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YouSwap announced the official launch of the ETH/HECO cross-chain bridge | Opening a new era of cross-chain



The blockchain was born from Bitcoin, which represents blockchain 1.0. At this stage, the blockchain only has the function of transferring money. With the introduction of the concept of smart contracts by ETH, the blockchain has entered the 2.0 era, and various DApps can be built on the Ethereum network, and the blockchain has begun to truly connect with reality. Polkadot and the cross-chain architecture proposed by COSMOS have brought the blockchain into the 3.0 era. In this era, assets between different public chains can be transferred to each other, and the ecologies of different public chains begin to interoperate. In the era of rapid development of the blockchain, exchanges at the top of the food chain are also changing with the times. The emergence of Uniswap has changed the situation of centralized exchanges occupying the market, which means that the era of decentralized exchanges has come. The integration of cross-chain in decentralized exchanges has become the current mainstream trend. Before Uniswap launched the cross-chain transaction function, some innovative decentralized exchanges have already deployed cross-chain transactions first, contributing their own strength to the development of DEX . Among these exchanges, YouSwap, a decentralized exchange from Singapore, has gained a large number of users and attention within a few days of its launch. YouSwap was the first to be deployed on the ETH network. On April 10, the second public chain HECO was officially launched and the ETH/HECO cross-chain bridge was launched, marking that YouSwap officially entered a new era of cross-chain.

YouSwap adds STB/WHT liquidity mining: According to official news, YouSwap will start STB/WHT liquidity mining in the multi-mining area of the HECO chain at 20:00 on September 25 (UTC+8). Users can pass Pledge STB/WHT LP to mine STB. "Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties" is the first card staking mining game released by the STB project team. As of 11:00 on September 24, YouSwap's cumulative transaction volume reached 144,351,781 USDT, TVL reached 107 million US dollars, and the cumulative total mining output value was 2,699,312 USDT. [2021/9/24 17:03:26]

In more than ten days since its launch, YouSwap has proved its unlimited potential with excellent data. On March 16, the first round of IDO users on YouSwap competed for the top spot with a ratio of 1:35. On the evening of March 19th, YouSwap’s second round of IDO raised 4809%, an increase of nearly 50 times, and the total subscription amount exceeded 2.4 million US dollars, which shows the popularity. On March 26, YouSwap, a decentralized exchange, was officially launched, supporting the liquidity mining of six trading pairs: YOU/USDT, BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, YOU/UNI, YOU/LINK, and YOU/ETH and the trading of YOU Single coin mining. As of April 10, the total market value of the platform’s mining output was 424378.86 (USDT), and the total lock-up volume reached 2244016.28 (USDT). The price of YOU was reported at $0.62, an increase of 1240%. On April 10, YouSwap officially launched the second public chain HECO, and at the same time opened the "From ETH to HECO" cross-chain bridge exchange function, users can use the cross-chain bridge function to realize assets from the ETH main network to the Huobi main chain Cross-chain conversion of HECO. Multi-chain mining allows users to freely switch between mining public chains, and easily participate in the ecology of different public chains in a fast and low-cost way through the cross-chain conversion of assets, and enjoy dividends.

Analyst Joseph Young: The DeFi market is still seriously undervalued: On January 13, encryption analyst Joseph Young tweeted that the DeFi market is still seriously undervalued. The total market cap of all DeFi tokens (even including Chainlink) is $25.7 billion. XRP + LTC + ADA market cap is $31 billion. Several automated market makers (AMMs) are approaching the volumes of popular centralized exchanges. Uniswap $623 million per day SushiSwap $335 million per day. Growth is expected to accelerate rapidly as AMMs enter the second tier. And decentralized futures trading on Ethereum is also growing rapidly. [2021/1/13 16:04:20]

Although YouSwap has achieved good results in a short period of time when it was launched, due to the high transaction fees of Ethereum, it is not possible to obtain a good user experience when trading on Ethereum. Therefore, YouSwap decided to deploy on some current high-performance public chains such as HECO, BSC, and TRON at the same time. YouSwap will be the first to launch the HECO network, and then launch other public chains in turn.

News | Camfrog and Listia Plan to Integrate YouNow’s Props Token: YouNow says two peer-to-peer sites, Camfrog and Listia, are integrating their Props token. Camfrog, a video chat app, will launch in a few weeks, and Listia, a marketplace for second-hand goods, is expected to launch in March. Neither Camfrog nor Listia have released information on how they plan to structure their Props incentive programs. Video site Paltalk and XSplit Gamecaster have also promised to integrate Props, according to a YouNow spokesperson, but specific details have yet to be released. According to previous reports, the U.S. SEC has granted YouNow the Reg A+ qualification for Ethereum-based tokens. It is reported that its Props token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, integrates with streaming media platforms such as YouNew and XSplit, and rewards users and creators with tokens. (CoinDesk)[2020/1/31]

Voice | Joseph Young: Buy high-priced coins but not low-priced ones? Speechless: Cryptocurrency analyst Joseph Young tweeted: If you’ve bought $19,500 Bitcoin but don’t want to buy $3,000 Bitcoin, I’m speechless. [2018/12/8]

The above data comes from:

The current TVL on Heco is about 8.8 billion US dollars, and Heco, which will be launched at the end of 2020, is developing rapidly. But let's compare the data of the ETH main network: 

The current lock-up volume (TVL) is about 51 billion US dollars.

The current TVL of ETH is more than 6 times that of the TVL on the Heco chain. And there is no mention of the other two largest exchanges in the world, Binance and OKEx. The ecological resources connected by the two chains of BSC and OKChain in their respective ecology can also be treated equally with Huobi Ecology.

We can make the following speculations about the performance of YouSwap after cross-chain:

1. The number of users and transaction volume of YouSwap will be greatly expanded;

2. The YouSwap experience will be better, because a DEX directly connects to all the current mainstream DeFi ecosystems, which is a more convenient experience for users, and the transaction speed of YouSwap on HECO is faster;

3. There will be more profit opportunities for projects on YouSwap. In the past, there were excellent teams who may have begun to develop and deploy them on other public chains. They are unwilling or inconvenient to migrate to Heco. At this time, YouSwap can be used as a cross-chain Channels to help realize the value exchange of assets;

4.   Low-cost transactions will bring more DeFi mining opportunities on YouSwap. More opportunities for retail investors;

5. With the entry of large funds, many large households and institutions cannot freely migrate to different public chains for mining due to their own preferences and agreements with relevant partners. YouSwap will be on the new public chain due to its user experience and profitability Attract large funds to enter the market under the ecology;

6. The value of YOU may further increase;

Cross-chain is just the starting point of YouSwap. YouSwap will improve the product experience through step-by-step iterative updates, and become the "aggregator" of the entire DeFi track, aggregating the top technologies of the entire DeFi industry, and achieving a safer and more efficient solution than traditional centralized exchanges. A fair and better-experienced full-ecology DEX exchange. In an excellent time window, with good products, unique gameplay mechanisms and continuous innovation capabilities, for new DEXs including YouSwap, it may only take time and patience to stand out from the encirclement.


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YouSwap announced the official launch of the ETH/HECO cross-chain bridge | Opening a new era of cross-chain

The blockchain was born from Bitcoin, which represents blockchain 1.0. At this stage, the blockchain only has the function of transferring money. With the introduction of the concept of smart contracts by ETH.

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