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Reshaping the new era of DeFi: SumSwap innovative protocol featuring staking



Income generation is flow, wealth is stock, flow is the basis of stock, stock is the attribution of flow, wealth can come from accumulation, or from chance. And SumSwap is a combination of the two methods, it staged the story of "accumulation and thin growth", and also created this kind of "coincidence" wealth opportunity!

All greatness is not achieved overnight. As a new generation of DeFi integrated innovation protocol, SumSwap has always shouldered the important mission of DeFi innovation. When other DeFi protocols were still stagnant last year, SumSwap innovatively proposed it. The overall line of "light";

Mathematical innovation is both algorithm innovation and product innovation. From algorithm to symbol, from staking mechanism to AMM liquidity mining, from pre-mining distribution to market planning, SumSwap is highlighting its conceptual innovation. It integrates all contemporary DeFi mainstreams The advantages of the protocol, and through the integration and absorption of its models, algorithms, and technical features, this epoch-making DeFi product has been created. Without the product R&D team's accumulation of products, it is impossible to witness the light of SumSwap today ! So how popular is SumSwap?

1. The mainstream media rushed to report

Since SumSwap was officially launched on March 29 (UTC+8), it has quickly swept across the entire DeFi like a spark. The media has put SumSwap on the headlines to report, including Jinse Finance, Mars Finance, Babbitt and other leading mainstream media to publish special news articles to compete for coverage. Major DeFi KOLs also published articles to promote it. SumSwap community volunteers The number is also continuing to rise. SumSwap has been online for a week, and the popularity has not diminished, and it has the potential to start a prairie fire!

Fang Hongjin, co-chairman of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association: blockchain reshape social trust relationship: Jinse Finance reported that recently, Fang Hongjin, an expert in blockchain technology and application and co-chairman of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association, accepted an interview with "Bo Kehui". During the interview, Fang Hongjin spoke on topics such as the application scenarios and development trends of blockchain technology. In Fang Hongjin's view, blockchain technology will rely on its unique technical advantages to reshape the social trust relationship, and through the exploration of various application scenarios, it will play an increasingly important role in urban economic development. In Fang Hongjin's view, the emergence of the blockchain is a great technological progress, "because it neither relies on our accumulated communication experience nor the certification of a centralized authority, but relies on a set of decentralized Algorithms are used to determine the trust relationship between each other. "There are many application scenarios for blockchain. From a long-term perspective, this is the general trend. The government can use policies to promote the application of blockchain. "Said Fang Hongjin. (Bo Ke Hui) [2022/2/21 10:04:53]

(1) Exclusive reports from Jinse Finance and Babbitt:

Yu Jianing: The financial application of blockchain is reshaping the catering industry: According to news on March 10, Yu Jianing, the rotating chairman of the Blockchain Special Committee of China Communications Industry Association, was at the launching ceremony of the "China Catering Industry Blockchain Development Report" Zhong said that in 2021, the diffusion effect of blockchain technology will accelerate and be deeply integrated with the industry. "Blockchain +" is an inevitable development path. In the catering industry blockchain, blockchain technology is widely used in traceability, supply chain, financial management and other fields. But the value of blockchain is not only in the application of technology, its financial application is reshaping the catering industry and changing the relationship between consumers and restaurants. The "eating investment" model of the blockchain in the catering industry binds a strong interest relationship between consumers and restaurants, allowing consumers to eat better, while reducing the operating costs of restaurants, so that high-quality restaurants can achieve better development . At the same time, Yu Jianing emphasized that the implementation experience of blockchain in the catering industry is worth learning from other industries, so as to make the combination of blockchain and industry more smooth. [2021/3/10 18:31:21]

(2) Special reports by major financial media:

(3) MyToken&biyong APP open screen publicity

Offshift, a privacy derivatives project, will undergo rebranding before the mainnet release: Offshift (XFT), which focuses on privacy derivatives trading, announced its decision to reconsider its promotional documents and public relations strategy on the eve of its iterative release of its mainnet. According to the Offshift roadmap, its mainnet will be released in April 2021. Offshift’s rebranding includes a brand new white paper and improved technical documentation that will cover all project mechanics. At the same time, the core concept behind the project – a private derivatives platform known as on-chain Private Finance (PriFi) – remains the same. (U. Today) [2021/2/8 19:13:37]

(4) Baidu Encyclopedia:

(5) Media AMM online activities

Voice | CCB Vice President Ji Zhihong: The new technology represented by the blockchain will reshape the financial industry: According to People's Daily News, China Construction Bank Vice President Ji Zhihong published a speech titled "Embracing the Blockchain, Practicing the New Finance" review article. The article pointed out that the widespread application of the Internet since the last century has profoundly changed the financial ecology, and new technologies represented by blockchain, artificial intelligence, and 5G will also reshape the financial industry, practicing inclusiveness, technology, and The time is right for a new financial model of sharing. With the continuous integration of on-chain and off-chain data collaboration and the continuous improvement of the regulatory system, the blockchain will bring more surprises to everyone in terms of high performance, high availability, and high scalability, which will help maintain national financial security and optimize society. Governance systems are also important. Ji Zhihong also stated in the article that CCB will continue to empower finance with technology, build an ecology with sharing, and use trade finance as an entry point to continuously expand housing leasing, asset custody, and targeted poverty alleviation, and further open up innovation chains, application chains, Value chain, explore more blockchain application scenarios. [2019/12/4]


(6) The relevant news of SumSwap occupies the relevant sections of the PC terminal and the mobile terminal. As long as you search-zce for keywords, you will be overwhelmed by the relevant news of SumSwap.

