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Why do A-share companies prefer IPFS and FILECOIN?



On March 29th, Zhongke Sugon and Lexun Technology reached an IPFS cooperation. Glacier Lab, Zhongke Sugon, and Lexun Technology held some signing ceremonies on the spot. At the same time, some leaders of the official Ya'an Economic and Information Bureau also participated Come in.

If the timeline is extended, the A-share listed company Xinyuan Technology also announced the deployment of FILECOIN mining. FILECOIN, which was previously considered a scam by the currency circle, has been favored by listed companies. So what is the reason for this? Woolen cloth?

Regarding the deployment of A-share companies in the blockchain industry, in fact, many companies are relatively low-key at present. Due to the relevant regulations of 94, domestic listed companies are still relatively far away from cryptocurrencies (that is, the currency circle), and more of them are laying out the layout of blockchains (more alliance chains). Of course, the specific situation is actually to apply for a patent, and the actual application is relatively small.

Flare CEO explains why the mainnet release of Flare has been postponed: Hugo Philion, CEO of Flare (FLR), answered some questions surrounding Flare (FLR). According to previous news, Philion posted that before the Flare main network operation starts, it will test certain aspects of its functions on the "canary network" Songbird. This means that the Flare mainnet launch has been delayed until the fourth quarter of 2020. Philion emphasized that his project "doesn't have the luxury" of being a "ghost chain" with negligible transaction value, little development activity, and a small community. According to him, the launch of Flare (FLR) was one of the most “public” in the crypto space because of the large user base involved. The risk of a quick release is too high, and blockchain entrepreneurs and regular users alike are interested in their Dapps. So the team decided to launch a more complex "real" development experiment, Songbird. It is reported that the Songbird network has its own governance and utility token SGB, which will be distributed to all participants distributed by FLR.

Philion also emphasized that his team will not be responsible for the progress of Songbird and Flare itself after the Flare mainnet launch. All plans, protocol upgrades, and other major changes will be determined by the community. Therefore, its team should not be considered a provider of cloud blockchain computing. As for the recently completed $11.3 million in strategic financing, Philion claims that the funding is enough for his engineers to develop for "many years", so the next round of financing is not at the top of Flare's agenda. Note: According to news in early June, Flare announced the completion of a new round of financing of US$11.3 million, led by Kenetic Capital. (U.Today)[2021/7/26 1:15:02]

A-share companies related to cryptocurrencies, such as Feitian Chengxin to develop cryptocurrency wallets, may be more relevant to cryptocurrencies before 2021.

News: JPMorgan Chase report explains why ETH will outperform the big market: On April 28, Eugene Ng, head of business development for crypto exchange Gemini Asia, tweeted that when Wall Street banks start using competition like ETH Coin Hour, you'll know we're going into altcoin season very soon. His tweet also included a screenshot from JPMorgan Chase. This screenshot comes from the "North American Fixed Income Strategy" report released by JPMorgan Chase on April 27. This part talks about why ETH outperformed the big market. [2021/4/28 21:08:22]

As for other companies, they are mainly divided into several categories:

Government-enterprise cooperation, design and development of relevant government affairs functions for government units.

Conduct related explorations in taxation, traceability, copyright and other directions.

Live|Li Baobao> The rise of DeFi coins by the first launch, why BitMax caught the wind: Jinse Finance Live hosted the "Currency Circle "Houlang" Fairy Live Broadcasting Week", the 12th issue started on time at 15:00, and this episode of "Houlang" Fairy Bitmax Li Baobao will chat in the live broadcast room, "Relying on the rise of the first DeFi currency, why BitMax has caught the wind", please scan the QR code to listen! [2020/8/11]

Blockchain technology is used in industrial fields, such as the exploration of electric power and energy. This part is mainly based on state units, such as central enterprises, and listed companies provide technology to participate in the model.

