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Games Art Fragmentation Tokenization What exactly is NFT?



NFT, I feel that I have written a lot of related articles about NFT in the past six months, but none of them are very in-depth or specialized, so I plan to write an article, which I personally think may be more specialized.

A non-fungible token (English: non-fungible token) is a data unit on a digital ledger called a blockchain, each token can represent a unique digital item, so they are not interchangeable.

Non-fungible tokens can represent digital files such as paintings, audio, video, items in video games, and other forms of creative work.

While the digital files themselves are infinitely replicable, the tokens representing them are tracked on their underlying blockchain and provide buyers with proof of ownership.

ps: From Wikipedia.

So in fact, NFT is non-homogeneous, that is, tokens that can be split into individual units, or small "fragments" that can be combined to form a complete body, or a "puzzle" , and other homogeneous tokens are the small puzzles above, which are combined to form a complete "puzzle", which is indispensable.

Of course, there are people who turn the ownership of something into an NFT. Every holder is the owner of the thing and enjoys the right to "own". Because of holding the ownership of this collection, but the ownership is divided, when a person collects all the NFTs representing this collection, he can enjoy the ownership of this collection.

Binance Labs announces strategic investment in RPG game Tatsumeeko: Jinse Finance reported that Binance Labs announced strategic investment in RPG (role-playing) game Tatsumeeko. Tatsumeeko is a Discord role-playing game available on iOS, Android, and the Web that seamlessly and engagingly introduces users to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. With this investment, Tatsumeeko will continue to develop the MMORPG-lite experience that will be released on Ethereum and Solana. [2022/6/9 4:14:38]

Here I will explain it step by step, or follow me, let's learn NFT together! ! !

Game articles.

NFT was first represented by games. Whether it was Ethercat in 2017, Mana, Enj, SandBox, Flow or the current Alice or Alien World, they all use games as the entrance and exit, exporting games ➡️NFT this piece.

The new game TinyWorld on BNBchain will airdrop 6 million tokens to old chain game players: On March 7, the new GameFi project TinyWorld on BNBchain announced that it will airdrop nearly 6 million TINC tokens to 5,000 old players of "Encrypted Three Kingdoms" Tokens, airdrop 1,000 game blind boxes to 1,000 active-zce chain game players on BNBchain.

The airdrop will be collected on the official website at 15:00 on March 7, Beijing time. At 14:30, the liquidity of tinc/bnb will be added to pancake. At 16:00, the game will officially start functions such as LP and NFT pledge mining, blind box opening and NFT hero upgrade.

Previously, TinyWorld announced that it has received an investment of 2.5 million US dollars. The investment institutions include HashKey, SNZ, SKY9, EVG, TokenPocket, Cipholio, Foresight, COCOS-BCX, WYNG, JDAC, etc. [2022/3/7 13:42:12]

At the peak of Ethercat, a cat was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, a piece of virtual land in Mana and Sandbox was auctioned for millions of dollars, Flow’s star card was sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars a piece, and the upstart Alice World was listed on Binance because of its tokens. Mining has led to a hundred times, or even a thousand times one coin, and the planet's land has also been several times.

NFT card game Spellfire completes $3.8 million private placement financing: On January 20th, the NFT card game Spellfire announced the completion of $3.8 million private placement financing, co-led by DAO Maker and Shima Capital, Genblock, IBC Group, Faculty Group, IBA, Maven Capital, Autonomy Capital, Terranova Ventures, x21 Digital, etc. participated in the investment.

Allegedly, Spellfire will announce the IDO activity in the next few weeks. In October 2021, it received $360,000 in seed round financing from institutions such as Terranova, x21, and Autonomy Capital. [2022/1/20 9:00:48]

Turn the former game currency ➡️ official trading platform ➡️ legal currency into game currency ➡️ legal currency, and the game currency will "fluctuate", it will not be the same, there will be middlemen to make the difference, don't you see the treasure house of Fantasy Westward Journey, the handling fee is as high as 11%, and it seems to be charged in both directions.

More importantly, it can break the solidification of class in the real society. It is also different from the previous games. It all starts from 0, but it is more transparent. If you want to krypton gold, your channel can only be obtained from other players. , turning the game into a second world, so that in the game and in the real society, you can "make money to support your family with peace of mind".

News | Europol leads the development of a game to teach law enforcement officers to deal with encryption crimes: according to CoinDesk on June 14, at the sixth cryptocurrency conference held at Europol headquarters from June 12 to 14, Europol The organization revealed that it is developing a game designed to teach law enforcement officers how to deal with encrypted crimes, and will provide law enforcement officers with practical training and advice on tracking cryptocurrencies during criminal investigations. The project is reportedly being developed in partnership with the U.S. Center for the Study of Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organized Crime. The final product is scheduled to be unveiled at the Europol Cybercrime Conference in October. [2019/6/14]

At present, most games exist in the form of:

1. Card game; (represented by Meme)

2. Virtual city sandbox games; (represented by Mana, Enj, Sandbox)

3. Big IP star cards, F1 racing cars and other IP products; (represented by Flow, Revv)

4. Fund disk; (represented by Brc, Egt)

5. Pet raising games; (represented by Axs and Ethercat)

Welcome everyone to add, mainly I haven’t played these games very much, and I really don’t know why these things are so expensive, but even if you have played Fantasy Westward Journey or Legend, you also know that a non-level weapon can sell for several million Renminbi, blockchain games are just derivatives of krypton gold games, after all, they are the only ones.

