more than $420, according to SEC filings.

Coinbase Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) Jennifer Jones sold 38% of her total holdings, the highest percentage sell-off among the executive team.

The market shouldn't be surprised that executives are selling shares. In a direct listing, no new shares are issued as in a traditional IPO. As a result, shareholders selling existing shares can ensure that there is enough supply for a direct listing.

Coinbase General Counsel Paul Grewel pointed this out on Twitter. He commented, “In order to provide sufficient supply and attract new investors, a company must sell a minimum number of (shares) in the total ownership structure table to successfully go public. The largest shareholders are usually investors and executives, so That means they tend to sell the most on their listing day.”

The chart below shows the amount of shares sold by major Coinbase shareholders during the week of April 14.

Unsurprisingly, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong sold the most shares (just under $300 million), but those shares represented only a small fraction of his total ownership in the company. During the same period, Choi sold just under $220 million in stock.

As for  COIN 's performance, the stock closed at  342 $ on Friday, down sharply from its trading price in the first hours of its debut. Coinbase  touched a low of  310 $ in the final hour of trading on the listing day, before closing at  16 ET at $328.28 $. It ended its first trading day with a fully diluted valuation of $85.7 billion.


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Coinbase executive team sells Dalilang stock? Stop believing rumors

Coinbase's direct listing last week sent waves across the trading space, rivaling some of the biggest tech IPOs ever.By the end of its first trading day.

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