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Exclusive video | Float is committed to becoming a stable currency for the new unit of digital assets



Float Protocol is a completely different kind of stablecoin. Rather than having a fixed value, it can be designed to "float" as the demand for itself and the cryptocurrency changes. Its goal is to reduce short-term volatility. In the long run, its value will increase with the growth of the cryptocurrency to protect the purchasing power of users.

Exclusive | Shen Tianyang, Director of Strategic Research Department of Bitblock Capital: Central Asia with advantages in power resources is a better choice for mining: Regarding the issue of "global mining policy friendliness", Jinse Finance exclusively interviewed Shen Tianyang, Director of Strategic Research Department of Bitblock Capital, He said: "The number of countries supporting the blockchain has been gradually increasing around the world, but it does not mean that the national policy of virtual currency is friendly to mining, that is, the priority of mining. Now whether it is Bitcoin mining machines or Ethereum, Power consumption is still the core cost, so in the primary market, the weight of policy on mining is not very large. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian regions with obvious advantages in power resources are better choices for mining. "[2018/9/4]

This issue is jointly launched by Jinse Finance and Bitouq, produced by the columnist Chen Mo, and authorized by Jinse Finance to publish exclusively. Updates every Wednesday and Friday. Updates from time to time on weekends.

Exclusive | Topfund President Liu Siyu: If the market continues to fall, ETH still has a large room for decline: In response to the recent phenomenon of Ethereum price diving, Jinse Finance exclusively interviewed Topfund President Liu Siyu about "how long will the downturn in Ethereum continue?" On this issue, he said: "The previous rise of ETH was based on ICOs based on smart contracts. According to recent data, the total ICO fundraising in July fell by more than 90%, so it is difficult to support such a huge market value of ETH, and the price of ETH has fallen. It is inevitable. The ETH raised by the project party has great depreciation pressure. In order to maintain the normal operation of the team and the project, the selling pressure is extremely high. Last week, ETH plummeted. According to statistics, the project party sold about 36% of ETH, and 64% of ETH In the hands of the project party. Therefore, if the market continues to decline, there is still a lot of room for ETH to decline.” [2018/8/22]

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Exclusive | RatingToken reminds users to be wary of the "false recharge" loophole in the thousand-face contract: the latest data from the third-party big data rating agency RatingToken shows that on August 1, 2018, a total of 1,655 new contract addresses were added worldwide, of which 388 were token smart contract. The RatingToken security audit team found that a personal Ethereum address used the same code to create 6 smart contract addresses, including SPR, FXS, RKG, STR, SFX, and VER. These contract addresses were packaged into 6 websites, including social and Trade cooperation, etc., are suspected to be created using the same website template, and the investor information cannot be matched. The contract security detection score is 3.8 points, and it is found that there is a "false recharge" vulnerability in the contract address. If this type of token is traded on the exchange, the attacker can use the vulnerability to initiate a recharge operation to the centralized exchange, wallet and other service platforms. If the service platform Judging whether the transaction is successful based only on whether the "TxReceipt Status" is "success" will trigger the "false top-up" behavior. The motive of the creator is suspicious. The RatingToken security audit team will continue to pay attention to this type of contract. If you want to see more smart contract detection results, please check the original link. [2018/8/2]

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Yearn Finance announced the completion of the repurchase, and YFI returned to its original position after a sharp rise

Yearn.Finance is a well-known DeFi protocol based on Ethereum. It announced on April 18 that it had repurchased $1.164 million worth of YFI (Yearn.Finance’s platform governance currency).The Yearn.

A picture to understand: Inventory of large enterprises that support Bitcoin to pay salaries

From being questioned, ridiculed, and ridiculed, to gradually getting out of the small group of geeks, and making the Wall Street giants who once scoffed at it overthrow themselves to actively embrace it.

EIP-1559: Great option to deal with MEV (Miner Extractable Value)

The EIP-1559 proposal has been approved and will be implemented in the Ethereum London hard fork upgrade in the middle of this year. If you're not familiar with this proposal.

Exclusive video | Float is committed to becoming a stable currency for the new unit of digital assets

Float Protocol is a completely different kind of stablecoin. Rather than having a fixed value.

OKEx's Block Dream Fund launched a $10 million fund to support the Filecoin ecological project

Block Dream Fund under Ouyi OKEx has reached a strategic cooperation with Filecoin.

Golden Observation|How does Taxa enable Layer 2 to have better capabilities?

The congestion of Ethereum has made the Layer 2 expansion solution famous, and also made zero-knowledge proof.

Blockchain application development components: assisting low-code development

After more than ten years of development, blockchain technology has gradually become a "prairie fire" and has continued to take root in various industries. But at the same time, from a technical point of view.