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Golden Observation | Coinbase is about to be listed, and the three major platform coins are all rising.



There are only two days left before the cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase’s direct listing on Nasdaq on April 14. Affected by this positive news, the three major exchange platform currencies generally rose, and BNB and OKB both hit record highs. the

As of press time, BNB is quoted at $576, an intraday increase of 9.8%; HT is quoted at $21.67, an intraday increase of 12.4%; OKB is quoted at $22.9, an intraday increase of 7.94%.

At the same time, the FTX exchange Coinbase Pre-IPO contract reached an all-time high.

Since its launch on the FTX exchange in December last year, the Coinbase Pre-IPO contract (CBSE) has continued to fluctuate upwards. CBSE is currently trading at 552.0050USD on FTX, an intraday increase of 2.17%, a record high.

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of September 23: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Venezuela, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ethereum 2.0, Polkadot, SushiSwap

1. Venezuela has enacted laws governing all Bitcoin mining activities.

2. Huang Qifan: It is estimated that the scale of investment brought by blockchain will be trillions in the next five years.

3. The American Chamber of Digital Commerce hires a former White House official to its board.

4. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Encourage the application of language blockchain technology.

5. Spadina, the new Ethereum 2.0 testnet, has reached the verification node threshold.

6. Polkadot founder: The Kusama parachain auction will be held before the Polkadot parachain auction.

7. Governor of the Bank of Japan: There is currently no plan to issue a digital currency, but continued research is essential.

8. The SushiSwap community proposes to establish a rotating replacement incentive pool. [2020/9/23]

Golden Relativity | Li Hui, Deputy Secretary-General of BSN: Supporting the development of blockchain is to realize the independent controllability of core technologies: In the Golden Theory of Relativity held today, it aimed at "the country, enterprises, individuals and how to cooperate to promote the healthy implementation of the blockchain industry" Li Hui, deputy director of the Huobi Blockchain Research Institute, deputy secretary-general of the Blockchain Service Network (BSN), said that in the past few years, from the technology blockade of Chinese companies by the United States, I believe everyone has deeply felt the core The importance of technology. Therefore, in order to avoid the recurrence of this stuck neck problem, in the field of emerging technologies, we must strive for technological leadership, and blockchain technology is one of the typical representatives. But you must know that the ultimate goal of developing technology is to implement industrial applications. At the same time, industrial development can also promote technological progress in a more positive way. There is demand for motivation, and the two complement each other. Therefore, why our country supports new infrastructure, the development of blockchain technology, and the implementation of industries, the core is to realize the independent controllability of core technologies, and promote my country's industrial innovation and system innovation, and in the new era of digital economy occupy a place. [2020/6/3]

According to its latest financial report, in the first quarter of 2021, Coinbase's quarterly revenue jumped to US$1.8 billion, with profits ranging from US$730 million to US$800 million. In comparison, Coinbase's full-year revenue in 2020 was $1.3 billion and its net profit was $322 million.

Analysis | Golden Disk: The short-term risk release of the weighted target’s sharp drop: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: It has been mentioned many times before that we must avoid the risks brought by divergence. Today’s adjustment has once again witnessed the power of top divergence. Now let’s look at the diving market in the afternoon The market risk has been released, but the short-term upward trend has been destroyed, so now we need to wait for the formation of the bottom. For the targets with large declines, it is not yet sure whether they will bottom out, and we need to wait for the slowdown before making a decision. Investors are advised to keep cautious. [2018/9/6]

Coinbase's rapid rise is largely due to the surge in the price of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. As of press time, Bitcoin has once again broken through the $61,000 mark.

After the earnings report was released, analysts at the investment bank DA Davidson re-give Coinbase a buy rating, with a target price soaring to $440 per share, a 125% increase from the previous target price of $195.

Based on its recent performance in private market transactions, Coinbase has a market capitalization of approximately $91.5 billion, benefiting from a surge in the price of bitcoin. According to the prospectus disclosed by Coinbase in February this year, its previous valuation was as high as US$102 billion. What's more, if Coinbase traded at a higher-than-average price-to-earnings ratio, it would be valued at between $160 billion and $230 billion, according to calculations by digital asset research firm Delphi Digital.

The valuation of more than 100 billion US dollars naturally refreshed the outside world's imagination of the ceiling of the exchange's market value.

K Shen, an analyst at Golden Finance, said that the general direction of HT is still an upward trend. Its previous highs fell sharply and did not break through the key support of 1.618 points. The possibility of hitting a record high, short-term support of 20 US dollars, strong support of 17.3 US dollars, do not break the patience to hold.

Like HT, the overall trend is still volatile and upward, and you can hold it patiently if you don’t break the trend. Compared with HT, OKB’s current rebound has hit a new high, but you need to pay attention to the signs of price deviation, so don’t blindly chase higher in the short term, as there will be a pullback in the near future The risk can fall back to the support area and buy low. The short-term support is 19 US dollars, and the strong support is 15.5 US dollars.

In addition, the listing of Coinbase has led to an upsurge of listings in the encryption market. On April 8, Jesse Powell, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, said that Kraken is considering a public listing in 2022. “We’re looking at going public sometime next year. Probably a direct listing, similar to Coinbase.” Kraken is currently in talks with investors for a new funding round that could reportedly be worth as much as $20 billion.


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Golden Observation | Coinbase is about to be listed, and the three major platform coins are all rising.

There are only two days left before the cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase’s direct listing on Nasdaq on April 14. Affected by this positive news, the three major exchange platform currencies generally rose.

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