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Project Weekly | DOGE skyrocketed and appreciated a hundred times in only 106 days



Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project trends, technological progress and other industry trends for the week. This article is the project weekly, showing you the progress of mainstream projects and star projects this week.


Taproot quick test code has been merged into Bitcoin Core source code

Jinse Finance reported that the Taproot "Speedy Trial" code has been merged into the Bitcoin Core source code. Gregory Maxwell, a Bitcoin Core developer who has worked extensively on Taproot alongside Peter Wuill, merged a pull request for the Speedy Trial around 16:00 UTC on April 15. It is reported that Taproot is a protocol upgrade that is expected to improve the privacy and flexibility of Bitcoin. Taproot's code is ready to start the first steps towards activation.

DApp project Ambit Finance receives $4.5 million strategic investment from Binance Labs: On December 2, Binance Labs announced a $4.5 million strategic investment in DeFi protocol Ambit Finance. Ambit Finance is a DeFi lending and income protocol that refers to Anchor Protocol. In the future, it will provide deposit income for BUSD and will cooperate with Binance Labs to launch a new DeFi application to increase the utility of BUSD and other assets on the BNB Chain and integrate with BNB Chain Project cooperation outside the ecology. [2022/12/2 21:18:11]


Ethereum's market capitalization ranks 29th in the global asset ranking

Jinse Finance reported that according to Asset Dash data, Ethereum rose to US$2,545 this week, ranking 27th among global assets in terms of market value. It is currently about US$277.78 billion, surpassing the iShares Core S&P 500 ETF.

Immutable X: The number of projects applying to be established on IMX in the past 6 months has increased by 100 times: On November 28th, Immutable X tweeted that the number of projects applying to be established on IMX in the past 6 months has increased by 100 times.

It is reported that Immutable X is the first Layer 2 NFT expansion solution of Ethereum. Based on ZK Rollup expansion technology, it can mint and trade NFT with zero gas fee, and it is built in cooperation with StarkWare. [2021/11/28 12:37:15]

Ethereum 2.0 client Lighthouse released version v1.3.0

According to official news, Sigma Prime, the Ethereum 2.0 client Lighthouse development team, announced the release of Lighthouse v1.3.0. This release includes important bug fixes for beacon chain nodes and should be considered a high priority for all stakers and should be done as soon as possible. Additionally, #2306 adds additional validation conditions to aggregate proofs to prevent incorrect proofs from filling up the operation pool. #2307 Improved block packaging, leading to better block rewards for stakers. Sigma Prime calls for immediate updates for safety and benefit.

The blockchain project of Shanghai Stock Exchange Center realizes all business data on-chain: Shanghai Stock Exchange Center announced that the "Shanghai Stock Exchange Blockchain Project" realized all business data on-chain, and successfully connected with the blockchain supervised by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. According to reports, in the next step, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Center will actively explore the construction and improvement of the regional equity market blockchain ecosystem, and is committed to jointly building an alliance chain for the regional equity market through the application and innovation of blockchain technology, and will focus on Promote the introduction of blockchain into other levels of capital markets, and finally achieve innovative breakthroughs in laws and regulations, and promote the continuous development and innovation of multi-level capital markets. (Securities Times) [2020/9/28]

Ethereum completes Berlin hard fork

According to data from OKLink, the current block height of the Ethereum network is 12,244,000, which has reached the block height of the Berlin hard fork network upgrade; the average computing power of the entire Ethereum network in the past week is 502.37 TH/s, and the average block generation time 13 seconds. This upgrade will include four Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) including EIP-2965 and EIP-2929.

