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NFT: The bubbles in the sun are colorful



Why? One day when I went to an art exhibition, most of the people in the venue stood quietly in front of various artworks to appreciate carefully, or discussed in groups of three or four the humanistic meaning expressed by their works in a low voice. After walking around for a while, I found a broom standing in an inconspicuous corner of the exhibition hall. I looked at it for a long time, wanting to understand the central idea expressed by this work? "Is it to praise the working people?" "Is it to sweep away the troubles of life?" I didn't have the answer until a cleaning lady took it away... When I saw EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS The above joke flashed in my mind after the news of the successful auction with a price of $69,346,250 (starting price of $100). Christie's auction image Yes, that's right. I think the absurd NFT auction record has been broken again, before this: CryptoKitties Founder Cat#18 sold for $110,000. NBA Top Shot James card sold for $200,000. Nyan Cat was bought for 300 ETH (about $600,000). Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's first tweet sold at auction for $2.5 million ... The transaction volume of posersnft series NFT has increased by more than 100% in the past 24 hours: Jinse Finance reported that the latest data from OpenSea shows that the transaction volume of posersnft series NFT in the past 24 hours was 487ETH, with a growth rate of 179%. The trading volume in the past 24 hours ranks No. 3 in OpenSea. [2022/9/19 7:05:12] Nyan Cat Rainbow Cat Someone told me that most of the current blockchain practitioners look at NFT, especially like people outside the industry look at the blockchain, just three words- can’t see Understand. Beeple's masterpiece completely exploded my WeChat Moments. I couldn't help but start teasing that "the Mona Lisa is more valuable than the Mona Lisa, which is burning", but as soon as the words fell, someone did it. People can't help but sigh, "It's all because the world is changing too fast, and poverty limits my imagination." Mornos, the famous street artist Banksy's work, was burned and will be minted as NFT in SuperFarm auction NFT out of the circle - from the NFT circle to the currency circle. There have been a lot of popular science articles about NFT recently, so we won’t repeat the basic concepts. Interested friends can read The Non-Fungible Token Bible: Everything you need to know about NFTs (known as the "NFT Bible") by OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer "), although it is a relatively old document, but it is relatively comprehensive in terms of popular science. Rainbow announces support for NFTs on Layer 2 networks Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism: Golden Finance News, Ethereum wallet Rainbow announced that it currently supports NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism. [2022/7/27 2:40:00] But to be clear, here is one more thing to be clear: NFT (non-homogeneous token) ≠ CryptoArts (encrypted art) Now some articles often confuse them, but the difference between understanding them The concept is particularly important to open our vision of NFT, because I believe that everything can be Tokenized, so CryptoArts is a subset of NFT in a sense. Since CryptoArts is a subset of NFT, to understand the enlightenment of NFT, let’s start with the initial combination of art culture and cryptocurrency. Although some people think that NFT sprouted in Colored Coin (2012), I think the most iconic and widely accepted idea of ​​CryptoArts should be Dogecoin (2013). Although the picture of this Shiba Inu originated around 2010, it became an "Internet celebrity" because of a 4chan "Bangba" incident in 2013. During this period, BTC just rose from more than ten dollars to more than one thousand dollars. Because Jackson Palmer, who was working at Adobe at the time, found that many altcoins emerged in an endless stream during this bull market, so he registered Dogecoin on a "idle egg pain" night. .com domain name, and later hit it off with Billy Markus, a software engineer at IBM, and dug out the genesis block of Dogecoin. The US Patent and Trademark Office and the Copyright Office launched a study on the impact of NFT on intellectual property: On July 12, the US Patent and Trademark Office and the Copyright Office will launch a study to study the impact of NFT on intellectual property. In June, Senators Patrick Leahy and Thom Tillis asked for an in-depth study of the potential impact this nascent asset class could have on intellectual property. The two departments have agreed to conduct a communication study with Leahy and Tillis and have held initial discussions on developing an action plan, which will include consultations with various stakeholders familiar with the NFT space. An initial set of issues raised by two senators from Vermont and North Carolina will be considered. This includes potential intellectual property challenges for future applications of NFTs, rights related to the transfer of NFT ownership, licensing rights and infringements, and potential intellectual property rights granted to NFT creators. (Cointelegraph) [2022/7/12 2:08:23] Recently, many people have seen that the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, has been calling for Dogecoin, but they don’t know that it has such a relationship with CryptoArts. Veteran Dogecoin Meme digital currency players or large asset holders are now getting used to using hardware wallets like imKey. In fact, before 2015, paper wallets were still relatively popular, because in terms of security, it achieved real physical isolation. From this (2014) an idea to combine paper wallets and works of art was born. Now when we open this website, we can still see many beautiful paintings, and when these paintings are printed on paper wallets, the value of the works can also sing along with the rise of BTC. Data: The floor price of LOOT dropped to 6.09ETH, while the Ethereum network increased by 150,000 NFT assets every day: OpenSea data shows that the NFT floor price of the LOOT project fell to 6.09ETH. From the data, the current quotation is below 10ETH (excluding 10) The number of NFTs is 80. According to data from the data website NFTSCAN, the Ethereum network has added an average of about 150,000 NFT assets per day in the past three days. This means that while the floor price of leading projects is falling, NFT assets are being created rapidly. [2021/9/9 23:12:45] Although these two things are far from the current NFT implementation thinking, I believe it is this exploratory culture that is quietly affecting the development of subsequent NFT stories. The earliest that can be traced back, and the closest to the current NFT concept is an encrypted game (also the earliest encrypted game), called Spells of Genesis (2015). They