China Securities Journal: Many companies are deploying blockchain games and the industry is accelerating the reshuffle: China Securities Journal announced today that companies such as Netease, 360, and Linekong Interactive have recently launched blockchain games. According to industry insiders, sub-category games tap the needs of sub-groups and expand the scale of the industry. Large manufacturers have competitive advantages in R&D and operations, and their market share has expanded, and the industry will reshuffle at an accelerated pace. [2018/2/27]

NFT games ➡️Krypton gold ➡️Recharge ➡️ Awesome, the summary of NFT games is hype, and then krypton gold.

NFTization of artwork.

The NFTization of artworks is actually quite easy to understand. It is nothing more than that the artworks you see no longer exist in the form of entities, but form a token. However, does this matter? You collect artworks not because you think This thing is ok, but from the value behind this thing.

For example, can the things painted by Picasso have the same value as the things I copied?

More deeply, anti-counterfeiting is actually very simple.

Don’t you see that on opensea and rari, many works of art have appeared in a large range of forks. Whether these things are valuable depends on the people who buy them and the people behind them. If you want to hype an encrypted painter, then you only buy Its, like Beeple, can you believe that it sells tens of millions of dollars for a painting?

It is also a painting, and it is also an NFT. Why is Beeple worth a thousand gold, but you are worth a thousand catties? Isn’t this a matter of personal IP?

And the most interesting thing is that the NFT of artworks is more conducive to collection than physical artworks, and the storage is also nicer. Of course, I have never bought artworks, so it depends on what free people who collect artworks think.

IP is the greatest value of artwork NFT!

NFT Fragmentation/Tokenization

Fragmentation, this thing is actually a bit like equity, a complete thing is divided into pieces, and then everyone buys it.

There is actually a problem with this thing, that is, there is no price for a rivet. Suppose there are 10 holders, one marked 1u, one marked 10u, and one marked 0.1u. Whose standard is the price based on? It is a difficult problem at present, so unless the fragmentation can be as large as the normal token, and then the transaction is smooth, there will be a fair price.

At this time, the market will give a price, which is the same as our coin speculation. Not everyone bids very differently, so how to keep the fragmentation value in a reasonable range may be a place that needs attention in the fragmentation process. .

At present, many projects will acquire NFT assets and then issue tokens in fragments. Whether it is NFTX, B20 or ShardingDao, they are all doing this.

However, it is still unclear whether it is the right direction for NFT, because the road has been walked out step by step, at least no one has been able to prove how the price of fragmentation is determined.

Basically, it is equivalent to using a certain NFT as an asset, and then issuing a coin based on it. All the value of the holder comes from the value of this NFT. Isn’t this a listed company that uses xxxx as its asset and then issues shares? what.

Can't make it up.

What is driving NFT forward?

1. Various FoMos: Various funds have begun to enter the NFT market, and the news all over the sky is introducing NFTs, which makes many people who have missed DeFi fear that they will miss NFTs.

2. Digitization of traditional gameplay: Whether it is blockchain games or artworks, they are relatively traditional things, but the current difference is only reflected in digitization. Both scarcity and certainty make it possible to discover whether it is "counterfeiting" or "theft";

3. Consumer psychology: I have been playing the blind box game on bsc for the past two days, and I found it too addictive. Fortunately, it was for free, otherwise the phone will be smashed, and I can’t open any good things at all. I can only say that it is a card Dude is too dude.

It is very valuable to get the previous blind box, so because of the "rich" effect, many people are willing to participate in this. What's more important is that in the traditional circle, there are loyal players, and it is really krypton gold. Returning to the main theme, krypton gold is the main theme.

Let’s not talk about hype about NFT. Everyone is not a fool. Although there are indeed bubbles, there are not as many bubbles as imagined. Of course, many projects on the market have begun to change from the previous DeFi to NFT. This is also the most recent Many institutions in the primary market are suffering from headaches, but it will indeed greatly promote the industry.

Imagine playing krypton gold games, do I need to know what the blockchain is, I just need to be able to deposit money, and if the money comes into the market, won’t it help make the market bigger and bigger?

Chat casually about the market.

The market really changed suddenly on Saturday. Someone who read the article recently should have noticed that it was mentioned on Wednesday that the big market started on Saturday. After all, it is the end of a triangle shock. At present, the direction is chosen to be upward. But the daily line has not been confiscated, so continue to pay attention.

I know a lot of friends who do contracts, and the contracts are all closed.

But pay attention to one thing, the strength of the short sellers is very weak. It feels that the short sellers have run out around 43,000 in the Shanghai wave, and only leeks are left to sell themselves.

Still hold on, the biggest one at the moment is 4.14coinbase is listed, if you are afraid, just set up a guarantee to eat some interest.


4.2 midday market: the bulls are strong and are expected to rise.

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

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Games Art Fragmentation Tokenization What exactly is NFT?

NFT, I feel that I have written a lot of related articles about NFT in the past six months, but none of them are very in-depth or specialized, so I plan to write an article.

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