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Golden Observation | It used to be a joke, and now Dogecoin payment has become a trend



The cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which was originally created as a joke, has now been completely out of the circle, and the skyrocketing value of the currency pushed up the return rate of more than 6877% within the year.

Of course, in addition to the increase in currency value, Dogecoin payment has also arrived.

On April 20, online retailer Newegg announced that the company now accepts Dogecoin as an official payment method.

Founded in 2001, Newegg provides customers with a comprehensive selection of the latest consumer electronics, entertainment, smart home and gaming products, and was one of the first companies to start supporting cryptocurrency payments.

Golden Evening News | List of important developments on the evening of November 22: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Russia, Ernst & Young, El Salvador, State Council

1. Head of the Russian Federal Tax Service: Cryptocurrencies may erode state tax profits;

2. Ernst & Young: Nearly a third of hedge fund managers plan to invest in cryptocurrencies;

3. Celsius Network invests an additional $300 million in its North American bitcoin mining operations;

4. President of El Salvador: Improving the infrastructure of the Bitcoin city is expected to cost about 300,000 Bitcoins;

5. Fujian Development and Reform Commission: Resolutely and effectively realize the goal of "mining" and "clearing" virtual currency;

6. The State Council: Support financial institutions to deepen the use of blockchain and other technical means to improve credit approval and risk management models;

7. JPMorgan Chase: The market value of NFT has risen to US$7 billion;

8. World Economic Forum Organization: There are serious gender differences in the cryptocurrency user group;

9. Australian regulators are working with lawmakers to develop digital currency rules. [2021/11/22 7:04:44]

In 2014, Newegg was the first company to accept Bitcoin as payment. Seven years later, Newegg is one of the first companies to allow customers to pay with Dogecoin.

Jinse Finance mining data broadcast | BCH network computing power rose by 6.59% today: Jinse Finance reported, according to the data of Spider Mining Pool:

The computing power of the entire ETH network is 184.431TH/s, the mining difficulty is 2339.94, the current block height is 10170899, and the theoretical income is 0.00831849/100MH/day.

The computing power of the BTC network is 98.373EH/s, the mining difficulty is 15.14T, the current block height is 632407, and the theoretical income is 0.00000886/T/day.

The BSV network computing power is 2.038EH/s, the mining difficulty is 0.28T, the current block height is 637256, and the theoretical income is 0.00044170/T/day.

The BCH network computing power is 2.651EH/s, the mining difficulty is 0.37T, the current block height is 637475, and the theoretical income is 0.00033951/T/day. [2020/5/31]

Customers who want to pay with Dogecoin when completing an order on simply select BitPay by clicking Edit in the Payments section on the checkout page. Afterwards, customers can use the Dogecoins held in their e-wallets to complete transactions. Paying with Dogecoin will take more time than the usual debit or credit card payment methods. In addition, it should be noted that users should also pay attention to all the fees that this payment method will include. For example, once the product is returned, Newegg will only issue a gift card compensation instead of returning Dogecoin the normal way.

Golden Noon News | March 30th at noon important news list: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Singapore, South Korea, Canada, Netherlands

1. Monetary Authority of Singapore: Singapore's economy is expected to fall into recession this year;

2. South Korea plans to introduce P2P regulatory rules: P2P platforms prohibit high-risk products such as virtual currencies;

3. Opinion: Canada will implement new anti-money laundering regulations, and encryption companies that have prepared in the early stage may benefit a lot;

4. Hacker organization Maze claims to use ransomware to attack insurance giant Chubb;

5. Changsha Economic Development Zone uses blockchain technology to help prevent and control the epidemic;

6. The total amount of orders accumulated in the OKEx BTC contract in the quarterly range of 5700-5900 US dollars exceeded 16 million US dollars;

7. Dozens of fake airdrop scams under the guise of Bill Gates appeared on YouTube;

8. Dutch companies form a consortium to provide the government with new technologies to fight the epidemic, including blockchain technology;

9. BTC is currently at $6,001.97, an intraday drop of 2.07%, and the top ten mainstream currencies generally fell. [2020/3/30]

Andrew Choi, senior brand manager at Newegg, said: "We are committed to simplifying the shopping process for our customers, and strive to provide them with the most suitable shopping method for them, so that they can choose the payment method that is most suitable for them to complete the transaction. To this end , we are pleased to provide Dogecoin fans with a convenient way to purchase online."

In addition to Newegg, the current NBA team Dallas Mavericks (formerly Dallas Mavericks) began accepting Dogecoin payments on March 4 this year. Fans can use Dogecoin to purchase game tickets and team merchandise, and transactions will be processed by BitPay, the world's largest cryptocurrency payment provider. Luxury resort company Kessler Collection also announced in early March that it is the first luxury hotel group to partner with BitPay to offer payment in Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. Latvia's flagship airline Air Baltic, Canadian Internet service provider easyDNS, etc. all accept Dogecoin as payment.

Here is a list of more companies that accept Dogecoin at


Strange Donuts



Burger Bear

Salts Worldwide



Deluxe doge


Meltdown Comics

Vapeur Canada

Doge Door

Piaf Vintage French

Threaded Concepts



Dogecoin Gift Cards

Mike Connell Ministries


However, these can no longer meet the needs of Dogecoin fans.

After the price of Dogecoin soared recently, more than 140,000 people on the Internet have signed a petition calling on Amazon to accept Dogecoin as a payment method.

The petition mentions that Amazon does not accept Dogecoin payments, "alienating many people who do not have traditional bank accounts." The petition also claims that while Dogecoin is already accepted by many small business owners, charities and entrepreneurs, Amazon would be one of the first major companies to use it as a payment method if it accepted it.


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Golden Observation | It used to be a joke, and now Dogecoin payment has become a trend

The cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which was originally created as a joke, has now been completely out of the circle.

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