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How does the Visor-Uniswap v3 smart pool work?



What is a visor?

Visor or visor smart pool is a personal vault in the form of NFT, where you can deposit your assets and then safely interact with smart contracts and other external defi protocols. We believe that this invention will be a great revolution in the DeFi ecosystem, because it acquiesces in a higher control over assets.

Your personal VISOR vault not only allows you to interact more securely, but also cheaper and faster. Assume that the interaction between you and the leading defi protocol only requires signatures and no gas fees. Different from the traditional smart pool, various interactions of the visor vault can be realized with signatures. In the visor smart pool, users can subscribe or unsubscribe available hypervisors for free.

What are hypervisors?

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Hypervisor is a visor-compatible smart contract designed to interact with the visor smart pool and the assets in it. For example, we are currently developing four hypervisors in Incentive Phase 1 and are interacting with visor pools. Each hypervisor will read the assets in each visor's smart pool and issue rewards to the corresponding smart pool separately.

Analyst Lark Davis says he is bullish on ETH, EGLD, and ATOM this month: Cryptocurrency analyst Lark Davis revealed the names of the crypto assets he bought this month. According to Davis, there are many bullish catalysts for Ethereum, including CME futures, and the Galaxy Digital Ethereum fund is also being launched, which opens the way for financial institutions to directly contact Ethereum, and the value of ETH may double in the next few weeks.

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In this particular hypervisor, assets are stored in private visor pools and are never removed. This hypervisor will be a very good uniswap v2 liquidity mining project, such as the next amplforth's. As a side note, since assets are never removed from a four-player pool, multiple hypervisors can be rewarded based on assets already in a pool.

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What is a supervisor?

Supervisor is an upgraded version of hypervisor, a hypervisor smart contract controlled by protocols, which allow upgrading or changing some specific parameters/variables in hypervisor to change assets and the way smart contracts are executed. To give an example, the supervisor itself is a hypervisor that conducts scheduled investment for the liquidity share of uniswap v3, and its protocol can be used to change the number and range of scheduled investment. So from this point of view, many novel gameplays will be born on this framework.

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Smart machine gun pool upgrade

We are finalizing the final step of polishing the new nft interface for the smart machine gun pool. There are still several features that need to be developed so that new visor finance projects can be deployed in the future. This is a key upgrade because it allows anyone to develop a hypervisor or supervisor smart contract compatible with the visor smart pool (similar to the yearn strategy).

The features mentioned above include new timed locks, consent, approval, transfer functions and a subscription function that does not require gas.

With the above new functions, it is hoped that no matter what kind of defi project in the future, as long as the developer wants to write a hypervisor compatible with the visor smart gun pool.

LitePay is suspected of delaying the launch of the Visa debit card: Many Twitter netizens broke the news that the Litecoin Foundation launched the LitePay service on the 26th as originally planned, but delayed the release of the Visa debit card. [2018/2/27]

Another very exciting upgrade is that the smart pool has added the help of erc-777, allowing automatic transactions. This means that a user can directly send tokens to his smart pool, and then directly trigger the hypervisor subscribed by the user smart pool.

This upgrade will be seamlessly transferred through the UI of the user dashboard, with more notifications to follow.

The Uniswap Supervisor

Our uniswap supervisor will use the new uniswap v3 dynamic liquidity supply to operate LP shares on behalf of users. Our first uniswap supervisor does not require users to deposit lp nft into their smart pool. They only need to deposit two desired assets into their smart pool and approve the supervisor to operate and combine to form lp nft.

When uniswap supervisors go online, we will create 15 uniswap lp trading pairs with the highest share on uniswap for 7 consecutive days. Users can directly benefit from several dynamically manipulated uniswap v3 shares.

The owner of the visor smart pool only needs to deposit any assets in the transaction pairs created above and allow the visor to deposit them into the lp nft pool corresponding to uniswap v3 to obtain income. Then the visor will periodically vote and does not need to charge gas fees.

Not only do we only have 15 of the most popular uniswap v3 trading pairs, but we also provide a stable currency pool with curve-shaped dynamic management.

Liquidity Mining Phase 2

Our second phase of liquidity mining plus uniswap supervisor allows all visor smart pools to participate with the assets they already have and exist in the smart pool. Because of the uniswap v3 engine, participants only need a single currency to participate in our mining plan without the need for both sides of the transaction pair. The second stage only supports the following assets for mining: ETH, USDC, DAI, USDT, VISR.

Once these assets are approved to the supervisor, they will be required to fix a price range on uniswap v3, more information will be released in the near future.

What is the purpose of liquidity mining project for visor?

Uniswap v3 dynamic liquidity supply is a place that needs to be considered, because it makes dynamic prices inevitable, and selecting price ranges and continuously improving price ranges are the characteristics of our liquidity mining.

Our CMG allows our second-stage mining to respond to price increases between other coins connected to visr by using supervisor to design a buy-in equation.

For example, initially our eth-visr trading pair has 10M liquidity and the price is 1usd. Then the liquidity range will be set to 0.95 and 1.05. The handling fee generated on eth per hour will be bought into visr

Assuming that the volume remains unchanged, the unilateral income of eth is 1000u per hour. This income will be bought into visr to increase the value of visr, and the income generated by visr will be rewarded to participants.

We believe that more liquidity mining projects will use our CMG equation in the future.

VISR Economic Mechanism

The income of the Visor protocol will be distributed to the pledgers, so that our token will be upgraded from a pure governance model to a model representing more rights and interests. This is very important for the future of visor finance because we want to ensure that stakers get the right rewards.

To explore this mechanism in more depth, let's look at a concrete example. It was mentioned before that there will be a pool of 15 trading pairs after the uniswap supervisors go online. Assuming that the visor only manages 3.5% of the 15 pools on uniswap, this represents about 100m of liquidity. Then the daily income is 42307u per day or 300000u per week. This equates to a weekly distribution of 30000u worth of visr tokens to stakers.

The service that Visor mainly used to attract liquidity to the visor machine gun pool in the early days was the reinvestment of uni v3 revenue. The income will be reinvested into the liquidity pool every X hours to create value, and 10% of the income from the transaction fee and cgm equation will be used to repurchase Visr income.

The above is the whole content-zce of this update, welcome to join our community channel and become a member of the Visor community. See you at Uniswap v3! ?



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How does the Visor-Uniswap v3 smart pool work?

What is a visor? Visor or visor smart pool is a personal vault in the form of NFT.

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