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Is NFT really out of the circle?



The hot wind of NFT blows from inside to outside the circle, and the popularity outside the circle seems to overwhelm Bitcoin.

He Caitou wrote an article "Some Nonsense About NFT". Before publishing it, he set his sights on creating a new low reading volume, but he did not expect that the reading volume would reach 74,000, and many people in the currency circle would reward him. The reason for the reward It is "even He Caitou is talking about NFT".

After thinking about it, he wrote "Feelings of being surrounded by crowds". In the article, he mentioned: "The currency circle exists beyond my comprehension. If it weren't for the article yesterday, probably both of us could be in our own hands. Continue to live peacefully in the world of the other party, as if the other party never existed at all."

As it said, like Bitcoin, NFT builds a bridge of communication inside and outside the currency circle. When gathering among friends, in addition to breaking the silence with "Has the bitcoin you bought recently increased?", you can also ask "Do you know encryption art? Do you know that Takashi Murakami is also selling NFT?" It's an unpopular thing, you can show him CCTV's report on NFT.

Behind the emergence of NFT, the combination of NFT and popular culture has become a new topic. "Happy Planet" and "Sorghum Yee" are popular videos that can be made into NFTs. Perhaps the promotional language of encrypted art will soon become "What is encrypted art? If you want to know what encrypted art is, I will take you to research it now! "

The transaction volume of The Americans NFT increased by more than 2500% in the past 24 hours: Jinse Finance News, according to the latest data from Opensea, the transaction volume of The Americans NFT in the past 24 hours was 296.17ETH, an increase of 2687.31% in 24 hours. [2022/7/17 2:18:12]

It is easy to understand that pop culture empowers NFT expressions, but does pop culture really need NFT?

NFT out of circle

The important basis for demonstrating that NFT is out of the circle is that celebrities outside the circle and traditional enterprises have begun to pay attention to and set foot in the NFT field.

Outside celebrity

Takashi Murakami, Brother Sayan, The Weeknd, and Chen Huanren are four people who have nothing to do with the currency circle. They have a relationship with the currency circle through NFT.

Takashi Murakami is a very influential artist in Japan, and his works have appeared in mainstream Western media such as the New York Times many times. When Takashi Murakami is mentioned for the first time, you may feel unfamiliar. But if you mention his work "Sunflower", even if you are not in the art circle, you have more or less seen the pattern of "Sunflower" in art exhibitions and clothing.

On March 29, Takashi Murakami announced through Instagram that the NFT collection "Sunflower" will be released on OpenSea. Together with a Japanese authoritative game agency, he made 108 variants, alleging longing for the world. Takashi Murakami said on Instagram: The choice to sell NFT works was influenced by Beeple Christie's auction, and he had already started thinking about how to present works on the NFT platform in the right way.

Yuga Labs hires a key member of Christie's NFT team as the head of the CryptoPunks brand: Jinjin Finance News, Yuga Labs will hire Noah Davis, a key member of the Christie's NFT team, as the head of the CryptoPunks project brand.

Davis said, "If you are a CryptoPunk holder and you care about the future of the brand, I would like to talk one-on-one. I will be attending Punks Brunch during NFT NYC. Wherever Punks goes, the community will help guide us .” Davis was behind Beeple’s famous “The First 5,000 Days” NFT, which sold for $69 million at Christie’s in March 2021. He is also the head of the Howlerz NFT project, which he will continue to lead during his new role at YugaLabs. [2022/6/20 4:39:24]

Brother Salt became popular on the Internet in 2017 because of his high-end salt action, and was dubbed by netizens as a man with "the saltiest elbow in the world". On March 30, he cast his explosive video on Rarible into an NFT. In the description, he wrote: "On January 7, 2017, I became famous for sprinkling salt in the video." In the end, the NFT was sold at 5 The price of ETH is traded. In addition to the famous Salt video NFT, Brother Sayan also produced NFTs of knives and dolls.

The Japanese NFT brand "BOSO TOKYO ーRampage Tokyo" was released: According to official news, the Japanese NFT brand "BOSO TOKYO ーRampage Tokyo" was released. The illustrator Hideki Tenjin, who has drawn mecha illustrations for "Gundam" and "Star Wars", is the main designer. BOSO TOKYO (Runaway Tokyo) is inspired by Japanese motorcycle gangsters, and its goal is to create a brand identity that can be recognized in the Metaverse world. [2022/6/13 4:22:44]

It can be seen from Sayan’s account that he currently has a total of 50 collections, including Takashi Murakami’s NFT work Sunflower #0000. Judging from the categories of collectibles and the NFTs he created, Brother Salt has been an NFT player for some time.

In addition to art and streaming media, the NFT craze has proved the feasibility of the combination of pop music and NFT, and the popularity of musicians participating in NFT experiments is also increasing. Recently, the Grammy Award winner The Weeknd (bonsai brother) completed his NFT Song Auction. On the official website of Nifty Gateway, the final transaction price of The Weeknd's MV NFT "The Source" was 490,000 US dollars, and the final transaction price of the entire auction reached 2.29 million US dollars.

Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea will issue NFT certificates to three award-winning graduates: According to news on February 14, Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea will hold an online graduation ceremony on Wednesday and issue NFT certificates to three students who won the intramural competition. Sungkyunkwan University stated that the NFT certificate can be used as an official graduation certificate at any time without worrying about losing the original or forging a copy.

