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$2 Trillion Is Now Entering an Unprecedented Copycat Season?



Hello everyone, I am Pepe. The market continues to rise after returning from the long vacation. Today, the total market value of the crypto market has exceeded 2 trillion. There should be many friends who have experienced the fun of lying down and earning. How crazy the market is now Well, BNB hit a new high today, and it was only a dozen dollars away from the 400 mark. Thinking about it, it was only two years ago. At that time, I felt panic when I saw 40 dollars, and xrp, which everyone didn’t understand, came again A daily increase of 40 points, as if you have never experienced the SEC turmoil.

If altcoins have risen before, most of them still have logical support. For example, those defi mortgages on Ethereum have driven the demand for buying some currencies, or at least some good news. The recent wave can be described as "blind girl" Overwhelming rise”, there is a hundred-fold coin recently, almost no one would think of it—Holo (Hot), its line looks like this:

Data: Up to $2 trillion in U.S. stock options will expire today: August 19 news, $2 trillion in U.S. stock options will expire tonight. Of the $2 trillion in options contracts, about $975 billion is expected to be tied to the S&P 500 and another $430 billion tied to individual stocks, Goldman Sachs strategist Rocky Fishman said. Traders are expected to try to push the S&P 500 towards 4,300 in order to make the options contracts they hold rewarded. If they fail, it means that the recent rally in US stocks is losing momentum and will attract short sellers. (Golden Ten) [2022/8/20 12:37:01]

It has risen 7 times in the past month. If calculated from 312 in 20 years, it is now 106 times. The current market value has risen to 35. This coin should be a bit old leek. There were many bloggers in the last session. The team seems to be still there, but due to years of low-key prices and no performance, it has long been abandoned by many investors. Who would have thought of it now. .

All the above signs indicate that we are in a strong Shanzhai season, and this time is likely to be unprecedented. However, according to Pepe’s secret observations these days, there are still many friends who have all kinds of small worries and entanglements. When it first came up, it was a fishtail quilt. Have you ever thought about it or carefully observed the current situation, especially many coins that came up on a parabolic line of 10 times or 20 times in the early stage, and then maintained a shock without really collapsing. Many people As soon as it rises, it is said to be fishtail market, but there is no possibility that this time it is a hairtail that has not been seen in four years, or even an anchovy, hahaha. .

The total market value of cryptocurrencies has fallen below $2 trillion: Jinse Finance reported that with the turmoil in the cryptocurrency market, the current total market value of cryptocurrencies has fallen below the $2 trillion mark. According to data from Coingecko, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies at the time of writing was $1.96 trillion, with a 24-hour drop of 10.6%. The current bitcoin price is $42,730.78, a 24-hour drop of 9.7%. [2021/9/21 23:39:56]

I think it is very possible. Why do you say that? In terms of the overall environment, we need to pay attention to two aspects. One is that there is a current trend of "chip shortage tide". The global supply of chips is in short supply. Some 4S stores, the domestic production seems to be okay, some joint venture car supply has been extended from the original one week to more than a month, the core shortage is mainly due to the overseas epidemic according to the current market, some upstream companies have stopped production, and more people live in the house Home demand for electronic products, etc., will increase, and this situation may not be expected to ease until 2022.

Data: This month, the spot trading volume of encrypted exchanges exceeded 2 trillion US dollars: According to The Block data, the spot trading volume of encrypted currency exchanges exceeded 2 trillion US dollars in May, about 2.232 trillion US dollars, an increase of 34.3% month-on-month, the first single month The highest volume ever recorded. [2021/5/31 22:57:37]

I don’t know if it has anything to do with mining here. To some extent, the currency price also drives the demand for electronic chips.

However, the lack of cores also means that the growth of new mining machines will slow down accordingly. The "arms race" of mining will not be exaggerated due to price increases. Big miners will not be so eager to sell if they have stable profits. It is one of the factors that promote the market value of BitEther to stand firm at present. The market does not fall, which naturally gives more space for altcoins to perform, especially the recent rise of ether. It is a flag of a cottage, and it is obvious that the market is more Unscrupulous.

On the other hand, overseas inflation is also driving more ordinary people to look for asset appreciation opportunities. The "kimchi premium" familiar to the old leeks has recently appeared again, and the currency price on the Korean exchange has directly reached 67,000 US dollars.

Dynamic | As of 2018, BTC nominal transactions have reached 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars, up 61% from last year: According to bitcoinist news, according to Satoshi Capital Research data, as of now, BTC nominal transactions in 2018 have reached 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars. The figures published so far represent a 61% increase over last year. However, a growth rate of 96% in 2017 is still higher than the growth rate in 2018, barring a significant spike in Bitcoin transactions between now and the end of the year. According to research by Satis Group, digital currency transactions could grow by 50% in 2019. [2018/12/3]

The situation is like this. As for the above two points, I think the current market, which always feels that it has not fallen, is a potential side-driven factor. However, from the perspective of historical cycles, what many people may not expect is that the current feeling It's normal to be crazy, and even from a certain point of view, everything has just begun:

The picture above is the change chart of the market value of all coins except Bitcoin over the years. I intercepted a picture of a blogger, because it is clearly marked. I want to study the change of market value. Below is the one on tradingview Link:

Look at the two small circles I drew in the picture above. One is from the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017, and the other is from the beginning of this year to the present. They look a bit similar, and they are about 1,100 days away from the peak of the last bull market. Our current The market value of the copycat market has not yet doubled at its peak in 2018, but in early 2017 it will have doubled by more than two hundred times in the end, if I read correctly [laughing and crying].

Of course, the situation is different now than in 2017. At that time, there were almost no copycats, and the valuation was very low. Let’s just refer to it here and see what will happen to the copycat market in 300 days from now. The total market value will increase by hundreds of times. No, there is still a possibility of doubling, and I am quite optimistic about it.

The above is almost the main thing I want to say in this issue. In fact, the more it is like this, the less there is anything to say. The sky is throwing money, don’t think about it, just take the money in your pocket. Instead, you will miss everything if you study it. . References that can be given:

1. If you have the bottom chip, take it well. If you are really worried about the novice, you can make a profit and keep the profit. Now it is basically doubled no matter how scumbag it is.

2. New entrants to the secondary market. I feel that many coins now have a process from being suspicious and afraid to enter, to skyrocketing and wanting to FOMO. Many of them are actually very similar. You can observe and compare more. Going in when you are talking about awesomeness should still be easy to get a profit. In addition, don’t be afraid of being trapped, it will be four years at most. How can you remember to increase your position when you are not trapped, right?

3. The new mining airdrop is still going on. The main airdrop is the sol ecology, and the other is the ok test network. We are still updating the documents in this area (there are more airdrops temporarily). If you need it, you can leave a message I.


I can also be regarded as a leek from the last bull market. I used to think that some coins would not be able to rise casually like the last round, but now it is still crazy beyond imagination. It is difficult to say that it is difficult to make money in the encrypted world, but it is simple It seems to be very simple, as long as you do HOLD, you don't even need any logic.

If there is still a downturn, remember that slow is fast, remember to despise less and more nonsensical coins, and remember to HODL.


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$2 Trillion Is Now Entering an Unprecedented Copycat Season?

Hello everyone, I am Pepe. The market continues to rise after returning from the long vacation. Today.

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