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Comparing 10 mainstream NFT trading platforms, how should novice players choose?



No one expected that NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) would move from niche circles to popularization so quickly. In the past few months, NBA superstar Kevin Durant, Grammy Award winner The Weeknd, famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, American Legendary Pictures, graphic software giant Adobe Photoshop, New York Times, Time Magazine ", GUCCi and other celebrities and famous companies are paying attention, and have even participated in NFT. With the rapid increase of participants, various NFT platforms or projects are increasingly favored by capital. For example, the NFT trading platform OpenSea received US$23 million in financing led by top Internet venture capital A16Z, and the NFT development team Dapper Labs received Jordan, Durant Participated in financing of US$305 million, etc. When NFT has become a topic of endless conversation inside and outside the encryption circle, the transaction scale of NFT is increasing day by day. Taking encrypted art as an example, data from shows that the current total value of encrypted art is about 490 million U.S. dollars, and a total of over 170,000 works have been sold. In March of this year alone, the total transaction volume of the encrypted art platform has exceeded 200 million US dollars, a record high. The NFT trend is coming, and various NFT trading platforms with their own characteristics are also improving the NFT trading market from all aspects. When the new and old forces are in a melee, how to choose has become a difficult problem for novices. To this end, this article sorts out the characteristics of 10 mainstream NFT trading platforms, secondary sales fees, commissions, handling fees, etc., which may point the way for you as a novice. Nifty GatewayNifty Gateway is an NFT trading platform supported by Gemini Exchange, co-founded by twin brothers Duncan Cock Foster and Griffin Cock Foster. In addition to supporting cryptocurrencies, Nifty Gateway also provides legal currency deposit channels. Users can purchase NFTs with credit or debit cards and cash them directly into bank accounts when selling. Currently, Nifty Gateway only allows users in the United States to withdraw fiat currency, and the same function will be launched for international users in the future. Ouyi OKEx has now added support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network: Ouyi OKEx now supports users to use the Lightning Network (Lightning Network) for Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, aiming to provide faster, lower-fee Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. [2021/4/20 20:38:44] shows that in March 2021 alone, the transaction volume of Nifty Gateway exceeded 140 million US dollars. The rise of Nifty Gateway is largely due to its emphasis on cooperation with artists, and its official website has a special index for encrypted artists. At the same time, Nifty Gateway has also introduced heavyweight encrypted artists such as Beeple, FEWOCiOUS, and Jones, and it will cooperate with celebrities to issue exclusive NFTs about every three weeks. Of course, other artists can also apply for the issuance of NFT through the official website. During the creator’s sale process, Nifty Gateway charges a 5% sales fee for the first sale, 5% for the second sale, and a service fee of $0.3. For collectors, they only need to complete email registration to conduct transactions on Nifty Gateway, and the platform does not charge any gas fees, only 10% of the bid amount will be charged when using credit card transactions; for creators ,Nifty Gateway requires artists to submit a short video introduction with their application, along with their medium and long-term goals. OpenSea is currently the largest NFT trading platform, covering various segments such as digital artwork, encrypted collectibles, game items, virtual land, and domain names. In May 2018, OpenSea completed a $2 million seed round of financing, with investors including Blockchain Capital, 1confirmation, Founders Fund, Foundation CapitalChernin Group, Coinbase Ventures, Blockstack, and Stable Fund; A round of financing of US$23 million, with the participation of Cultural Leadership Fund. Additionally, numerous angel investors including Ron Conway, Mark Cuban, Tim Ferriss, Belinda Johnson, Naval Ravikant and Ben Silberman also participated in the round. Co-founder of Morgan Creek: Anyone who buys one sat is also considered to have contributed to Bitcoin: Jason Williams, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, tweeted today that I would like to thank all those who have made great contributions to Bitcoin. To anyone who has ever bought even one sat (bitcoin's smallest unit of satoshi), participating in a startup is sometimes crazy, hard, and crashing, and bitcoin is no exception. [2020/7/5] Compared with other NFT trading platforms, OpenSea is more "people-friendly". Anyone can create and sell NFT for free, and there is no need to pay any gas fees when selling. However, a gas fee is required when initializing an OpenSea account for the first time or after the product is sold. Not long ago, OpenSea revealed that it will integrate the Ethereum Layer 2 solution Immutable X, which means that users will no longer need Gas fees for transactions in OpenSea. When creators successfully mint NFTs without Gas fees, OpenSea will charge 2.5% commission after each successful sale, and some game developers will charge 7.5% of the transaction amount. The creator can set the copyright fee for the secondary sale of the product by himself, and the developer or creator can receive the secondary income every two weeks. With the automatic execution of this process in the future, the income will be obtained immediately. MakersPlace MakersPlace is an established encrypted art platform. In April 2019, MakersPlace announced the completion of a $2 million seed round led by private equity fund Uncork Capital, with participation from Abstract Ventures, Draper Dragon Fund, Pinterest, Coinbase, Facebook and Zillow. MakersPlace strictly controls the quality of encrypted artwork, and currently only accepts invitations (you can also try to apply). MakersPlac will generate blockchain fingerprints for each NFT work of artists and creators to prove the source and identity of the work and make it a symbol of the uniqueness of the artwork. Even if the work is reproduced, there will never be a true original signed edition. Cobra: Wu Jihan and Yang Haipo can easily launch a 51% attack on Bitcoin: Today, Cobra, the holder of the official Bitcoin forum, tweeted that Wu Jihan and Yang Haipo could easily launch a 