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How to store NFT on IPFS?



NFT ushered in its explosive development in 2021. From infrastructure, to decentralized domain names, to trading markets, and gradually involving virtual markets, game venues, DeFi+NFT, collectibles, etc., it can be said that at this stage The NFT ecology has begun to take shape. Permanence and immutability are part of the core value proposition of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It provides creators with unique advantages in copyright protection and creates a very large imagination space for the field of digital collections. But due to fundamental flaws in design, many NFTs currently aimed at consumers fail to offer either of these properties. We often hear the statement that NFTs "live on the blockchain forever", but usually, due to the cost and space constraints of storing data on the blockchain, only the ownership record is actually stored, and the link to the actual content-zce of the NFT metadata. But these links are fragile, using the HTTP protocol to point the user to a specific location, not a specific asset. This means that the content-zce pointed to by the link may be changed or taken offline at any point in the future, making the original asset lost forever (and the ownership record rendered worthless). The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) can help solve these problems, and there are some advantages that can be gained by using NFTs on IPFS. Of course adherence to established conventions is critical to ensuring the durability and accessibility of data stored on the network. With the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), now is the time to review best practices for linking and storing NFT data on IPFS. In this post, we will specifically discuss two areas of recent attention: content-zce addressing and content-zce integrity. DFI.Money (YFII) initiated a proposal on how to distribute Balancer rewards: On September 3, the aggregator project DFI.Money (YFII) received the first batch of Balancer (BAL) rewards, a total of 679.83 BALs, worth $21,814. The reward comes from the YFII/DAI mining pool and will be received every week. Regarding how to distribute rewards, the community initiates a proposal to vote: put it into the circular mining pool; replace it with yCRV to encourage voters to participate in voting; inject community funds. [2020/9/8] The IPFS Content Identifier (CID) is an extremely stable and flexible way to uniquely identify any content, regardless of where or how it is stored. To maximize these benefits, developers should follow the following recommendations and conventions for linking to IPFS data. The following information needs to be mastered: 1.1 CID CID is a self-describing unique identifier for a piece of content. Example:  bafybeigdyrzt5sfp7udm7hu76uh7y26nf3efuylqabf3oclgtqy55fbzdi CID should be used inside application code and in other contexts, whether you are using IPFS or other systems, you should use CID. We recommend that whenever CIDs are stored on disk, especially after converting them to IPFS URIs in metadata and blockchain records, these IDs cannot be changed after creation. Including the ipfs:// URI scheme adds important context to the CID, which clearly shows users and automated tools how to find content. 1.2 IPFS URI live broadcast | Xiaofengxian > How does the exchange help the development of the mining industry? : The 4th issue of "Hourang" Fairy Live Broadcasting Week" hosted by Jinse Finance and Live will start on time at 20:00 tonight. In this issue, "Houlang" fairy Aex CMO Xiao Fengxian will chat in the live broadcast room about "how exchanges can help Mining Development", interested friends scan the QR code to listen! [2020/6/9] IPFS URI uniform resource identifier (Uniform Resource identifier, or URI) is used to specify specific content-zce in a given context. The context is determined by the URI scheme (appended to the URI as a prefix, followed by ://). The URI scheme of IPFS is IPFS. The URI may optionally contain a path appended to the end Example: ipfs://bafybeigdyrzt5sfp7udm7hu76uh7y26nf3efuylqabf3oclgtqy55fbzdiipfs://bafybeigvafaks2bvivtv46n2z7uxszpvl25jhvzc6dbhnjjgjkbeia5jtaIPfs://bafybeigvafaks2bvivtv46n2z7uxszpvl25jhvzc6dbhnjjgjkbeia5jtaFS is a link to a file or directory identified by the IPFS specification. When linking to IPFS data from a smart contract, use an IPFS URI to explicitly indicate that IPFS should be used to retrieve the data. IPFS URIs should also be used in the NFT's structured metadata when linking to images and other media assets stored on IPFS. 1.3 HTTP Gateway URLHTTP Gateway provides interoperability for older browsers that cannot parse IPFS URIs natively. Such links should only be used in the presentation layer of the application, and should not be stored inside the blockchain or NFT metadata. Backtracking 3.12 How to cross the gap from liquidation to return of capital: At 20:00 on April 27, Boge will be a guest in Jinse Finance's "Currency Observation Room" live broadcast room, and will share "Retrospect 3.12 How to bridge the gap from liquidation to return of capital ", please pay attention, if you want to join the group to watch the live broadcast, just scan the QR code of the poster to sign up. [2020/4/27] Note that HTTP gateways re-centralize content-zce distribution while presenting a man-in-the-middle vector and single point of failure - link if gateway operator is offline or unreachable will disconnect. However, browsers with built-in support for IPFS (via the IPFS Companion browser extension or native support via Brave) can avoid these problems, as they can automatically extract the CID from such links and load the IPFS data based on user preferences. How to do it Developers should format links differently depending on the context. 