It is reported that in 1996, Samsung, a South Korean conglomerate, joined the University Foundation and became its main partner and sponsor, continuing the cooperative relationship in the 1960s and 1970s. Additionally, some universities in South Korea, such as Soongsil University and Chung-Ang University, have recently been working with local blockchain developers to incorporate NFT and Metaverse technologies into their graduation services. (Forkast) [2022/2/14 9:50:02]

In addition to The Weeknd, Chen Huanren, the producer of "Love is Doubt" for Eason Chan, recently completed the first NFT single auction, becoming the first person to issue NFT in the Chinese music scene. On March 28, he released the NFT single "Nobody Gets Me" on the OpenSea platform. The auction ended on April 4, and the single was finally sold for 7 ETH (about 14,500 US dollars).

The next day, Chen Huanren said on Weibo: "Thank you everyone! The experiment was successful! The auction was sold for 7 ETH. The next generation of musicians will work harder than our generation. I hope everyone can help me convey the message so that the new generation of musicians Yes, try the NFT model with me. Establish this new, closer business model with your fans. In the field of music, take a longer and lasting road. This is just the first step, let’s keep going!"

The average increase of the NFT concept sector today is 3.35%: According to Jinse Finance, the average increase of the NFT concept sector is 3.35% today. Among the 26 currencies, 14 rose and 12 fell, among which the leading currencies were: WAX (+81.18%), RFOX (+7.23%), and RARI (+6.69%). The leading currencies are: NFTX (-9.66%), DEP (-4.13%), CHZ (-4.02%). [2021/8/23 22:31:02]

Traditional businesses

Among traditional companies, luxury jewelry-related companies are undoubtedly the pioneers in the NFT field.

According to a report published by Vogue Business recently, Gucci has confirmed that the release of NFT is only a matter of time. According to sources, not only Gucci, but many luxury-related companies are about to release NFT.

Gucci will launch NFT, the news is not surprising, because Gucci has launched virtual shoes based on AR technology. The virtual shoes are priced at $11.99, making them Gucci's cheapest shoes yet. This pair of shoes exists in the virtual world, and the APP can make this pair of shoes "wear" on the user's feet. Some netizens complained: "The only function is to post to Moments."

Before the emergence of virtual shoes, virtual fashion brand RTFKT Studios has completed the sale of NFT shoes. Last month, RTFKT Studios and encrypted artist Fewocious collaborated to launch three NFT sneakers, priced at $3,000, $5,000, and $10,000 respectively. The 621 pairs of shoes were sold out within 7 minutes of being on the shelves, and the two parties made a net profit of $3.1 million.

In addition to shoes, German Look Labs launched the world's first digital perfume. The digital fragrance is based on the unisex fragrance launched in October last year and is available in limited edition. The scent of the NFT perfume was extracted using near-infrared spectroscopy and represented in the artwork as spectral data. According to Cointelegraph, the digital perfume will be sold as 10 NFTs on Rarible, and NFT bidders will get a bottle of physical perfume in addition to the NFT.

Luxury-related companies explore NFT, so that the term NFT is no longer limited to the currency circle media. The above information is found in the media related to fashion and trendy play. It was mentioned earlier that NFT out of the circle is more related to sports, art, and music. The addition of the fashion industry has made NFT more "fashionable".

Does pop culture necessarily need NFTs?

Celebrities outside the circle and traditional enterprises have tried the NFT field one after another, and they need to consider IP and the relationship between supply and demand.

The NFT market is still in its early stages of development, and IP is still in a dominant position. In the field of art, such as Beeple, Pak, and Takashi Murakami, in the field of luxury goods, such as Gucci and LV, these have become IPs worldwide.

The value brought by IP is sometimes "crazy". A few years ago, when Apple's new models were released, there was a long queue at the door of Apple's direct sales store; when Gucci launched a limited edition bag, Gucci fans lined up for hours. Just to be able to grab the limited edition of the world premiere; when Beeple auctioned his own works, the price was constantly raised, and finally sold at an astonishing price.

For brands and individuals who have already sold their IP, entering the NFT field is a move to expand the market. As mentioned above, NFT can connect the inside and outside of the circle. Specifically, it is to bring the concept of NFT out of the currency circle and let traditional capital enter the currency circle. When traditional enterprises enter the NFT field, they can use NFT as a business growth point. When the NFT market matures and NFT becomes popular, traditional enterprises will receive huge returns on their early investment in NFT.

Do all IPs need to launch their own NFT? Whether it is from the perspective of IP value-added or NFT market, it is not absolute.

When traditional companies launch NFTs, they should put NFTs in the perspective of added value, rather than saying that I have to rely on NFTs to rise. Although it may be possible in the future, companies that do not have high-quality IPs should first do a good job of their own IPs. Do well in the main business. Establishing a high-quality IP has a greater chance of surviving in the NFT market.

The NFT market will inevitably go through a process of washing out the sand, and all NFTs need to pass the test of time. Before entering the NFT field, think about what advantages you have and whether you are ready. "You don't know who is swimming naked until the tide goes out." This sentence also applies to the development of NFT.

The second point is supply and demand. When the fashion official account began to talk about NFT, the demand for NFT was stimulated. People always tend to know what is popular recently and what is fashionable at the moment. When the word NFT pops up, the sensory freshness attracts people to understand what NFT is.

For most people who don't understand the blockchain, the reason why they buy NFT has become novelty, good-looking, and fashionable. The initial purchase of NFT may be to show off and show new things to friends. Slowly, people will compare the differences between NFTs and see which NFTs are valuable. The last batch of NFTs left on the market, stamped with a "limited edition" label, directly raises the price of a single NFT.

The positioning of NFT is a collectible, not a necessity of life. What NFT players need to consider is how to obtain a collection with a large appreciation space. Those who want to enter the game should first think clearly about the motivation for buying NFT. NFT producers should consider how to maximize the value of their works.


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