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Golden Observation | The story behind Uniswap's famous NFT



This article will introduce how the members of the Ethereum community united and bought the famous "x*y=k" NFT. This interesting story begins with a tweet. The auction started as an ordinary NFT bid, and later evolved into a social experiment. In less than 12 hours, a tweet brought a group together and raised $800,000. With this $800,000, members of the Ethereum community can win this auction. All of this is only possible with Ethereum. This story speaks volumes about the power of community and demonstrates the power of Ethereum as an open global technology that drives human collaboration. The story behind the work "x*y=k" On Monday, March 22, the Uniswap Twitter account released a 45-second animation in which a unicorn walks through a colorful DeFi-themed scene. There is also a floating 3D curve next to the unicorn, which represents Uniswap's x*y=k price curve model. The colors in the animated video represent the various tokens traded in Uniswap. The places where unicorns walk are full of vitality, representing the creative power that Uniswap and Ethereum have brought to the world. It is worth noting that this video also refers to the forest god in the "Princess Mononoke" animation. Many people believe that "Princess Mononoke" is also the favorite cartoon of some of the largest Ethereum contributors, and pplpleasr also likes this animation very much. Golden hot search-zce list: MOON is at the top of the list: According to the data of Jinse Finance and Economics rankings, in the past 24 hours, the search-zce volume of MOON topped the list. The specific top five list is as follows: MOON, AST, LEND, WICC, XTZ. [2020/8/18] Every element in the work "x*y=k" has a profound meaning, symbolizing DeFi, Ethereum and the value it brings to the world. This is the story behind this work. The Origin of PleasrDAO On March 24th, the starting price of the work "x*y=k" was $15,000. At the beginning of the auction, the bids rose slowly until Andrew Kang bid 100 ETH, occupying the highest price for 12 hours, and this situation continued for more than half of the auction time! However, a few hours before the end of the auction, Andrew Kang's bid was surpassed by a new bidder, PleasrDAO, whose bid exceeded 110ETH. Jinse Finance Quotes Report | BTC falls first and then rises during the day, and may continue to fluctuate in the evening: According to the Huobi market, after BTC hit the integer mark of 11,800 USDT in the morning, it continued to fluctuate and fell back to the lowest point of 11,563 USDT, and then fluctuated upwards to 11,563 USDT 11,755 USDT. The one-hour K-line gradually formed a shock range of 11,500-11,800 USDT. In the short term, the market needs time to digest last night's rally, and certain fluctuations are expected. In the evening, we need to pay attention to the support level of 11,500 USDT below and the resistance level of 11,800 USDT above. As of 18:30, the specific performance of mainstream currencies is as follows: [2020/8/6] In less than 24 hours, PleasrDAO was established to raise enough funds to purchase this NFT. It started because of a tweet from PoolTogether founder Leighton Cusack. Leighton Cusack is very eager for this NFT, but he doesn't think he can afford the price of the NFT. Therefore, he came up with an idea, which can only be realized on Ethereum, that is, to initiate crowdfunding and buy this NFT. Surprisingly, after the tweet was published, many people were interested in this crowdfunding. The Power of Community The way to join PleasrDAO is through word of mouth. PleasrDAO welcomes those who maintain the interests of the organization and are willing to contribute! Countdown to BTC Halving|Jin Finance Mining Earnings Broadcast: Jin Jin Finance reported that according to data from the OKEx mining pool, the next BTC halving date is expected to be May 13, 2020, and today is 15 days away. The current block height of BTC is 627784, and the next block height will be halved to 630000. Today, the computing power of the entire network is about 111.36EH/s, the difficulty of the entire network is about 15.96T, and the next difficulty is predicted to be 16.55T (3.73%). There are still 8 days left before the adjustment. Today’s BTC income: 0.00001576BTC/T/day. [2020/4/27] DAO members contributed 10 ETH each, raising a total of 110 ETH, exceeding Andrew Kang's bid of 100 ETH. But an interesting thing happened, Andrew Kang did not continue the bidding war with the DAO, but joined the DAO and contributed his 100 ETH to become a member of PleasrDAO! With the support of many members, PleasrDAO is very powerful. In the NFT auction, besides PleasrDAO, there are still two bidders left, and their bid of 165ETH exceeded 0x421595. After 0x421595 was eliminated, only the bidder named ‘Vas Rel Por’ was left to compete with PleasrDAO, and the address of this anonymous bidder was 0x84534. Analysis | Golden disk: EOS/USD shows obvious downward demand: Comprehensive analysis of golden disk: In the short term, EOS/USD has a relatively obvious downward demand after failing to test yesterday's high point, pay attention to trading risks. [2018/8/31]'Vas Rel Por' put 100 ETH into the wallet through Tornado Cash. Leighton said he was very scared at the time because he didn't know how much liquidity this anonymous bidder had. Imagine that 'Vas Rel Por' bids with a DAO