2.1 On-chain NFT smart contracts should return IPFS URIs to the assets and metadata associated with each token. ipfs://bafybeibnsoufr2renqzsh347nrx54wcubt5lgkeivez63xvivplfwhtpym/metadata.json We recommend generating IPFS URIs before minting each token and storing the full URI on-chain. This is the easiest way to conform to a smart contract interface that expects a URI, and the ipfs:// URI scheme makes it easy for any distributed application to see data available using IPFS. Dynamics | Poloniex responds to the CLAM "flash crash event": the loss will be resolved anyway: Poloniex released an update on the CLAM event on Twitter: "There is no doubt that we are committed to making the affected creditors a whole, no matter what happens We are working hard to achieve this goal, including (but not limited to) recovering the debt owed by the defaulting borrower to the lender. In any case, the loss will be settled.” According to Jinse Finance’s previous report, users are considering suing Poloniex, accusing it of Dealing with cryptocurrency CLAM flash crash losses is theft. [2019/6/8] 2.2 Metadata In metadata, IPFS URI should be used as the clearest and most reliable way to link to IPFS resources in plain text. Here's an example of an IPFS URI referencing an NFT media asset: ipfs://bafybeigvafaks2bvivtv46n2z7uxszpvl25jhvzc6dbhnjjgjkbeia5jta/nft.mp4 Developers may wish to include links to public HTTP gateways for legacy interoperability. Ideally, other alternative methods of linking to content-zce (eg, non-gateway HTTP URLs) should be avoided. Since content-zce served over HTTP from a particular location is subject to change, such links must not be relied upon for anything other than temporary content-zce mirrors. Therefore, referencing content-zce via HTTP is fragile and risky on a blockchain where data is stored permanently and immutably. In contrast, IPFS URIs are valid forever and thus can be safely considered canonical links to their data. By using IPFS URIs as the "source of truth" for links, applications can easily support multiple storage solutions, or easily switch to different gateways over time, simply by generating new gateway links. This is more flexible than "hardcoding" a specific gateway into a permanent blockchain record. Chen Weixing once again responded to Zhu Xiaohu, the biggest opportunity of ofo is how to block chain: Today, Chen Weixing once again responded to Zhu Xiaohu's remarks: Finance is a systematic project, and the asset bubbles around the world have contributed to the disparity between the rich and the poor. The development of any new technology requires a perfect process, and every problem is a great opportunity for creators to contribute to the world. Excellent solutions are produced through competition, from poor quality to high quality, and towards better results. Ofo's biggest opportunity is how to blockchainize, rather than the false order that Zhu Xiaohu thought he would lose money and report. What we want is the opportunity to solve major problems in the world and to sway our passionate youth. [2018/2/24] 2.3 Applications In user-facing applications, developers should link to IPFS content-zce in the following two ways: IPFS URI and HTTP gateway URL. Until more browsers support native resolution of IPFS URI schemes. Note that both types of links can be easily generated from raw CIDs or IPFS URIs as desired. Here is an example of an HTTP gateway URL for a public gateway on The same link can be written using the CID as the subdomain instead of the URL path: https: This includes the asset itself and any data associated with the asset. IPFS protects the integrity of NFT data by using CIDs to verify that nothing has changed since the link was created. Developers should follow the recommendations below to get the most out of IPFS's built-in data validation. 3.1 Linking metadata to its asset metadata should be considered an integral part of the NFT value. Therefore, in order to preserve the value of assets, metadata should be stored on IPFS together with assets to ensure that both are accessible. Here's how to do this: (1) create two new directories (one for assets and one for metadata); (2) add assets to their directory; (3) add assets directory to IPFS, and note Its CID; (4) Create metadata in its own directory, and use the CID in (3) to reference the asset to create an IPFS URI. The URI should contain the CID of the directory and the file name of the asset; (5) Add the metadata directory to IPFS, pay attention to its CID; (6) Use the CID in (5) to create an IPFS URI for the metadata and store it on the chain URI to form an ownership record. This process both preserves the developer's ability to include filenames in their links (useful for user interaction), while ensuring that metadata and assets can be referenced independently of each other. Metadata will be accessed at:  ipfs://{metadata-directory-CID}/metadata-filename The asset will be accessible at: ipfs://{asset-directory-CID}/asset-filename Here's an example of some JSON metadata with an IPFS URI linking to an image file:   "name": "No time to explain!",  "description": "I said there was no /no-time-to-explain.jpeg.


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How to store NFT on IPFS?

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