are not only the pioneers of putting game assets on the chain, but also the first group of people who launched 1c0. Although there have been many attempts at encrypted games since then, such as Rare Pepes, it is CryptoKitties-encrypted cats that brought NFT into the public eye. Here is a digression. I personally started to get in touch with Bitcoin in 2012. I actually started working in the blockchain industry in 2016. Many people call this year "the first year of blockchain". How to explain "the first year of blockchain"? That is, one step forward, you are the "currency circle OG", and the next step is "follow the trend of leeks". Because 2017 has experienced a big ups and downs, and CryptoKitties just caught the tail of the bull market, people realized that not only should they pay attention to those altcoins, but even blockchain games can "make quick money". I think it is precisely this era background that created a generation of legends, and also allowed the CryptoKitties team to obtain 12 million US dollars in financing the following year (CryptoKitties was originally launched by Axiom Zen, and then operated independently). The average decline of the NFT concept sector today is 0.54%: Jinse Finance and Economics quotes show that the average decline of the NFT concept sector today is 0.54%. Among the 16 currencies, 10 rose and 6 fell, among which the leading currencies were: RARI (+10.10%), LYXE (+5.54%), MIX (+3.87%). The leading currencies are: SLP (-12.75%), MEME (-11.85%), LAR (-11.56%). [2020/11/21 21:34:51] The madness of the public and the injection of capital have made some people realize the magic of the combination of NFT and games. Although at the end of 2017, the trading volume of CryptoKitties fell off a cliff, but it is undeniable that it was successful, and this success is "reproducible" because it has formed a set of "reproducible" industry standards - ERC721. In the above, I told a lot of wonderful stories in the development process of NFT, but in fact, before August 2020 (or even a few months later), it was still an unknown person. Looking back to the ill-fated 2020, the epidemic is raging, making the entire world economic situation seem to have returned to the period after the end of World War II. Countries have adopted monetary easing policies in order to drive the recovery of the national economy. For the stock market and digital currency market, the bull market is bound to come. The blockchain industry has bred countless fresh "life", the most conspicuous of which is DeFi, which has attracted the attention of almost 80% of the currency circle. The crazy APY makes NFT gradually faded out of people's field of vision. The remaining 20% are concerned about Polkadot, Eth2, Layer2... Almost no one in the community discusses NFT. But now, it seems that the entire industry is discussing NFT. Recently, many NFT companies have begun to raise financing or have raised a considerable amount of funds to survive the next capital winter. Seeing that many people on the Internet are analyzing the reasons why NFT is "out of the circle", in fact, I think that the popularity of NFT is not because people in the industry bring it outside the industry, but people outside the industry bring NFT into the industry. NFT gets rid of the geek, technology, and obscure stereotypes that blockchain brings to people, because it is so obvious. Early practitioners in the industry alone cannot make NFT reach such heights. For example, it has higher requirements for vision (artists) and higher requirements for financial expertise (such as bills). It needs stories and scenes. NFT has brought infinite vitality and more possibilities to the industry, broadened the road of the blockchain, and made the blockchain a step further. Even the hype has become more interesting than just buying and selling numbly against a bunch of numbers. Things have opposites, some people are optimistic and others are negative. Akimbo founder Seth Godin expressed his different views on NFT in his blog titled NFTs are a dangerous trap. He refuted the development value of NFT in terms of artwork from two aspects: NFT creators will spend more time on scarcity and find ways to add value, rather than creating from an artistic perspective. Therefore, NFT is different from a work of art. It does not have an intriguing aesthetic feeling, and can only express some content-zce superficially. NFTs consume electricity. waste! If only the above point of view is used to refute the value of NFT in CrypoArts, I personally cannot agree. I think NFT has brought a revolution to the art collection world. I believe everyone has seen the latest movie "Creed" directed by Nolan. The villain in it puts his collection of art in a place called "Freeport", which is used for many wealthy people to avoid taxes. In the physical world, the circulation of art transactions will generate very high taxes and fees. Taking the United States as an example, its art imports implement a zero-tariff policy, and only charge the seller a customs fee of 0.21% of the declared value of the work. However, works of art are defined as assets in the United States. For art transactions in the United States, the seller first needs to pay capital gains (income from buying low and selling assets high) tax, and the tax rates are divided according to the status of art dealers, investors, and collectors. 28% and 35% of net profit. In addition, buyers also need to pay consumption tax ranging from 4% to 11% according to the conditions of each state in the United States. For example, an investor buys a painting worth $500,000 from an art dealer in New York, and resells it for $1 million a few months later. He has made a profit of $500,000, but 140,000 of it needs Pay as tax! And the last person to buy will also need to pay an excise tax of $88,750 at the rate of 8.875%. A painting only increased in value by 500,000 US dollars in one circulation transaction, but generated 229,000 US dollars in taxes! Speaking of this, you may understand how revolutionary NFT is. With the popularity of digitization, encrypted artworks have unique advantages in trading compared with traditional artworks. The movie "Creed" Freeport In addition to collecting, from a more intuitive point of view, NFT will also have a huge impact on the game industry. In 2019 alone, the revenue scale of the Chinese game market reached 288.48 billion yuan. It is not difficult to imagine that NFT will get a huge share here in the future. Many people think that once NFT breaks the fragmentation and monopoly of game equipment recharge, it will cause profits to shrink. I don't quite agree with this point of view, I think it belongs to the discussion category of behavioral economics or game theory. I am a senior game player myself. From "Red Alert 95" to "Glory of the King", I have also recharged a lot of "faith".


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