51% attack on Bitcoin % of the attack completely destroyed the $130 billion network. [2018/6/8] For creators, MakersPlace is also a low-threshold platform. Just provide a photo ID, and MakersPlace can generate ERC-20 tokens for them to trade works. However, although MakersPlace is free to use, all transaction fees must be paid by the creators or collectors themselves. In order to allow creators to more intuitively understand the popular works of their works, MakersPlace has introduced social functions, and creators can analyze them through functions such as "views" and "favorites". At the same time, MakersPlace also provides each creator with a unique digital wallet to store their own works. When the creator sells the work, MakersPlace will charge 15% of the final sales price of the work as a commission, and the remaining 85% will belong to the creator. Every time a work is sold secondary, MakersPlace will charge a fixed 5% of the royalties as a service fee, and creators will get 10% of the royalties. Of course, regardless of whether it is the first or second sale, any goods sold by credit card will be paid to the platform with an additional 2.9% fee. Currently, MakersPlace accepts credit card, Paypal and Ethereum payments. Rarible Rarible is a community-driven open source, non-custodial platform that allows any user to create and display their own works, and has the ownership of NFT. In 2021, Rarible completed a $1.75 million seed round of financing, with investors including 1kx, Coinbase Ventures, Parafi Capital, CoinFund, etc. Australia is about to regulate Bitcoin: It is understood that the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (Austrac) announced that it will monitor Bitcoin exchanges. [2017/12/9] Compared with other trading platforms, Rarible is more decentralized. In 2020, Rarible issued the governance token RARI. The introduction of the token greatly improved the sales process and sales conditions, and greatly increased the transaction volume of Rarible through the "transaction is mining" gameplay. In addition to issuing RARI token rewards to platform traders every week, Rarible also allows the most active-zce creators and collectors on the platform to vote for platform upgrades through its governance token creators and collectors, and participate in management and auditing. Rarible's minting fees are borne by the creators themselves, and the royalties are also set by the creators themselves. The default amounts are 10%, 20% and 30%, and a 2.5% service fee will be charged in the first sale. SuperRare SuperRare is a social networking platform for art creators and collectors. Its smart contract platform allows artists to release limited-edition digital art collections tracked on the chain, which are rare, verifiable and worthy of collection. In March 2021, SuperRare completed a US$9 million Series A round of financing, led by VelvetSea and 1confirmation, followed by Mark Cuban, Chamath Palihapitiya, and Marc Benioff. SuperRare has strict review standards for artists. If artists want to enter SuperRare, they need to apply to the platform. Only the original creators who have passed the review can sell NFT, and they cannot be tokenized elsewhere on the Internet. At the same time, SuperRare will also review artists once a week. Of course, under strict requirements, SuperRare also has a good incentive mechanism for encrypted artists. Regardless of the initial price, artists can receive 10% of each transaction price as royalties. CBOE plans to reapply for Bitcoin ETF: According to reports, in the first half of this year, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has rejected CBOE’s application for Bitcoin ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) because this digital cryptocurrency is not subject to Ed Tilly, the relevant person in charge of CBOE, publicly stated that he plans to resubmit this application to the SEC. [2017/12/6] On the SuperRare platform, it will charge a 15% commission on the initial sale and a 3% fee on the secondary sale (paid by the buyer). VIV3 VIV3 is the first comprehensive NFT market on Flow, the underlying platform of the recent fire, and one of its most notable features is composability. On VIV3, all works of each creator are formed by their own blockchain smart contracts. Under this mechanism, any application in the Flow ecosystem can directly integrate with the contracts of individual artists without affecting the entire market pool. This enables countless new use cases to be built on top of a single asset or collection, unlocking unprecedented experiences. Creators can create NFTs on VIV3 without Gas fees, and VIV3's NFT casting costs and profits come from the 12.5% service fee charged on the first and second sales. In addition to receiving 87.5% of the income, creators can also receive 10% as royalties. Zora Zora offers limited edition tokenized products and is an invitation-only encrypted art platform. In October 2020, Zora completed a $2 million seed round led by Kindred Ventures, with participation from individuals or institutions including Trevor McFedries, Alice Lloyd George, Jeff Staple and Coinbase Ventures. According to Zora's rules, each new artist has 3 invitation quotas, and can invite friends or other artists. In February of this year, Zora introduced a verification mechanism to support artists to apply to join Zora. In Zora, creators can set a "creator share", which is their percentage of all future sales. These revenues will be paid automatically and auditable through smart contracts. Unlike other "application review" platforms, Foundation is an invitation-only NFT art platform, and only the works of invited artists can be put on the shelves. Foundation adopts a community-led curation model, first by inviting 50 artists to the platform, and then presenting 2 invitation codes to these artists. When the resident creators successfully sell an original work on the platform, they will get two invitation places, and they can invite newcomers. And if the invitee also successfully sells the first work, he can also get 2 invitation codes. This is similar to the gameplay of the voice social software Clubhouse. It is worth mentioning that if the artist maliciously buys and sells the invitation code, he will be deprived of the permanent entry qualification. In addition to peer-to-peer invitations, "Community Upvote" is a new way to enter. All Twitter-certified community members can get 5 votes to support 5 artists who can be settled after joining "Community Upvote". The top 50 artists can join Foundation creates NFTs. However, the Foundation does not rule out using "Community Upvote" as the main way for creators to settle in in the future.


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