Judging from the overall situation, in fact, most listed companies have deployed the blockchain industry before. Judging from their annual reports, they did not bring much profit to the company. This part is just a kind of publicity. Moreover, some A-share listed companies still do not have a deep understanding of blockchain, and some companies regard distributed technology as blockchain technology, and regard the function of blockchain more as a means of recording data. database.

Facebook Messenger Chief Explains Why Digital Currency Ads Are Banned: Facebook Messenger VP David Marcus said this week that digital currencies will have no role on his platform. “Payments using crypto are very expensive and super slow right now, and when that gets fixed, maybe we’ll do something about it.” Earlier this week, Facebook banned all digital currency-related ads. Marcus explained: "We want to protect the community. This is the most important thing. Most of the advertisements are scams. We can't let the platform exist. [2018/2/3]

That is to say, as long as there is a database application scenario in the previous scenario, they can basically use the blockchain in their view. This will naturally prevent A-share listed companies from exploring too much, because no matter how many Basically, it depends on resources, such as electricity and energy, and it is difficult for ordinary listed companies to do it alone. In terms of government affairs, the support of the government is required. Of course, this is not their reason. It is mainly because of the overall policy of the country. If a listed company makes some controversial and big moves, it is easy to get inquiries from the Securities Regulatory Commission. They are basically in a more cautious state, not like the United States. Like a listed or Hong Kong-listed company, make some bolder moves.

This time we saw that A-share listed companies have begun to deploy the currency circle, and we can see some clues from FILECOIN. At present, if we look around in the currency circle, which aspect can enable listed companies to actively deploy?

In fact, there are not many, such as the production of mining machines for mining, digital currency hardware wallets for wallets, etc. Bitcoin and Ethereum mining are also easily criticized as high energy consumption. The blockchain is "explored" instead of spending money on the layout, because everyone who has done it basically knows that the patent application of the alliance chain can still be used to demonstrate the scientific research capabilities of the enterprise, but if it actually makes money, the alliance chain basically It is difficult to make money online. After FILECOIN comes out, in fact, more companies can use data centers or big data to carry out this business, so that the blockchain can be practically applied, that is, to store data.

For the mining of FILECOIN, anyone who has experience knows that high-end servers are needed (note: special mining machines are not used here), so listed companies can also use their resources to carry out the layout of large data centers. The more critical point is that the mining of FILECOIN has got rid of the unfavorable views of ordinary people on the mining of currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, such as high energy consumption. From the current point of view, some mines of FILECOIN still have Established in the center of a big city, in fact, this also shows to a certain extent that users' demand for decentralized data is still realized by these listed companies, so some data centers are built around big cities.

For A-share companies, deploying FILECOIN is a relatively helpless move. After all, the purchase of Bitcoin by foreign companies such as Tesla and microstrategy has caused stock prices to rise. At least FILECOIN can be regarded as a currency. For this layout, the author thinks it is quite reasonable, that is to say, the path is basically correct. Compared with the currency circle, although it is relatively conservative, it is also normal.

From the current point of view, the technology of IPFS does have great application prospects, including the chaining process of more valuable data in the future, and even if the later project fails, it is completely impossible for the data center piled up with hardware. You can directly transform into an industry similar to Amazon or Baidu Cloud, so in this way, you can transform quickly, and the natural risk is much smaller.

But there is still a certain risk here, that is, domestic enterprises are actively deploying the FILECOIN project, which has already occupied most of the storage space of the entire network, so this may have certain defects in the future development to a certain extent, that is, from the perspective of the currency circle , decentralization is still a key element. If the project centralization is too obvious, then the currency circle capital may have the risk of abandoning the project, such as EOS is a typical case, so this point may need attention for listed companies, of course, traditional capital and currency circle capital Which one can take the initiative at that time is also one of the influencing factors.


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Why do A-share companies prefer IPFS and FILECOIN?

On March 29th, Zhongke Sugon and Lexun Technology reached an IPFS cooperation. Glacier Lab, Zhongke Sugon, and Lexun Technology held some signing ceremonies on the spot. At the same time.

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