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Strengthen financial services and promote the comprehensive digital transformation of real enterprises GBFDA Foundation and Hainan Digital Reform Special Committee Cooperation Statement



As the Global Blockchain Financial Development Alliance Foundation Alliance (referred to as GBFDA Fund), in order to further enhance the sense of mission and responsibility, it adheres to the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. Financial services for the real economy should be upgraded from traditional financing services to comprehensive support for innovative development.

Under the purpose of service development of the GBFDA Fund, in 2021, it will cooperate with Hainan Digital Transformation Technology Co., Ltd. to make it the only cooperative enterprise in China.

All the business of the GBFDA Foundation must pass the official audit and certification of Hainan Digital Transformation Technology Co., Ltd. to fully ensure that the products conform to China's national conditions, and the products are market-oriented, profitable, professional, and certified.

Compound founder: I hope the community can take advantage of this liquidation event to further strengthen the agreement: Compound founder Robert Leshner said on Twitter that the price of DAI on Coinbase Pro had risen rapidly before, resulting in the liquidation of $85.2 million in DAI borrowed from Compound. 124 out of 225,793 users were affected, no undercollateralized accounts, all markets are healthy. There is a lot of discussion in the community about risk, liquidation and price. Some believe the protocol is executed flawlessly, actively guarding against undercollateralized accounts. Others see it as a borrower-friendly system that is poorly designed due to its reliance on one exchange. Compound Dai reached $1.6 billion, surpassing the DAI liquidity on all exchanges and secondary trading venues in the world. The risk of mass liquidation has been building over the summer. It is hoped that the community can use this liquidation event as a catalyst to further strengthen the protocol, discuss the trade-offs between aggressive or moderate (such as MakerDAO) liquidation systems, and add additional safeguards if necessary. I sympathize with users who may not understand the risks, liquidation mechanisms, or tail risks of market disruption, and encourage the community to find ways to mitigate the impact of this event on them. [2020/11/27 22:18:09]

At the same time, if enterprises that have not passed the professional certification carry out any type of business promotion and other activities in the name of the GBFDA Foundation or Hainan Digital Transformation Technology Co., Ltd., they must bear all economic and legal risks. In addition, the GBFDA Foundation and Hainan Digital Change Technology Co., Ltd. will hold all the initiative.

Grayscale Report: CBDCs Will Strengthen Bitcoin's Role in the Digital Economy: Bitcoin's Role in the "Global Digital Economy" Could Be Strengthened by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Says Asset Manager Grayscale Investments Report , rather than weakening. “Whether CBDC is successfully introduced or not, it has forced institutions to consider adopting digital currency infrastructure, strengthening the position of non-sovereign digital currencies (such as Bitcoin).” In addition, even if both CBDC and Bitcoin are platformized, they will have Quite differently, Bitcoin is still seen as "an apolitical option." (Ambcrypto)[2020/5/23]

Detailed rules for cooperation number change:

News | Gansu Provincial Government Work Report: New thinking should be strengthened in blockchain construction and other aspects: Gansu Governor Tang Renjian hosted the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Thirteenth Provincial Government on January 14, and reviewed and approved the Third Session of the Thirteenth Provincial People's Congress The goals and tasks identified in the "Government Work Report" will be fully mobilized and deployed. The meeting emphasized that we must strengthen new thinking in terms of grasping investment orientation, promoting high-quality development, and blockchain construction, overcome the panic of skills, improve the level of ability, and not be a man in the Taohuayuan who "does not know Han, regardless of Wei and Jin". (Gansu Daily) [2020/1/15]

1. The official website of the Digital Reform Special Committee is the only designated channel to apply for enterprise digital reform

2. Establish a business matchmaking center between the GBFDA Foundation of Hainan Special Economic Zone and the Hainan Digital Reform Committee

3. The digital reform special committee appoints a commissioner to enter the site for review and asset due diligence

4. Announce the shortlisted companies in the current period, and change the number according to the serial number

5. The enterprise pays the corresponding basic security deposit (assessed according to the type and scale of the enterprise)

6. In-depth digital reform of enterprises by the Digital Reform Special Committee

7. After evaluating the assets of the enterprise, send the digital assets of the enterprise to the chain for the enterprise 1:1 (100% match the actual assets of the enterprise)

8. At the same time, the company's digital assets are listed on the ICEX digital business zone

9. The company's original sales channels and sales methods remain unchanged, and 30% to 70% of the company's sales are used to purchase intercontinental funds (the fund owner is the company) and 100% of the fund's dividend income is used In the repurchase of the company's digital assets and market value management.

10. The company reserves 10% of the digital assets for ICT holders to carry out LP liquidity mining and valid users registered during the data reform period for airdrops.

Classification of enterprises that meet the requirements of the digital reform

1. FMCG section

1. Manufacturing enterprise

2. Fast moving consumer goods industry

3. Own your own brand

4. Patent

5. No bad credit report

6. The product needs to be covered

2. Cultural section

1. Cultural enterprise

2. Media culture industry

3. Have an independent brand culture

4. Own copyright patent

6. Special items need to be covered

3. Financial and government affairs sector

1. Institution

2. Financial service companies

3. Securities company

4. Contact method

WeChat ID: ninali0368


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Strengthen financial services and promote the comprehensive digital transformation of real enterprises GBFDA Foundation and Hainan Digital Reform Special Committee Cooperation Statement

As the Global Blockchain Financial Development Alliance Foundation Alliance (referred to as GBFDA Fund), in order to further enhance the sense of mission and responsibility.

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