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From the list of Google and Apple app stores, we have seen evidence of the entry of cryptocurrency users



Judging from the data of Apple and Google, the overall downloads of cryptocurrency applications have gained unprecedented attention with the listing of Coinbase. User is entering.

Although the cryptocurrency market is facing a correction and the market fluctuates greatly, Lianwen must tell readers a trend that cannot be ignored: cryptocurrencies are going out of the circle, and the number of users of cryptocurrencies is increasing.

We have our own evidence: According to many data from Apple App Store and Google Play Store, after Coinbase listed on NASDAQ, public awareness of cryptocurrency has at least translated into downloads of professional applications in the industry, including trading Exchanges, wallets, Internet brokerages, etc.

This means that more cryptocurrency users are entering the market.

Referring to App Annie’s data, Coinbase, an exchange that supports fiat currency deposits and withdrawals and can directly purchase cryptocurrencies, and Robinhood, an Internet brokerage that can directly purchase bitcoins, have dominated Apple’s App Store for several consecutive days, and have been on the list of free applications in the United States for several days. The top two in terms of volume.

Shiba Inu: Whale bought 3.37 trillion SHIB in one transaction: Jinse Finance reported that a new giant whale bought 3.37 trillion SHIB in one transaction, worth about $42.76 million. According to data on, the whale appeared about a day ago and bought trillions of SHIB. Little information is currently known about the owners of the relevant wallets. [2022/9/8 13:16:59]

Especially in the two days since Coinbsed went public on April 14, the rankings of these two apps have risen rapidly.

Compared with Coinbase, which is a relatively new and unfamiliar application, Robinhood is more famous in both the Internet field and the traditional brokerage field, so this may also be one of the reasons why Robinhood slightly surpassed Coinbase in the ranking, although in fact Coinbase is more famous than Coinbase. Robinhood was founded earlier.

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What is even more exaggerated is that in the list of financial area applications in the Apple App Store, applications that support cryptocurrency dominate the top 8! All eight apps support direct purchases of cryptocurrencies like BTC — one of which, Venmo, just announced today that it will allow users to buy cryptocurrencies.

NFT sales of the world's top auction houses accounted for 5.5%: According to news on November 8, art market analysis company Art Market Research data showed that the world's top auction houses accounted for 5.5% of NFT sales, of which Sotheby's In 2021, $65 million in NFTs have been sold, and Christie's has sold more than $100 million in NFTs. Given that the NFT market only took off last year, this is certainly a leap forward. Many of the buyers come from a new class of wealthy people: those who have made their fortunes through cryptocurrencies. On Tuesday, Christie's will sell artist Beeple's new NFT works. In March this year, his NFT works sold for a sky-high price of $69 million at Christie's. That was the first time a major auction house sold an intangible form of art . Outside the auction market, the growth of NFT is more objective. The sales of the entire market in the third quarter exceeded 10 billion US dollars, an increase of 8 times from the previous quarter. (Reuters) [2021/11/8 6:38:34]

CEO of Warsaw Stock Exchange: Digital zloty is Poland's best choice in the global digital currency competition: On October 21, Marek Dietl, CEO of Warsaw Stock Exchange, said that digital zloty is Poland's best choice in the global digital currency competition The best choice in the competition. Poland is well placed to facilitate the development of its own central bank digital currency (CBDC), and is far behind its regional rivals. The Warsaw Stock Exchange is developing a private market platform based on blockchain technology that will allow companies to raise funds for their operations in exchange for tokens. If a digital zloty is introduced, we can simplify payments and provide lower transaction costs for participants in this market. As a stock exchange, we are ready to make our IT facilities available for CBDC work. Although the decision to adopt a digital currency rests with the National Bank of Poland, we are ready to cooperate with the central bank. (Emerging Europe) [2021/10/22 20:47:33]

In addition, what is interesting is that the 6 to 8 are all applications under Binance, including the cryptocurrency wallet Trust acquired by Binance, Binance Exchange and Binance US.

One piece of information that needs to be supplemented is that since the mainland China region of the Apple App Store restricts cryptocurrency exchange or wallet applications, the data in the country region is not informative.

According to data from the Google App Store, a similar trend can be seen.

For example, in the Google Play Store in the United States, Coinbase ranks second among all apps (the first is still Robinhood), and ranks first in the financial list.

Another unbelievable thing is that for domestic users who cannot access the Google Play Store, Coinbase is still ranked third in the financial list in China and 28th in the list of all applications.

In the financial application list in the United States, the proportion of cryptocurrency-related applications is even higher, and, Webull (brokers that support cryptocurrency transactions), Dogecoin Wallet (Dogecoin Wallet), and Voyager have been added. (Cryptocurrency brokerage that acquired Circle's investment app).

What about outside the US?

In addition, if you refer to the data of other countries outside the United States, you can also find that the proportion of applications that support cryptocurrencies in the financial area is not low.

For example, Apple's financial list in the UK:



South Korea:

But Japan’s list is not very clear. It seems that recently Rakuten has also begun to increase its support for cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, judging from the data of Apple and Google, the overall downloads of cryptocurrency applications have received unprecedented attention following the listing of Coinbase. Some people think that this is a kind of "out of the circle".

However, at present, these data can only show the downloads and new users. As for whether they can make deposits to buy cryptocurrencies and become real currency holders, it is expected that these platforms can disclose more data.

Written by: Donnager


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From the list of Google and Apple app stores, we have seen evidence of the entry of cryptocurrency users

Judging from the data of Apple and Google, the overall downloads of cryptocurrency applications have gained unprecedented attention with the listing of Coinbase. User is entering.Although the cryptocurrency market is.

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