organization. PleasrDAO can invite all interested people to contribute funds, so the funds will be limited by the number of members of the organization. For 'Vas Rel Por', he can know Apart from PleasrDAO, there are no other competitors. In addition, he can also know how much money the DAO has, but the members of the DAO are not aware of this. This bidding tug-of-war extended the auction time, and finally PleasrDAO bid reached a staggering 310 ETH. The auction ended with Vas Rel Por losing out to PleasrDAO, who managed to bid "x*y=k" for $529,000. Golden Finance Live Report Samoa’s national communication technology company Stephen: Blockchain can help China’s “Belt and Road” land in the South Pacific: Golden Finance live report, at the Greater Bay Area Station of the Global Blockchain World Tour Summit, Samoa National Communication Technology Stephen, the chairman of the company, pointed out in his keynote speech entitled "How Blockchain Technology Helps the Development of the Information Technology Industry" that the Belt and Road Initiative can help China connect to the South Pacific and South America. Chinese home. Developing countries need blockchain, Samoa needs blockchain, the Belt and Road Initiative needs blockchain, and blockchain is in line with the common interests of all parties. [2018/4/23] Ethereum, a permissionless financial tool, provides the power of crowdfunding funds. With Ethereum, the power of all people can be converged on a single goal, which is to raise more funds than the opponent. goal achieved. The above is also the story of teamwork defeating a single individual. The artist behind x*y=k Another story about x*y=k is pplpleasr, the artist behind it. She has created many excellent animations. Uniswap's "x*y=k" may be the most popular work today, but it is not pplpleasr's first DeFi animation. In fact, pplpleasr has created animations for many DeFi teams. Here are the teams she has worked with: Aave Sushiswap FutureFund Pickle Degen Score And of course Uniswap. Interview with Pplpleasr We had the honor to interview pplpleasr and asked her some questions about the creation of "x*y=k". In the interview, pplpleasr described how he cooperated with Uniswap to create the work "x*y=k", and also talked about the early source of inspiration for the work. Her creation story coincides with the current development of Ethereum: 1. Find fun in the process of cooperation 2. Gain confidence from the community and ecological environment 3. Discover a mechanism of creating value from skills 4. Hope Helping others achieve the same She also said she was inspired by a tweet by Qiao Wang, who suggested that people who have recently made a fortune should help others financially to make the most of that wealth. For the wealth generated by Ethereum, here is her view on redistribution: In addition to providing financial services without permission and intermediaries, Ethereum also has the greatest potential to redefine society in other areas. The true potential of Ethereum is its ability to redefine the culture and users associated with it. In my opinion, Ethereum will really change the world, harness the way wealth circulates, and create new cultural tendencies. Although applications such as Uniswap and NFT can promote the birth of new wealth circulation mechanisms, this ultimately depends on the psychological orientation of Ethereum users, because it is these users who constitute the cultural environment in which Ethereum operates. I believe pplpleasr and her work can become a model, representing the new cultural spirit of DeFi and Ethereum. I hope pplpleasr can attract more new artists to Ethereum, and use their creative methods to change the value redistribution of the world! If Ethereum is going to revolutionize the world, it won't just have to rely on building new financial software. It needs to inspire a more positive attitude in people. This is the power of Ethereum. "x*y=k" sold for more than 500,000 US dollars because it fully utilized the value of Ethereum: 1. Crowdfunding (DAO organization) 2. A financial asset (NFT) 3. A Cultural expression (animation) 4. Market value based on humanistic value Based on the permissionless nature of Ethereum, a DAO organization can be established in a limited time, and only one tweet is needed to attract like-minded people. To establish such an organization, In less than 12 hours, 465 ETH, or $800,000, was able to be raised to achieve the single goal of purchasing NFT. The power of Ethereum is its ability to allow many people to concentrate their efforts to achieve a single goal. Tokens are tools for attracting attention. DAO organizations allow people to focus. Through Ethereum, people can crowdfund and achieve valuable goals. The power of a DAO organization lies in its ability to coordinate like-minded people who share a common goal and everyone is pursuing that goal. With DAO organizations, people can gather money, value or labor to pursue common goals. Ethereum is full of various open financial tools, allowing us to find a balance between cultural value and asset value.


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Golden Observation | The story behind Uniswap's famous NFT

This article will introduce how the members of the Ethereum community united and bought the famous "x*y=k" NFT. This interesting story begins with a tweet. The auction started as an ordinary NFT bid.

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