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Can I burn a Picasso painting and make an NFT?



In a debate on "The Story of Strange Flowers", Li Dan once said, "The Mona Lisa is more beautiful than the Mona Lisa." Li Dan's words were originally acting lines on the stage. Seriously, but in the NFT field, the action of burning and drawing seems to have really become a certain kind of popularity. From abroad to China, the market’s reaction has also ranged from approval to rejection. Until April Fool’s Day, the JUST NFT fund founded by Justin Sun bought Picasso’s masterpiece "Reclining Nude Wearing a Necklace" for US$20 million at Christie’s 20th Century Art Evening Auction in London. ", everyone began to doubt: Will Sun Yuchen burn Picasso's painting? On October 5, 2018, Sotheby's auction house, with a clear sound of falling hammer, a mysterious person pressed the remote control in his hand. The painting "Girl With Balloon" by the famous street artist Banksy hanging on the wall behind everyone was shredded into strips by the paper shredder in the frame and slowly flowed out of the frame. This painting, which was named "British People's Favorite Art" a year ago, chose to go to destruction at the moment of the transaction. Everyone was stunned, the auctioneer was at a loss on the stage, and the bidders in the audience lowered their heads and covered their foreheads with their hands. In a panic, Sotheby's staff hurriedly lifted the "damaged" artwork away from the scene of the accident. "I was taken aback at first, but then I realized that what I bought was not just a piece of art, but a piece of art history." The female collector, who did not want to be named, finally paid the more than one million pounds, This unprecedented piece of art history is more precious than just owning a piece of work. The piece was destroyed in the auction, but at the same time another work of art was created. And this half-cut work was hung in the Sotheby's gallery for public display, and countless people queued up in the rain to see this first artwork created during the auction in history. The NBA Chicago Bulls will release the NFT series "The Aurochs": On September 8, the NBA Chicago Bulls will release the team logo-zce NFT series "The Aurochs" created by 23 artists. The designed team logo-zce will not replace the existing ones. The team logo, but will reflect the vision of a different brand. This series of NFTs will be auctioned on the Coinbase platform on September 22, with a starting price of 0.2ETH. 40% of the proceeds from the auction will go to artists, 40% to the Chicago Bulls, 10% to the NBA, and the final 10% will be donated to After School Matters, a nonprofit organization in Chicago that aims to provide educational opportunities for young people. (CoinDesk)[2022/9/9 13:18:09] Sotheby’s didn’t know about the paper shredder hidden in the picture frame. Banksy told Sotheby’s that the picture frame is also part of the work, so Sotheby’s Fuby didn't take the frame down and examine it. And this is not the first time Banksy has publicly mocked traditional auction houses. In 2006, Banksy created 500 works titled "Morons". This painting depicts an auction, and the work being auctioned is a painting. There is only one sentence in the painting: "No I can't believe you idiot bought this shit." On March 4, 2021, Brooklyn, New York, the painting was quietly burning, and the flames raged on the panel for 4 minutes and 39 seconds until the last piece was burned Charred pieces fell to the empty ground, and the drawing board became empty. The total lock-up volume of Layer 2 of Ethereum rose to 5.98 billion US dollars: Golden Finance News, according to L2BEAT data, the current total lock-up volume of Layer 2 of Ethereum rose to 5.98 billion US dollars, an increase of 9.73% on the 7th. Among them, the top five locked positions are Arbitrum ($2.61 billion, up 1.66% on the 7th), Optimism ($2.17 billion, up 28.91% on the 7th), dYdX ($524 million, down 7.25% on the 7th), Loopring ( 204 million US dollars, an increase of 1.85% on the 7th), Metis Andromeda (176 million US dollars, an increase of 25.26% on the 7th). [2022/8/6 12:06:34] Just a few minutes ago, a young man wearing a black mask ignited the painting from the lower left corner. On the black sweater he was wearing was printed the painting "Balloon Girl" ". He comes from an organization called "Burnt Banksy", and in their Twitter profile it is impressively written that they "have a mission to connect the world's physical art with NFT." They burned Banksy's "The Idiot" and minted an NFT version. This NFT version of the painting was sold at OpenSea for 288.69ETH, or about $380,000. Banksy fans and friends in the crypto art community expressed their admiration for it. They believe that the method of burning physical works and making NFTs is already "Banksy", and by burning physical works, the value of physical