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Video: Hip-hop Rap "What is Bitcoin" by Silicon Valley tycoons



LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman released this hip-hop rap video, in which dozens of bigwigs from the blockchain industry appeared, including founders of Litecoin and Zcash.

It is rumored that Apple is promoting recruitment work to develop 3D virtual world and video services: Jinse Finance reported that Apple's next important product, the mixed reality (MR) headset, is expected to be available next year, and the company is currently adjusting its recruitment plan for its equipment. Some functions are ready, including the development of 3D virtual world and video services. In addition, the device will run a new operating system called realityOS. The first version of the operating system, code-named Oak, is currently being finalized internally and ready to be applied to new hardware next year. Apple also plans to seek engineers who can develop development tools for virtual reality and augmented reality to work on the App Intents framework to help design and implement solutions that allow apps to work with features such as Siri and Shortcuts. (investing) [2022/11/14 13:01:58]

Web3 short video platform Cheelee completes USD 8 million financing, Veligera Capital participates in the investment: On November 4th, Web3 video social platform Cheelee completed USD 8 million equity financing, US investment fund Veligera Capital, UAE Infinity Technology Fund, and VC SILA participated Investment, the company also received a $ 1.3 million VC fund grant support.

It is reported that Cheelee provides a free "NFT glasses" for new users, which can monitor the viewing time of videos and convert them into corresponding points according to the length of time, and then exchange token rewards. In addition, users can also use Cheelee's native tokens to upgrade glasses functions, such as memory, frames, lenses, etc. Currently, its service is in the final stage of testing and is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2022. (techbullion) [2022/11/4 12:16:51]

Decentralized video infrastructure platform VideoCoin adds fiat currency payment: VideoCoin, a decentralized video encoding, storage and content-zce distribution network, announced on Tuesday that it will use dormant computing resources to process streaming video. The platform will add fiat currency payment channels because the project Promising to move beyond the limited realm of crypto and blockchain tokens. The VideoCoin network started commercialization on May 27th. (CoinDesk)[2020/5/26]


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In a debate on "The Story of Strange Flowers", Li Dan once said, "The Mona Lisa is more beautiful than the Mona Lisa." Li Dan's words were originally acting lines on the stage. Seriously, but in the NFT field.

Video: Hip-hop Rap "What is Bitcoin" by Silicon Valley tycoons

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman released this hip-hop rap video, in which dozens of bigwigs from the blockchain industry appeared.

YouSwap announced the official launch of the ETH/HECO cross-chain bridge | Opening a new era of cross-chain

The blockchain was born from Bitcoin, which represents blockchain 1.0. At this stage, the blockchain only has the function of transferring money. With the introduction of the concept of smart contracts by ETH.

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