Voice | Encryption Analyst: The encryption industry is undergoing a process of rebranding: According to Cryptonews, eToro’s encryption analyst Mati Greenspan said in an interview with the media that the encryption industry is undergoing a process of rebranding, and many encryption companies in general are undergoing a rebranding process. Maturing, many businesses are refocusing on the mainstream, seeking broader attention. The crypto industry has had a misunderstood reputation in the past, but that perception is rapidly changing. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done, especially in terms of increasing user experience friendliness and industry publicity. [2019/3/3]

2. Behind the popularity is the unique Staking mechanism

Behind the popularity of SumSwap is the ingenuity and meticulous workmanship of the project party in product design. Among the many innovative ideas, the design mechanism of Staking is the leader!

As we all know, the SumSwap platform token is SUM. The total issuance of SUM is 320 million, 32 million of which are pre-mined, and the remaining 288 million will be issued in five stages, and the issuance will be completed in more than ten years.

Calculated according to the initial output, SUM is issued 64,000 pieces per day, and each block produces about 11.8 SUM pieces. Of the daily output of SUM, 40% is used for currency staking, that is, you only need to hold SUM, and you can share 40% of the SUM circulation every day; the other 40% is used for ecological staking, and in ecological staking, only You need to invite others to activate their accounts to join your ecology, and the invitees hold SUM, and they can jointly share 40% of the SUM circulation every day; the remaining 20% is used for mining for users who provide liquidity for SumSwap, and users provide liquidity After obtaining the SLP Token, you can mine SUM. Add WeChat whh392 to learn more about SUM.

At the same time, SumSwap adopts the base index issuance model, and the output of SUM in each block and each period is rigorously calculated. SumSwap's original and characteristic Staking mechanism, including currency Staking, ecological Staking, and LP Token mining. Help every user participating in Staking to participate in this Staking game absolutely fair and just!

(1) Token Staking

Although currency staking is simple, in other staking methods in the past, if it is only calculated according to the weight of the user's currency holdings, the result will be that assets will gradually flow to giant whale players, and the benefits of ordinary participants will be affected. Extrusion leads to an unbalanced ecological development. Therefore, SUM's currency staking does not calculate the income based on the weighted average of the user's currency holdings, but uses a jump ranking weighting algorithm. The design of the jump ranking weighted algorithm can effectively break the barriers of capital monopoly, effectively take into account ordinary users and giant whale users, and fully guarantee the fairness and justice of the gameplay!

In the algorithm model of currency staking, there is an "optimum income range". Users with less and more currency holdings will have less income than users in the middle area. This algorithm allows each user to hold SUM It is more even and breaks up the giant whales holding SUM, which is more conducive to the balanced and stable development of the entire SumSwap ecology.

  (2) Ecological Staking

In addition to holding currency staking, SUM’s ecological staking is also rich, not only accounting for 40% of the daily output, but also has a great relationship with the number of tokens held by sharers. The more people share, the more income, which not only broadens the number of new members to join The channel of SUM ecology has also laid a good community foundation for the development and growth of the project. Eco-Staking also designed a sophisticated mathematical algorithm, which makes invitations easier and allows users to obtain more Eco-Staking, and Eco-Staking also has the effect of breaking up giant whales, which is very conducive to the development of the community.

(3) AMM Liquidity Mining

According to the distribution ratio, 20% of the daily output of SUM will be used for AMM’s LP Token mining. First, in the trading system, a SUM/USDT transaction pair will be created, and the user will inject the corresponding proportion of SUM and USDT into the transaction pool. Can participate in AMM liquidity market making

At the same time, user transactions charge 3‰ handling fees, of which 2‰ is dividends for liquidity providers, and the remaining 1‰ is owned by developers, which is used for node dividends and project operation, maintenance, and expansion.

Participating in liquidity can not only enjoy the 2‰ handling fee dividend of the liquidity pool transaction volume, but the LP Token generated by participating in the liquidity can also be used for mining. 20% of the total daily SUM issuance is used for LP Token mining. (The more injected into the flow pool, the more LP Token)

3. Wealth Opportunities - SUM node pre-sale

With the in-depth advancement of SumSwap, the main force of SumSwap's ecological development is growing rapidly. At present, the number of SumSwap global Chinese communities has exceeded 20,000+, and overseas communities are continuing to grow. According to this order of magnitude, the consensus number will reach 100,000+ by the end of the month. Exponential growth trend. The astonishing success of SumSwap after only being online for a week.

What is really important is that as of now, the number of active-zce SumSwap nodes has exceeded 1,000, the number of official nodes will soon exceed 80, and the number of remaining nodes will be less than 320. According to the current node calculation speed, SumSwap will complete the set goal of 400 next month ! Therefore, the number of node applications will increase at a speed visible to the naked eye. Users who want to apply to become a node, please seize this fleeting opportunity!

The competition for Sum nodes is still in a fierce stage. Signing up may not necessarily become a preliminary node, and a preliminary node may not necessarily become an official node. This kind of competition just reflects the scarcity of Sum. Now there are only 8 million SUMs for node pre-sale. The number is limited, and wealth opportunities are always opened inadvertently. If you missed the Moutai stock 10 years ago, the $7.5 Tesla listed stock, and the bitcoin exchanged for pizza, then please don’t buy it. Miss SUM! Get the lowest price of SUM, the wealth myth of the next chain circle is you! If you want to know more details about sumswap, add WeChat whh392


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Reshaping the new era of DeFi: SumSwap innovative protocol featuring staking

Income generation is flow, wealth is stock, flow is the basis of stock, stock is the attribution of flow, wealth can come from accumulation, or from chance. And SumSwap is a combination of the two methods.

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