works will be transferred to NFT, which is also an "unprecedented" social experiment, and apparently, it was a huge success. Some people may also ask: "After it is made into an NFT, is this painting still "The Idiot"? The price of the physical version of "The Idiot" is less than 100,000 US dollars. Why is this painting sold for nearly 4 times the price? "The digital collection platform jointly initiated by the Central Academy of Fine Arts and others will be launched in early April: Jinse Finance reported that it was co-incubated by the Blockchain Branch of the China Software Industry Association under the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Digital Economy Development Association, jointly with the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Beijing 798 Art Center The co-sponsored digital collection mall platform - Zhiyuan Art Collection Platform will be launched in early April. The Zhiyuan art collection platform is backed by the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and this is the first time that an art university has deeply involved in the digital collection platform business. This means that there will be another player in the digital collection track. The Zhiyuan art collection platform will be launched in early April. Before the launch, it will start recruiting 1,000 Zhiyuan digital collection volunteers from the vast number of digital collection enthusiasts. This group of users will also get certain special rights and interests, which will be linked with future business. (Financial Associated Press) [2022/3/18 14:04:34] In fact, it can be understood in this way, just like "Balloon Girl" became "another work of art" at Sotheby's auction, this "Idiot while burning in a vacant lot in Brooklyn, New York, became "another work of art". On March 25, 2021, Beijing, Yue Art Museum, under the large electronic screen, more than 20 people were chatting and laughing. Three of them went to the front of the stage, unfolded a roll of traditional Chinese painting, and lit it with a lighter. This beautiful artwork was gradually distorted and scorched by the erosion of the flames, and finally fell into the plastic bucket on the floor. This work is the work of Mr. Leng Jun, a contemporary Chinese hyperrealist painter. After it was fully burned, it was made into an NFT, and it was finally sold for 400,000 yuan on OpenSea. In August this year, the number of jobs related to encryption and blockchain in the United States climbed by 615%: On November 6, according to Bloomberg, some Wall Street banking giants have added 1,000 encryption jobs to their institutions since 2018 . In August alone, the number of job postings related to encryption and blockchain in the United States climbed 615%. Goldman Sachs hired 82 crypto professionals, Wells Fargo 74 and JPMorgan Chase 63. The company offered a 20-30% raise compared to traditional positions such as marketing, sales and software development to motivate the best talent. According to a London-based recruiter interviewed by the Financial Times, even cryptocurrency enthusiasts can find a job in the industry, with standard annual salaries for non-programmer jobs ranging from $137,000 to $273,000, while blockchain Programmers can earn up to $337,000 a year. (Beincrypto) [2021/11/6 6:35:54] Afterwards, many crypto art communities criticized this matter. Community Discussion on Domestic Imitation From the perspective of everyone in the community, this so-called exhibition seems to be just a parody of Burnt Banksy. At least Burnt Banksy has received mixed reviews from the traditional art world and the encryption art world. But this time, the burning painting only got surprisingly unanimous negative reviews. FreeTON DeFi Alliance cooperated with KBA and Blockchain Center India, and changed its name to Everscale: News on November 13, the blockchain ecosystem FreeTON DeFi Alliance announced a partnership with the Kerala Blockchain Academy and Blockchain Center India to help improve Next Visibility and participation in the Top TON Startup Hackathon. Meanwhile, FreeTON launched a rebranding campaign, now called Everscale. Additionally, the blockchain organization has decided to burn 3 billion TON Crystal tokens to balance supply and demand and integrate with major exchanges. According to the organization's statement, TON tokens will become EVER tokens. (Coin Quora) [2021/11/13 21:49:00] Back to the beginning of the article, on April 1, 2021, the JUST NFT fund founded by Justin Sun was sold for $20 million at Christie’s 20th Century Art Evening Auction in London. "Reclining Nude with a Necklace" by Picasso. At the same time, the JUST NFT fund also auctioned "Three Self-Portraits" by American artist Andy Warhol at a price of US$2 million. Once this matter was reported, it caused great repercussions, and the originally quiet community suddenly became lively. The discussion in the