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Sichuan Province's blockchain copyright infrastructure "new version chain" was officially released and started construction



On April 6, the "new version chain" of Sichuan Province's blockchain copyright infrastructure was officially released and started construction, and it will be launched nationwide in June 2021.

The research results on the economic contribution of copyright industries in Sichuan Province show that: the copyright industry in Sichuan Province accounts for 5.45% of the province’s GDP, and the industrial added value of the copyright industry is 233.743 billion yuan; the number of employees is 2.2271 million, accounting for 4.56% of the total number of employees in the province; The merchandise export volume was 20.361 billion US dollars, accounting for 40.40% of the province's merchandise export volume.

Sichuan Province: Vigorously develop blockchain and other digital economy industries, and accelerate the construction of new infrastructure: Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission formally replied to agree to the construction work plan for the national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone in five provinces including Sichuan. In the next step, in accordance with the requirements of the national reply letter, the Sichuan Provincial Government will issue a work plan for the implementation of the construction. The Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Internet Information Office will work with relevant provincial departments (units) to earnestly implement and organize the implementation, and vigorously develop the entire industry chain of "chip screen end soft intelligence network" and big data, blockchain, 5G and ultra-high-definition video and other digital economy industries, accelerate the construction of new infrastructure, comprehensively promote the upgrading of digital empowerment, accelerate the construction of the Tianfu New Area Digital Special Economic Zone, explore the smart governance model of Chengdu’s super-large city, and promote the formation of leading and exemplary experiments across the country. The results will help create a new growth pole of the digital economy. (Sichuan Online) [2020/10/10]

In recent years, the copyright industry in Sichuan Province has achieved rapid development, especially the core copyright industries such as news publishing, film and television, software, game animation, music, and literature have developed rapidly. Related industries are not only at the forefront of the Midwest, but also have certain competitive advantages in the country.

Sound|Sichuan Provincial Digital Company will join hands with Fujitsu to jointly build a Sichuan blockchain credit system: Jinse Finance reported that on November 28, Masao Kondo, Managing Director of Fujitsu Research and Development Center, and his team made a special trip to visit Sichuan Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. , conducted inspections and exchanges and reached a preliminary cooperation intention. The two parties will join forces and complement each other's advantages to jointly build a Sichuan blockchain credit system and help Sichuan build a national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone. [2019/11/29]

"The integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation." Blockchain and the copyright industry have inherent advantages in application scenarios.

Sound|Deputy Director of the Sichuan Provincial Financial Work Bureau: Proactive and powerful promotion of emerging financial risk disposal: According to People's Daily Online, Cheng Yongge, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Financial Work Bureau, said that from 2015 to 2017, the overall number of new cases of illegal fund-raising in the province has dropped significantly trend, the effect of prevention and control is obvious. The disposal of emerging financial risks is mainly actively and vigorously promoted in accordance with the national Internet financial risk-related deployment. As of the end of April 2018, 63 non-key institutions in Sichuan Province have completed off-site inspections. Among the 30 key institutions (all P2P online lending institutions), 18 have completed rectification and 12 are in the process of rectification. The four virtual currency trading platforms in Sichuan Province all stopped trading on time and issued a clearing notice. 3 token issuance (ICO) financing platforms have stopped all ICO projects, formulated liquidation plans, and issued liquidation announcements. 22 ICO projects have been cleared. [2018/7/26]

The Copyright Special Committee of the Sichuan Blockchain Industry Association was established in accordance with the trend. The Copyright Special Committee is composed of Xinhua Winshare Sichuan Digital Publishing Media, Sichuan Radio and Television Newspaper, Sichuan Daily Newspaper Group Information Technology Center, Xihua University Intellectual Property College, Sichuan The Provincial Broadcasting and Television Society, China Telecom Chengdu Company, Sichuan Federation of Cultural Institutes, Deheng Law Firm, Industrial Securities and other enterprises and institutions, experts and scholars jointly initiated the establishment, aiming to promote the innovation of new technologies such as copyright industry and blockchain Development and construction of a new ecology of copyright digital applications in Sichuan; promote innovation and reform of the copyright industry, open up domestic and foreign blockchain copyright application markets, promote exchanges and cooperation between Sichuan and the national and international blockchain copyright industries, and build a high-quality national copyright development highland .

The Sichuan Provincial Blockchain Copyright Special Committee will jointly lead the organization of authoritative units, experts and scholars in the industry to compile the "Blockchain Copyright Application Guide" with the National Press and Publication Administration Publishing Industry Technology and Standards Comprehensive Key Laboratory, and officially publish it to the public. Enterprises and institutions nationwide that build copyright alliance chains and copyright applications based on blockchain technology provide standardized guidelines to provide guidance for the application of blockchain technology in the copyright field.

The "New Chain" is organized and operated by the Sichuan Provincial Blockchain Copyright Special Committee. It is the Sichuan Provincial People's Government's "Sichuan Provincial Blockchain New Infrastructure Construction Action Plan" and "National Digital Economy Innovation and Development Experimental Zone (Sichuan) Construction Work Plan". "Designated to support the construction of the copyright ecological chain of the Sichuan Province blockchain service infrastructure "Shuxin Chain".

With the concept of co-construction, co-maintenance, and sharing, the "new version chain" aims to build a very credible blockchain copyright infrastructure in Sichuan Province that is open to the whole country.


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Sichuan Province's blockchain copyright infrastructure "new version chain" was officially released and started construction

On April 6, the "new version chain" of Sichuan Province's blockchain copyright infrastructure was officially released and started construction.

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