Ethereum client OpenEthereum released v3.2.4

Announcement | MXC Matcha will officially open SpaceM's first project JUS at 12:00 on March 2: According to the official announcement, MXC Matcha will officially launch the project's online marketing channel SpaceM from 12:00 to 16:00 on March 2. The first project is JUS (JUST Network). MXC Matcha will officially open JUS trading at 20:00 on March 3rd, and launch the JUS/USDT trading pair. SpaceM is a new project launch marketing channel launched by MXC. MX holders can obtain project tokens at discounted prices. SpaceM is only open to some countries or regions. Click the original text for details. [2020/2/27]

According to official news, the Ethereum client OpenEthereum released version v3.2.4, including a fix to correctly broadcast transactions.

OpenEthereum releases v3.2.3 with fixes for Berlin upgrade

According to official news, on April 16, OpenEthereum released the v3.2.3 version on Github, which contains a fix for the "Berlin Upgrade" bug. According to previous reports, due to the inability to synchronize the consensus of the OpenEthereum client after the upgrade of the Ethereum Berlin hard fork, several exchanges including Coinbase, wallets such as Ledger and BitGo, and encryption service companies such as data providers Coin Metrics were affected. influences.


Two Ripple founders file motion to dismiss US SEC lawsuit

Ripple co-founders Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen filed two motions to dismiss the US SEC's charges against them. Lawyers for Garlinghouse and Larsen asserted that their respective transactions were "primarily transactions outside the territory of the United States." While perhaps some of the XRP purchasers were based in the United States, Garlinghouse’s motion reveals that the SEC failed to defend the details of at least one transaction located in the United States. According to the order issued by Judge Analisa Torres of the Southern District of New York, the SEC has until May 14 to file documents opposing Larsen and Garlinghouse's motion. The accused will have until June 4 to respond to the agency.


Chainlink Releases White Paper 2.0 Founder Says Its Hybrid Smart Contracts Will Define the Future of the Industry

Chainlink (LINK) published a new white paper on Thursday detailing its planned expansion, with an eye toward creating an oracle network for computing. Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov said the new oracle network will continue to focus on features that blockchain or even second-layer networks cannot achieve. He also stated that Chainlink's hybrid smart contracts will define the future of the industry. In the vision outlined in the white paper, Chainlink will generalize and expand its existing computing capabilities.


Dogecoin Whales Transfer $12 Billion in DOGE in One Day

Dogecoin worth more than $12 billion was transferred on the blockchain. While the Ethereum blockchain only moved $6 billion worth of ETH on the same day. According to data from analysts at, the number of new users subscribing to the Dogecoin subreddit on Reddit has grown exponentially over the past week, from hundreds to thousands per day, as the price of Dogecoin has soared.

It only takes 106 days for Dogecoin DOGE to appreciate 100 times

Data statistics backtracking the price of Dogecoin found that Dogecoin opened at 0.004619 USD/coin on January 1, 2021, and the highest quotation on April 16, 2021 has reached 0.47 USD/coin. 100 times, only took 106 days! At present, the total market value of Dogecoin exceeds 49 billion U.S. dollars, surpassing the "stable currency" USDT to rank fifth in the market value of cryptocurrencies.


Zcash to Launch Protocol Privacy Update Halo Arc on October 1st

Jinse Finance reported that Zcash development company Electric Coin Company (ECC) announced the next upgrade kit for Zcash, Halo Arc. Halo Arc includes updates to Zcashd (Zcash's consensus node), the ECC wallet prototype, and the ECC wallet software development kit (SDK). Halo Arc will coincide with the activation of Zcash Network Upgrade 5 (NU5), launching on October 1, 2021. It is reported that NU5 will be the first mainnet activation of the Halo proof system, which will further promote the development of zero-knowledge proof cryptography.


USDT market value breaks through $45 billion

Tether tweeted that the market value of USDT exceeded $45 billion. In January, the market value of USDT just reached 25 billion US dollars. According to CoinGecko data, the current market value of USDT is 45.5 billion US dollars, ranking fifth in market value.


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Project Weekly | DOGE skyrocketed and appreciated a hundred times in only 106 days

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project trends.

The successful listing of Coinbase may stimulate the continuation of the cryptocurrency bull market, and compliance is still a major hidden danger to the development of its stock price.

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