community on Sun Yuchen’s auction of Picasso’s masterpieces seems to be used to seeing Sun Yuchen’s various hype methods. Therefore, regarding the “potential” possibility of burning Picasso’s artwork this time, everyone also discussed it in a half-joking way, without being outraged. No righteous indignation, of course, the reason may be "not yet burned". Let's go back to the controversial issue: In response to this issue, Rhythm BlockBeats specifically contacted NFT collector Cao Yin, ArtGee founder Felicia Che, digital art new media Cyberfunkz, and technology art curator Dora. "This is a matter of disrespect to the author, and it is an act of sensationalism." NFT collector Cao Yin just finished a live broadcast about NFT science popularization. While walking quickly on the street, he sent 15 paragraphs tens of seconds "It is very important to note that if you burn a masterpiece like Picasso without the artist's permission, it is actually an insult to the artist." "The choice is also more important. Oil painting uses oil paint and canvas as its artistic medium, traditional Chinese painting uses ink and rice paper as its artistic medium, music uses sound, rhythm, and melody as its artistic medium, and dance uses human body movements as its artistic medium... Different art categories use different art media, and different There are also more suitable art media for various art categories, and art media is the bond and bridge between artists and appreciators. Therefore, for artists, it is necessary to be familiar with different art media and choose the most suitable art media to shape art freely. It is the minimum requirement to create an image and connect yourself with the audience. In the eyes of technology and art curator Dora, Picasso’s works are not only precious because of the works themselves, but in her view, the reason why the works of art that have already enjoyed a high reputation in the secular view is often due to the precipitation of creation. The added value contributed by readers, time, art critics, curators, collectors (including individuals and venues), viewers, etc. "These values are rare and precious because they cannot be reproduced." Felicia Che, founder of ArtGee Said: "Traditional works of art have a very important feature, that is, the appreciation and practicality in real physics." Cyberfunkz, a new digital art media known for its novel and sharp views, also expressed the same view on this, although NFT has Rational advantages such as verifiable, traceable, and easy to transfer are far from enough for perceptual matters such as art appreciation: "From the perspective of user experience in works appreciation, oil paintings must be real objects. .Because oil paint will present different light and shadow and three-dimensionality in real light. Not to mention that there are too many works of art that are the artist's innovative combination of different materials, which may be pottery, wood, cardboard, cloth, etc. "From this perspective In other words, NFT is not a "panacea" for all art categories, on the contrary, it has great limitations. Why can Banksy's works be burned to make NFT? This has a lot to do with Banksy's personal style. Banksy's works are more similar to reproducible prints, using pre-made templates to spray out the works on the street, and Banksy's ironic spirit, rebelliousness, and value proposition are naturally in line with the blockchain spirit, so although there are many People have objections to burning Banksy's works, but making his works into NFT can also be recognized by people. Cao Yin compared this matter to "playing jazz with Western classical instruments". The value proposition is consistent. And the hyperrealist works that burned Leng Jun, or Picasso's cubist works, were all transferred from rice paper, canvas and other media to NFT media. According to Cao Yin's words, it is "playing jazz with folk instruments", although There are also very good adaptations, but after all, they are only a handful, and most of them have lost the original taste of jazz. Cyberfunkz called Banksy a "social activist". His works not only have the function of "appreciation", so his works are not limited by form, material and medium. The information conveyed by his works , Such as anti-war, equal rights, anti-capitalism, etc. are the essence of the work. So that's why Banksy's paintings are burned without affecting the artistic expression and value of his works, while the burning of Mr. Leng Jun's works makes everyone feel more like "a mere imitation". So which works of art are more suitable for choosing NFT as an art medium? "I basically don't collect works that exist at the same time as physical works and NFT." As one of the earliest collectors of the famous encryption artist FEWOCiOUS, Cao Yin's unique vision also makes Cao Yin's views more resounding.


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